7 Types of shipping message to optimize CRO

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Our love for online shopping is on cloud 9, and by the passing of time, it definitely will go beyond. Now, it has reached the level that buying offline is slowly becoming accustomed to us. ”You name it, You have it”. Almost every sort of product & service is available online at your fingertip.

Whenever we buy a product or service, what stays with us is the experience of how they make us feel. So, it becomes very important to give the customer the best user experience beyond their expectations. This is why they say, “You are Not Selling Products – You’re Selling Experiences.”

Now the question is “How to improve user experience?”

And if we google so typically, the answer would be like…

Improve UI – design, Improve speed, Update the content, and so on…. So the next question that pops up in the head will be like, I am taking care of Design, website speed content, etc. So, how to take the user experience one step further?

Then we have to go back to the basics, which is delivering the ordered product at a given time. Although, you have been working very hard to keep up the promise and make the customer happy after receiving the desired ordered product at a pre-informed time/ day from your e-store.

To align this working process integrating the estimated delivery date app can play a vital role.

It helps convey the customer’s written message by showing the estimated delivery date of the ordered product. Showing the Estimated Delivery Date enhances the user’s trust & authenticity & credibility of the store.

The Merchant can put clear information about the ordered product delivery. Thus it helps customers to make quick decisions.

Below are a few references of estimated delivery date messages.

1. Simple date range

Order today & receive this product between 8th July to 12th July

2. Create urgency with the Countdown timer

3. Contactless and convenient shipping

4. Personalize with country name & flag

Delivery order from 29th Jun to 1st Jul
FREE Shipping to the  United States ☎

• Express FedEx Shipping
• 7-days refund policy & money-back guarantee
• 24×7 customer support

5. Increase order value

Order now & get your product between 1st July to 3rd July

♣ Get free shipping above $100 cart
♣ Fastest delivery over the United Kingdom
7-day replacement & money-back guarantee

Estimated between Tuesday, 27 July and Tuesday, 31 August

For pre-order products, please take note of the anticipated delivery date and the pre-order policy before ordering. Our Shipping Policy

7. Create urgency

It’s time to get Next Day Delivery! Order before 5:00 pm & Get your delivery by Sun, Sep 13.

Free 2-day delivery on $50+ orders
Arrives by Sun, Sep 13
Pickup Not Available

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Let’s talk about the specialty of this app, which makes it even more useful for every e-store owner.


  • Merchant can set Country/product/collection/tag wise expected delivery date range & message
  • Highlight the widget using Icon, text, font styling, country flag & name, etc.
  • Ready-to-use designed templates
  • Set Cut off-time (Non-working days)
  • Select min lead & max lead days for the order delivery message
  • Target all/specific products estimated range
  • Import & Export CSV file to elevate manual work
  • Set Customized position for arrival message bar
  • Messages can be displayed on single or multiple pages

Thus, Integrating the estimated delivery date app will immensely improve the user experience. Which ultimately boosts the sales of your e-store.


let’s add a bit more nuances to your website to make the user experience even further. Adding coming soon & call for price functionality through an app. Let’s talk one by one about both the application and how it will create value for your e-store.

Coming soon creates similar sorts of experiences in the user’s mind. As it allows us to interact directly with the e-store about the availability of the product. This builds confidence in the customer’s eye about your store and its commitment todays’ customer. Call for the price yet another very liable & useful application.

The functionality of this app is to communicate with the customer by hiding the price and showing a request quote. So, the amount of converting the customer gets increases which overall increases the sales of your e-store.

Therefore, we can conclude that going into the nuances of the e-store and adding the relevant application or functionality creates a huge impact on the user experience. Which also creates a good recall value of your brand in customers’ minds. Thus, following basics and pushing it to the next level will only make you stand in online competition. 


Celebrating the success of #Shinyheelsincommerce on international women’s day

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From “Do it Like a Man” to “Do Like a Women”, the story has changed glorifying Women’s extraordinary contribution & success in every role & phase of life.

Whether the talk is about the first women to win the Nobel prize – Marie Curie or the first women to reach the Mount Everest peak – Tabei, Women has dug their presence and victory flag on every path.

Similarly in the eCommerce world, Women Entrepreneurs holding a significant position in the world of startups. There are many untold stories of inspiring entrepreneurs who are running successful organizations and impacting positively in the business cosmos.

