Top 3 best Shopify Apps for Optical Store

Top 3 best Shopify Apps for Optical Store

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If you are an online eyeglasses retailer then you are in a different ball game. The lens is the focal point of your business and without it, you can’t make any business online. But this does not mean that there are no options for you as a retailer to build an online presence.

There are various types of apps available in the market which can make the purchase of Prescription Eye Lenses easier. Although they provide much information regarding customers and products, you should know about the best Shopify app for your business that meets all the parameters that you wish to fulfill.

Still, reading? Then you sure are interested in Prescription Eye Lens Apps. Let’s compare them in detail.

1. Prescription Eye Lens ~ by SetuBridge

One of the best hotshots out there!

It will make your shoppers feel at ease while shopping lenses. All they have to do is fill out the prescription or upload a file. And let the app do all the work to find their desired product.

Prescription Eye Lens

Its Best Features: 

  • Create eyewear products instantly from the backend
  • Set specifications like name, stock, price, etc
  • Configure button for product page to open popup and display steps for prescription
  • Product variations in form of price, power, axis, base curve, cylinder, and diameter.
  • An option to check off left and right eyes
  • 2 Methods to fill prescriptions: 
    • Manual
    • Upload a prescription file in png, jpg, pdf, or jpeg
  • Quick checkout options

What users say about Prescription Eye Lens App:

  • Improves their Conversion Rate
  • It satisfies customers
  • Improves ROI


  • 14 days free trial
  • Premium: $19 per month (Unlimited orders)

2. Ant Lens ~by PB App

A simple yet rigid way to add prescription products. It’s optimal for stores that have limited inventory. Shoppers can enter their prescription and get the prescribed glasses in a flash.

Features by Ant Lens:

  • 6 prescription types:  Reading, Single Vision, Frame Only, Contact, Non-prescription, and Progressive
  • 5 lens types: Clear, Photochromatic, (non) Polarized, and Blue Light Filter lenses
  • 3 methods to enter prescription: Manual, uploading doc, and via email
  • Gives app styling and lens pricing options 

What users say about the AntLens app:

  • Clear features for specified products
  • It’s rigid. Store managers don’t have freedom if they want to have a large inventory
  • Costlier and slow ROl
  • Limited prescriptions


  • 7 Days free trial
  • Premium 1: $68 per month (Includes 150 orders)
  • Premium 2: $98 per month (Includes 300 orders)
  • Premium 3: $198 per month (Includes 800 orders)

3. LensAdvisor: Select Lens App ~by LensAdvisor

An easy way to sell prescription lenses. This app offers a simplified and limited version of prescription lens apps.

Features of LensAdvisor:

  • 5 Prescription Types: Reading, Progressive, Non-prescription, Single Vision, and Frame Only
  • 5 lens types: Clear, Photochromatic, (non) Polarized, and Blue Light Filter lenses
  • Prescription Submission: Manual + File uploading + via email
  • Customizable lens pricing, app styling, and other form rules

What users say about LensAdvisor:

  • Clear products for limited inventory
  • Costly and slow ROI
  • Limited products and prescriptions


  • Free: Limited to 3 products only
  • Premium 1: $69/month (Includes 250 orders)
  • Premium 2: $99/month (Includes 500 orders)
  • Premium 3: $199/month (Includes 1500 orders) 


For those of you who like to create your own custom Shopify apps or who need to redesign or upgrade your store. We can help. SETUBRIDGE offers custom app development services for all types of client projects. Also delivered all types of custom development, theme customization, and third party integration services.

Did you find your right fit? Are you looking for a budget-friendly app with all the features? Hit us up and we’ll take your shoppers through seamless ordering.

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