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Top 10 best Estimated Delivery Date Apps for Shopify

The Shopify Delivery application is by far one of the most popular applications for businesses looking to enhance their customer service by allowing clients to select the timing of product delivery and order delivery messages as well. In some cases, adding a countdown timer would help to boost your sales.

Such an application gives your customers a choice where they can opt for the precise delivery date or the timing they prefer, which improves the overall shopping experience.

Allowing the consumer to plan their delivery or display the actual delivery date while placing their order is one facet of customer-centricity. It is best to utilize a delivery date tool that helps you optimize your Shopify store to supply and monitor delivery-related operations.

What are the benefits of Shopify delivery date apps

Shopify delivery date apps are tools that allow merchants to offer customers the option to choose a preferred delivery date when placing an order on their online store. These apps can offer a number of benefits to both merchants and customers:

  • Improved customer experience: Offering a delivery date selection can improve the customer experience by giving customers more control over when they receive their orders. This can be especially useful for customers who are not home during regular delivery hours or who have specific delivery preferences.
  • Increased order accuracy: By allowing customers to choose a delivery date, merchants can reduce the risk of incorrect or incomplete orders. Customers are more likely to provide accurate and complete delivery information when given the opportunity to select a preferred delivery date.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Offering a delivery date selection can increase customer satisfaction by giving customers more flexibility and control over the delivery process. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Improved logistics: By giving customers the option to choose a delivery date, merchants can better plan and optimize their delivery routes, which can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Overall, Shopify delivery date apps can be a useful tool for merchants looking to improve the delivery process and enhance the customer experience on their online store.

Which Shopify estimated delivery app would be the better choice?

If you’re currently searching through several applications on the internet to find the best-estimated delivery date app, we’ll assist you and save you time. Below, we have mentioned a list of the 10 best Shopify Estimated Delivery Time Apps.

1. Estimated Delivery Date ~ SetuBridge Technolabs

The vendor’s ability to provide accurate data about the date and time that the product will arrive helps clients make decisions. It’s an application that helps your customer build trust in you since this single application will resolve all the estimated date of delivery-related queries.

Estimated Delivery Date

How can the Estimated Delivery Date App benefit your business?

  • Do not affect website speed
  • Reduce Customer Support
  • No coding or technical knowledge required
  • Easy to use, set up & modify
  • Compatible with a 2.0 theme
  • Perfectly works for all the business industries

Key Features

  • Its compatibility with the new and latest theme is top-notch and works effortlessly.
  • The message will be shown in Order Confirmation Emails.
  • Having 30+ ready-to-use available delivery message templates.
  • The ability to put aside days and dates for business purposes.
  • Display the order’s deadline on the display so one can create a countdown timer.
  • Use a national symbol, icon, text, font style, title, etc. to draw attention to the panel.
  • Supports multiple languages at a time.
  • Set the minimum and maximum advance days for the estimated date of delivery message.
  • Do not affect website speed
  • Display a live feed preview.
  • Customized message delivery position bars.

Overall Rating on Shopify App Store:- 4.7

Overall Reviews on the App:- 210


Basic Plan: $1.99 -> All Features (Upto 500 views/Month) 

Standard: $4.99 -> All Features (Upto 2000 views/Month)

Premium: $9.99 -> All Features (Unlimited Views)

Delivery Date and Time Slot ~ by Buunto

The App provides a fully customizable, personalized experience to make sure everything fits nicely with your business. Your consumers will have the option of local delivery or store collection thanks to our user-friendly and sophisticated application.

Best Estimated Delivery Date App

Key Features

  • On the product page or the cart page, display the date slider.
  • The top-performing theme would be displayed automatically.
  • Simple installation with compatibility for several well-known templates.
  • Limit the number of orders per delivery mechanism and time period.
  • Possible to establish additional delivery costs.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.9

Overall Reviews on the App:- 69


Free Trial: 07 Days

Starter Plan:- $9 – (Upto 100 Orders a Month)

Pro Plan:- $19 – (Upto 1000 orders a Month)

Unlimited Plan:- $29 – (Unlimited orders)

3. Estimated Delivery Date ~ CreativeR AI

You may add a widget along with shipping time information or any custom message to any page on your website with this software. The widget could include any of the following variables, such as emoji, links, or text.