#Shinyhillsincommerce – Women’s Day 2021

Below is a list of the 6 most impactful women entrepreneurs in the E-commerce space who are changing the dynamics of the eCommerce business.

The list is not in any particular order, we as a company celebrating their contribution as a woman through their brand in the world of eCommerce business.

Shweta Nimkar

Founder & CEO – PAIO Shoes  – Magento Ecommerce

Shweta’s love for shoes began in 2015 as she indulged in customizing shoes for select few clients prioritizing a variety of sizes, styles, quality, and comfort. With this mission, she set out to create the perfect shoe! 

PAIO Shoes

PAIO is a PETA-approved vegan brand. Since our inception, we have taken a conscious decision to stay away from leather or any such product that would harm animals.

We strongly believe that fashion need not come at the cost of a precious life. Instead, we focus on using a variety of materials like faux-leather, hemp, cotton, jute, faux-silks and constantly experiment with newer materials. Not only are they cruelty-free, but also beautiful, raw, and comfortable!

The platform provides sustenance to skilled “karigars” at the grassroots, who have been trained through generations in the art of handmade products. 

Lisa Robin Adkinson

President  – Lisa Robin Jewelry

Lisa strives to be an original woman with all her jewellery indicating the sense of time she invested to achieve expertise in design and construction.

Receiving encouragement from other women throughout the journey, In 2008, after more than 15 years as a successful business consultant, former interior designer Lisa Robin Adkinson returned to her artistic roots with the launch of Lisa Robin Jewelry. Since then, she has been achieving new milestones every new dawn.

Lisa Robin Jewelry

Lisa Robin Jewelry creates a relaxed jewellery store shopping experience with personal styling. Experience the Lisa Robin Studio as Lisa selects her own designs of jewellery to create a personalized jewellery style for you. 


I am excited about the e-commerce engagement ring and fine jewellery market in a post-pandemic world. I continually research features and opportunities to keep my e-commerce presence as cutting edge as possible. Always seeking to improve my customer’s experience without sacrificing the personal touch.

Swathi Sri Aravind 

Founder at Aikya Clothing Pvt Ltd

An engineer-turned-entrepreneur, Swathi is a new-age mother, who believes in driving a change that positively impacts the lives of mothers and babies. “Being a mother myself, I take meticulous care in cloth quality, comfort level and designing of all our products.

I envision a modern society whose mothers are well-aware of safe and sound baby care products and provide ultimate care to their babies” 

A Toddler Thing

A Toddler Thing is an Indian brand that aims at revolutionizing the art of modern-day parenting. Our unique baby care products ranging from cloth diapers to newborn essentials offer comfort and protection and most importantly are eco-friendly.

Our motive is to make new generation moms understand the benefits of cloth diapering and switch to our non-toxic, eco-friendly, and reusable baby care merchandise.

Deepa Kumar

Founder & Director – Yashram Lifestyle brands 

Being a woman entrepreneur, she is inspired by women across all socio-economic and global backgrounds. Her brands, products, innovations, and invention are all a result of her interest in improving the quality of life for girls, women, and people with vulnerabilities.

Yashram Lifestyle Brands

Started in the year 2008 by Yashram Lifestyle Brands Pvt Ltd. (, Adira is the most innovative brand of inner wear in India. Being the first to innovate on multiple products like period panties, starter bras, incontinence underwear, hygiene panties, and more, Adira has taken a special place in the girl’s journey through womanhood.


Don’t think any person should give up on their dreams be it a man or a woman. Each of us faces challenges in our lives and these challenges only make us grow stronger as individuals. We live only once and we should try and seize every moment. We should stay humble when we win and stable when we lose

Zefanja Degreef

Founder & Director – Zendee 

Zefanja founded her own label called Zendee that makes fun sporty retro clothing, beautiful and timeless. Zendee’s work ethic does not let her compromise on quality.


The aim is to keep dresses, skirts, and cardigans just new as the client saw for the first time & purchased as the product enchanted to fall in love. Alongside refreshing designs & a contemporary look, she makes pocket-friendly products considering comfort.


Don’t hesitate, start with a low stock and minimal investment. Expand it further as soon as you see sales picking up. You have nothing to lose.

Jessica Allen

Founder & Director – Jessica Flinn designs Limited

She created her first collection in a small studio. 4 years ago, she moved to a home-based studio. With her first child on the way, she wanted to embrace motherhood, whilst continuing to expand her brand.

