AppWrap Device Art Generator Launched!!

We’ve launched our brand new “AppWrap” application!

Finally Wait is over !!!

We’re excited to introduce AppWrap new look and the experience which is now available globally. We’ve not only upgraded the new AppWrap app from scratch but we have taken everything you love and more to develop a mobile experience to simplify your artwork. So many people using our app, it’s more important than ever to make sure it works great for everyone -no matter what screen size you have or how old your phone is. Hence we decided to give things a complete overhaul, from what our app looks like to how fast it works. This application makes designer, blogger, students, developers job easier by allowing them to wrap their creative screenshot in mobile devices mockup.

How can AppWrap help you here?

If you want to promote an app properly, you need quality device artwork and mockups that will present your screenshots and ideas in a professional manner. Once you do this properly, you will see that the quality and value is there, you just have to give it a shot, and the experience will be second to none in the end.

Are there any special features?

The way the application works is very simple. What makes AppWrap amazing is the fact that you aren’t limited solely to a single set of device mockups. You can easily download more if you need an individual device that you can find on the initial list. It also allows you to integrate some special effects. While these vary based on what you need, you can indeed add effects like glare, shadows, background images and color changes at any given time. In order to make the screenshots appealing and meaningful, the application also allows you to integrate things like titles and subtitles. You are free to change their color if you so desire and the experience is certainly worth it because of that. It really shows that creating a device frame is very easy, provided that you have the right tools for the job!

How easy to share?

AppWrap makes it easy for you to share the framed screenshots or you can easily import them in any application you want. The process is fast, easy and it will bring you all the quality and value that you may need. Performance-wise, the entire process is smooth and easy to go through. Everything is intuitive, and you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time as you explore all the features and options. Thankfully, you can import screenshots directly from your device, so you don’t have to connect your phone to the computer. As a professional device frame generator, the app provides outstanding results fast and easy. It’s also a great device art generator that makes it easy for you to generate device frames and device art on the spot!

If you want to create fantastic, visually appealing mockups that pertain to an individual device, you are in the right place. AppWrap can do all of that and so much more, not to mention that it does bring in front a distinct and rather rewarding experience. All you have to do is to download the app, it’s free of charge as it can help you design the mockups you need fast and easy!

We strongly recommend upgrading app to latest release available on google play store. Even ball it’s still rolling, so keep your eye out for updates in the coming days.

Here you can download AppWrap for Free:

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