E-commerce Trending – Adobe Acquire Magento Commerce for $1.68 B


Its trending story since Adobe Systems officially announced to acquire the Magento Commerce Company for $1.68 billion, that’s pretty awesome. This has definitely created a buzz in the E-commerce sector & sending down shares as much as 5.5% in Magento’s e-commerce rival, Shopify.

Magento Focused on E-commerce segment & undoubtedly one of most the most powerful community driven company. Magento, which counts CocaCola Co, Intelligentsia Coffee, Canon Inc. and Burger King among its customers, helps companies build online stores seamlessly. On other ends, Adobe has expressed its interest to get a bigger slice in digital commerce through this acquisition

This is trending news since its release; every corner of e-commerce is discussing this. The community is in strange shock, some are excited, some scared, and few don’t know what to react (just like us).  Everyone likely discussing its impact on open source approach, license sale, a gateway for new technology Adobe had developed etc.  However, it’s too early to predict its impact on sector so maybe everyone’s just as excited as we to see how this deals impact on a community

Check Official Announcement here


Written By Sagar Panchal

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