It was then she began to specialize in engagement & wedding rings. Her passion for unusual gemstones & timeless designs is the driving force behind each collection.

Jessica Flinn designs Limited

“Multi-Award Winning Bespoke Jewellery. Founded in 2010. Specialists in Wedding & Engagement Rings. Also developing contemporary Jewellery Design, Metalwork, Wedding Rings, Metalwork, Manufacturing, and Retail”


Pick a product you really care about. It is possible to be a woman, a mother & a businesswoman. As a mother of two, I aim to create a workplace that allows women to have incredible careers whilst enjoying motherhood. Focus on technology and pick the right technology. Your website needs to work for you so invest in it. Don’t give up.

At the end

Every woman is special in her own way and so do her story. #Shinyheelsincommerce is our small initiative to show how Women shaping up the eCommerce space with their dedication and passion to strive in the world of eCommerce business.

Let’s acknowledge and celebrate the untold stories to motivate and inspire other Women to express themself through their work.


Emerging eCommerce trends 2022

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ECommerce trends and technology are changing the overall purchasing experience of the customer with the global push of Pandemic. E-commerce is most likely to take over a huge portion of all retail sales in the coming years.

Recent stats of the e-commerce industry showed that the expected revenue of the eCommerce industry has increased by 37%, according to a new report released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

In this article, we have covered the eCommerce trends in 2021. Which going to help the e-commerce sector to plan and execute their business strategy to help them and ultimately boost the world economy.

1. Virtual Brand Experience

Image source:

The customer is the King, and the user experience of the customer on your e-store will define your brand. Perhaps, it also influences their buying behavior. So it is crucial to maintain a good mobile virtual brand experience, proper product page, easy checkout process, and a quick errorless shipping process.

Sustaining things is a big task if you do not have an in-house technical team. So, whether you’re just beginning or already present in the e-commerce business. A helping hand in the form of software will ease down your daily working tasks.

2. Role of ChatBots 

The traditional way of communicating on call for any customer support service is a time taking process. So now customers prefer chatbots as it saves time, and their query gets resolved in less than minutes.

As per the recent stats, the use of chatbots is more likely to increase by 70%. This will help customers to resolve the issue on the spot. Also, conversion chances and customer satisfaction will increase by adding chatbots to your E-commerce platform.

3. Personalization

To get ahead in the game, you should have a futuristic approach alongside good relations with your targeted customer. Personalization helps drive sales and increase conversion by showing specific offers based on browsing behavior, purchase history, demographics, and other personal data.

Product designer extension tool is responsive HTML5 + Angular-based web software. Through this, it is easier to design customized different products online like Custom T-shirts, phone cases, and coffee mugs.

4. Social media buzz will continue

It’s been years now social media plays a significant role in all aspects of marketing activities and with the introduction of the buy option button on the Facebook shop or Instagram shop, its become more convenient for the customer to buy the product and surf on their favorite social media platform.

As 49.03% of the world’s total population is active on social media. So it becomes essential to engage your targeted customer on social media.

5. Voice Assistant 

3.25 billion people currently use voice search and assistants worldwide and so it is very feasible for customers to voice search through technology like Alexa & google assistance. So it becomes very much obvious to Optimize the content to make it more relevant to the voice searches.

The flow of your E-commerce website should be simple to navigate through the website and mobile app by using the voice assistant.

6. M-commerce

Shopping through mobile will still lead the E-commerce as 67.04% of the world population uses mobile devices.

It will keep increasing more as it is very convenient for consumers to purchase products just through a few clicks. So, it has become very much important that your website should be mobile friendly and have high page speed to increase your customer experience & conversion rate.

You can use the PWA Magento extension to give a mobile app-like experience to your users.


As we all are aware that last year was very challenging for us. But if we look at the brighter side of it is the E-commerce market will dominate in 2022. So it becomes very much necessary for us to adapt according to the current eCommerce trends.


ADA Compliance for Magento

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What is the ADA?

“The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 1990 is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public.” 

Owing to the widespread proliferation of data connectivity and web-based activities, it is essential that websites are developed in such a way that are easy to navigate for everyone, especially for those associated with any form of disabilities. According to a recent report, nearly 13% of US Citizens have reported a disability, making them an important group whose needs must be considered while developing any web-based solution. 