Best Estimated Delivery Date

Key Features

  • Country:- Which shows the name of the visitor’s country.
  • Flag:- It will depict the flag of the visiting country.
  • Express shipping time and date:- An estimated shipping date will be shown here.
  • Shipping Date:- Reflects the expected order delivery message window.
  • Would be able to create a custom message as per your needs.
  • Show or hide the widget for certain items.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.9

Overall Reviews on the App:- 24


14-Day Free Trial

Standard Plan:- $4.95

4. Delivery Date Pro ~ Zestard Technologies

The App provides you with a flexible operation and lets your clients select a shipping date and time for their orders.

best Estimated Delivery Date

Key Features

  • Limit the number of orders delivered per time window.
  • Allows you to select “Minimum Date Interval” day gaps for fulfilling orders.
  • The ability to pre-select delivery dates for the next few months.
  • Automatic selection of the next possible date for simple and rapid order placement.
  • The ability to restrict particular dates and days based on the company’s rules and policies
  • Validation messages will be saved automatically by your choice.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.7

Overall Reviews on the App:- 109


Basic:-  $7.99/Month

Professional:- $10.99/Month

Enterprise:- $14.99/Month

Ultimate:- $15.99/Month

5. Omega Estimated Shipping Delivery Date ~ Omega

The App allows customers to verify shipment dates, COD policies, and pricing directly from the product description. Sets a different projected message for each order delivery message to keep users interested in the offer.

Best Estimated Delivery Date

Key Features

  • Create a countdown timer to display the order deadlines.
  • The estimated delivery date appears based on the country lists, which automatically sets the different rules.
  • It will also display a countdown timer to show the order deadline.
  • By setting up weekly day-offs and public holidays, the users will know your unavailability in advance.
  • Based on the shipping methods (Standard, Express, Local,…) will display the estimated delivery time and date.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.9

Overall Review on the App:- 170


07 Day Free Trial with limitations.


6. Estimated Delivery Date ~ Channelwill

The App resolves the main concern for your users as they have one common query, “When will I receive my order?” A shipping time message will be displayed under the “Add-to-cart” button.

Best Estimated Delivery Date

Key Features 

  • An estimated delivery time message will be shown on the cart page.
  • Check the order status and order history pages.
  • Doesn’t require any sort of modification to your theme files.
  • Integrate an estimated date of delivery timer on the product page.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.7

Overall Review of the App: 196


Free with limitation (Manage 100 Products)

Premium :- $3.99 -> (Manage 1000 Products)

Pro (25% Off):- $7.99 -> Unlimited Products

7. Order Deadline ~ Evil Egg Software Limited

The App provides an estimated date of delivery time on-site so clients don’t have to enquire about their orders. 

Best Estimated Delivery Date

Key Features

  • When the next shipment date is too long, the countdown will be immediately disabled.
  • Override settings for individual products or whole categories.
  • Feature of custom messaging.
  • Support multiple languages as per country specific
  • An optional delivery window option is available.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.8

Overall Review of the App: 137


07 day Free Trial.

Unlimited Offer:- $14.99/Month.

8. Delivery Timer Estimated Timer ~ LAUNCHTIP

In this App with Delivery Time, you could increase add-to-carts and conversions while minimizing transaction delays.

Best Estimated Delivery App

Key Features:

  • Able to create multiple timers.
  • Make and Manage Timer Rules.
  • Set up many timers for different products/collections.
  • Frontend panel customization.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.7

Overall Review of the App: 85


Free with limitation -> (Upto 500 Monthly Visits)

User Tier 1:- $7.99/ -> (Upto 10,000 Monthly Visits)

User Tier 2:- $14.99/ -> (Upto 25,000 Monthly Visits)

User Tier 3:- $19.99/ -> (Upto 50,000 Monthly Visits)

9. Order Delivery Estimation ~ Pleximus

This app helps to make an order simple. It’s a plug-and-play utility with simple installation and the ability to define a delivery schedule for all or particular goods.

Best Estimated Delivery Date App

Key Features:- 

  • Display the date on which your product will be hand-over to your customers.
  • This software shows the consumer an exact delivery estimate along with the arrival date.
  • Order shipping estimate messages can be shown in 50+ languages.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.2

Overall Review of an App:- 85


Free with Certain limitation

Basic:- $3.99/Month

10. Delivery Estimation Widget ~ Simpli Apps

The presents estimated delivery dates to your consumers effortlessly. With this wonderful widget, you can build trust, increase sales, and eliminate objections.

Best Estimated Delivery Date

Key Features

  • An estimated delivery date depending on the visitor’s location will be shown on the product page. This results in increased revenue and good customer retention.
  • Customers will tend to buy from your store as it will provide them with a clear picture of the product arriving.
  • You will be able to customize the widget as per your needs to eliminate unnecessary hassle and confusion.

Overall Rating On Shopify App Store:- 4.0

Overall Review of an App: 18


Free with Certain Limitations

Pro: $4.99 -> 100 Delivery Profiles

Plus: $14.99 -> Unlimited delivery Profiles.


Since there are so many options on the market, choosing the right app that suits your requirements could be a challenging task. So, the 10 apps mentioned above are the most popular Shopify delivery dates in the market and have received positive feedback from verified users. 

Modern businesses should focus on giving users more options to improve their buying experience since a customer-centric strategy helps the organization receive great reviews and even devoted repeat customers.

Let us know if you found this blog useful and about the Shopify delivery app you currently use for your business. If you intend to carry your customer-centric vision to the next stage and want support in developing, managing, or enhancing your Shopify store.

Feel free to contact us, speak to our Shopify app development expert, and create a store that offers an extraordinary user experience.