Top 5 Product Designer Shopify Apps 

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Are you an eCommerce store owner looking to create a unique “wow factor” for your customers? Do you want to be able to offer custom products that are personalized and tailored to your customers’ needs?

Shopify Product Designer tools allow eCommerce stores to provide a more customized experience, giving customers the ability to create their own designs and personalize products, like shirts, mugs, and phone cases the possibilities are endless!

Here are the top 5 Shopify product designer apps:

1. Product Designer App ~by SetuBridge

We, at SetuBridge, have created a Shopify product design app to offer you the best. The app helps you get started with selling personalized products without having to deal with the hassle of building an online store.

The product personalizer Shopify app allows your customers to design their own products. They can select from a number of fonts and add custom text, upload their own images, choose a background color, and more depending on the type of product they’re designing. Once they’re done, they can place their order.

Best features:

  • Color management: Fixed set of colors + Pick from a color palette
  • The app harbors editable high-resolution print files in SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG
  • Users can customize and design products, logos, text, and images limitlessly
  • It supports various product types – Simple & Configurable
  • A unique feature of multi-sided products design
  • Perfectly works on all your users’ devices
  • You can set resolution warning & custom pricing as per modifications 

Pricing: $2.99/month

  • Unlimited product design 
  • Unlimited orders per month
  • Premium Support
  • All Features Included

Users can get unrestricted usage of all designer tools with no limit to designs per install. It’s an all-you-can design tool!

2. POD Product Personalizer ~ by InkGo

POD Product Personalizer is built by InkGo. It allows you to create products on demand, even if you don’t have an inventory. With this app, you can personalize apparel and decor with unique designs or photos uploaded by customers.

Best features:

  • Multiple options to customize products
  • Text customization: Fonts, style, color, orientation, etc
  • Users can upload their own images to create their desired products.
  • Customization of colors, sizes, and styles available to improve overall looks
  • Users can get a preview of mockup 3D
  • Export file CSV option available for services and automatic send order


  • Free: 10 orders per month limit
  • Starter pack: $19/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Business: $99/month

3. Product Customizer ~ by Printcart

Printcart Shopify App is a tool to help you customize products for your customers, make them feel valued, and build better customer relationships. This free app helps you design products that your customers can personalize with text or photos. That means you can be sure that what you’re selling is exactly what your customer wants.

You can use the product customizer to:

  • Personalize products with your customer’s name or photo
  • Allow your customers to choose from different options for their product (such as size or color)
  • Make it easy for them to preview what their product will look like before ordering it
  • The app also allows you to create customizable templates that they can use to create their own personalized products.

Pricing: $7.99/month

4. Tsunami Personalize On-Demand  ~ by iPersonalyze

Tsunami Personalize On Demand Shopify app is a high-tech personalization platform that will help you to double your sales. Your customers can personalize your products online, order them and get them delivered in no time.

Best features:

  • Users can easily add to the store pre-designed personalizable products library
  • It gives live dynamic product previews 
  • More products including branded Disney and Marvel for various products

Pricing: Free to install

5. Print On Demand ~ by Imprinted

Imprinted is a print on demand service that works with Shopify to give you the opportunity to design and sell your own custom products, especially T-shirts. They take care of everything from printing to white label drop shipping.

Best features:

  • High-quality product and print
  • 7 days of shipping guaranteed from the day of order
  • They give a built-in designer which is an integrated designer and mockup generator
  • No minimum order restrictions: Order from anywhere

Pricing: Free


In this article, we covered the best five product designer Shopify apps. Ultimately, there are some great Shopify Product Designer Apps out there, but you have to do your research to know the besest. The factors that are important for you may be different for someone else. In the end, all of these mentioned products will probably work for you.

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