To meet with these requirements, developers and stakeholders have chalked out ADA Compliances for websites. Apart from serving the needs of the disabled, having a website that strictly adheres to ADA Accessibility Guidelines, and Magento based eCommerce stores that abide by the Magento ADA Compliances also benefit business owners in a variety of ways. Let us look at some of them below: 

  1. Untapped Market Potential: As explained by the report, a large number of people are a part of the ADA. Thus, to have a digital presence that follows ADA Website Guidelines helps attract customers who are looking for hassle-free web experiences.
  2. Organic boost to your Search Engine Rankings: eCommerce websites that meet with ADA Requirements for Websites are often given an organic boost to their SEO Rankings by leading search engines. There are a variety of methods through which your organization can make ADA Web Accessibility much simpler.
  3. Increase Business Goodwill: Having an eCommerce store that checks all the boxes off the ADA Checklist will help uplift your business goodwill and your brand value as yours is a business that would be accessible by all! 

Build an eCommerce store which has Magento ADA Compliance:

  1. Text to Screen Technology: For users and customers who have poor or no vision, help them understand your website and its offerings better using the Text-to-screen technology
  2. Enlarging text: Users who are able to see, albeit not properly, can access an ADA Compliant website if the developers have allowed a provision that lets them enlarge the text for better vision.
  3. Separate Profiles for the Disabled: Some of the web solutions that thoroughly follow the ADA Checklist read ID Cards and adjust profile settings if the person has a disability. 

Setubridge Technolabs is your perfect ADA Compliance partner:

Setubridge Technolabs, an experienced development company. We understand deeply the intricacies for an eCommerce business that meets perfectly all the ADA Accessibility Requirements, to ensure everyone from the society benefits from your store. Contact us today for developing the perfect ADA Compliant website


How Can AMPs Boost Your eCommerce Business?

Reading Time: 3 minAs handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) become increasingly commonplace with each passing day, along with a massive reduction of data prices in large markets like India. It is no surprise that these devices drive a huge chunk of the total web-traffic (nearly 51%). As more and more users use web-browsers, they find out about their inherent limitations in terms of speed and overall functionalities. Further, it is difficult to get people to download applications. In such a scenario, it is imperative for businesses to optimize the browser experience for having users engage with their businesses on a regular basis.

Many innovations are taking place to ensure that at least the web browser experience is sufficient for users who do not download an application, a great example being Progressive Web Apps that replicate the experience of an application on the mobile browser itself.

AMP For eCommerce = Better User Experience + Increase ROI

Google continuously keeps on bringing out innovations and technologies that take forward the movement called the Internet. One such recent innovation is the introduction of an open-source program called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), widely considered to be a response to Facebook’s Instant Articles. The primary aim of AMPs is to minimize load-time of an article by conveying only the important message to users by reducing engagement and driving optimization for mobile-based browsers, thereby causing articles to load almost instantly.

With the need for instant gratification higher than ever (an average user waits no longer than 3 seconds for a page to load), this technology is revolutionary. Statistics suggest that pages that use AMPs can achieve over 80% optimization. Moreover, AMPs can work cutting across device and browser abilities, leading to wider acceptance. Represented by a flash-like icon next to a web page on your browser, this technology limits the Javascript functionalities of a page and as a result, drives performance.

Further, the technology, while reducing other overheads, is very conducive of broadcasting ads, leading to little loss of ad revenues. Google search rankings also show a preference for web pages using AMPs as load time is a very important metric for search engine optimization.

How Can eCommerce Companies Leverage the Power of AMPs?

An obvious and a significant advantage that eCommerce websites can avail by integrating AMPs into their websites is achieving higher search results on popular search engines, primarily Google. A better SEO ranking will surely drive more traffic on your website, that too organically, leading to higher sales and thus, revenues.

As discussed earlier, there is yet another technology called Progressive Web Applications that are disrupting the browser experience. A more conventional fit for the eCommerce industry, PWAs replicate the mobile application experience on the browser itself, leading to an increased number of buyers. If both these technologies are tactfully combined, then it could lead to endless possibilities as the user would witness a near-instant shopping experience. Further, it makes sense to use the two of them together as using one and not delivering a completely fast experience will alienate customers even more.

Blogs are a commonly accepted way eCommerce business owners attract traffic to their websites organically, using the power of Search Engine Optimization. Since blogs are text-rich, AMPs would be the perfect technological extension to the blogs put out by eCommerce businesses helping them serve customers better.

All in all, this technology by Google has a lot of applications in delivering customers with an awesome web experience. When combined with other new-age technologies, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) will surely change the way businesses operate on browsers, especially in mobile phones. With an increasing onus on handheld devices, it is imperative for eCommerce business owners to invest in such technologies and ensure strategic competitive advantage. With SetuBridge Technolabs, you can find the most useful tips and strategies that boost your eCommerce business and generate sizeable revenues.

Final Words!

Overall, We hope the article will inspire you to add AMP to your website or store and also get all related answer from our AMP & PWA experts which you have about AMP for an e-commerce site.


Design Matters!! Keeping Your Website Updated Leads to Increase in SALES

Reading Time: 4 minYour website design is the face of your business, and you want it to look GOOD!!

In a world where people stay online for most of the day, the majority of the consumers visit a company’s or service provider’s website before making a purchase. And as more and more consumers make decisions based on their online experience, the appearance, usability, and accessibility of your website are more important than ever, especially if you are in a competitive market. The study showed clearly that the look and feel of the website are the main drivers of first impressions. With growing competition in every sector, users have more options online and are becoming less tolerant towards bad design and usability. The first thing a potential customer will do is visit your website, and from that visit form opinions about your products and services, If they like what they see, they will take the next step toward doing business with you.

An updated website shows growth and makes your constituency see your organization as vibrant and relevant. Although this impact on perception may seem soft, the change in perception will have an increase in trust, which can directly impact lead generation efforts, sales and competitiveness.

Does an attractive design lead to more sales?

The answer is yes, updating your website can attract customers, therefore make your business grow. After all, why would a customer deal with a frustrating site when a competitor has an easier site that is painless to use? An easy to use the site can enhance the user’s productivity and let them get tasks done quicker. There are a number of different ways you can use so as to maintain your website. It is indeed important to update your business website as it carries in higher traffic and high conversions, which in return will provide success to your business. A website refresh is a perfect time to find ways to save admin time and improve customer service. Don’t procrastinate, update.

1. It creates the perfect impression of your business

When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your organisation. The updated website gives you the feeling that it is still in operation, active and that they care about their customers. Creating fresh and reliable contents for your website is indeed great for most customers. Making periodic “spot changes” to your website can help you keep up with popular online trends as well as improve its usability and visual appeal.

2. Search engines love fresh content

Why your competitors are ranking high on search engines and you might not be. High results on search engines will always mean high traffic. If you keep your site and content updated, you increase your chances of getting noticed. Apart from rethinking your SEO and Keyword strategy, new content attracts more links to your site. This involves providing easily accessible, engaging content that the ideal customer will find useful. It also means that the website is ultimately focused on converting those visitors into customers.

3. Responsive & mobile friendly

We’re spending two hours online on our Smartphone every day; 65% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. The use of mobile devices like smartphone and tablets has increased rapidly in the market and they have overtaken the desktop and the primary method of accessing the web. With users accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets rather than a desktop computer, the importance of having a mobile- friendly website becomes paramount. The responsive website gives visitors a better user experience and increases the chances that they will buy your product or service. This means that if your website is not designed for smartphone and tablets in mind, then you could miss out potential leads.

4. Website Speed

Website design is not just about appearance. It also affects how quickly your website loads, the most visitors will not hang around for a web page to load if it takes too long. They will simply hit the back arrow and look elsewhere, leaving you with a potential customer lost. So try to engage the customer with some awesome stuff which will hardly take a fraction of seconds to draw your customers. If your website speed is slow, you’re missing out on traffic and customers. People want sites that load quickly when they are on the move.

5. Keeping visitors informed, keeps them coming back

You can keep visitors coming back to the site by telling them about your news, latest offers and product reviews, increasing the chances of selling to them not just once, but again and again. Another reason to update your website is that it gives your potential clients valuable information. In this way, your website acts as a networking tool to business contacts you may never actually have talked to, potentially keeping in touch with thousands of valuable contacts with very little work on your part.

In conclusion, You should plan to frequently update, upgrade and redesign your business website in order to keep it fresh for your customers. The website who is getting updated regularly with custom needs of the client’s requirement, the client might think they have reached in safe hands, and thus refer numerous other customers, thereby increasing your business and revenue. By investing a little time and effort into updating your website, you have a chance to pull ahead of your competitors, who may not understand the importance of looking sharp and up-to-date in the online world. Hence, website redesign might help you achieve your business goals.