Best 7 Magento 2 Product Designer Extensions in 2020!

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In this age of digitization, e-commerce has experienced a big boost. Along with giants of the e-commerce industry, the new companies are emerging and more start-ups are pushing to enter this market. After all, the e-commerce industry is expecting 2.14 billion buyers by 2019 to 2021.


Magento has been one of the popular platforms to create e-commerce websites. Another hand, currently started innovations such as artificial intelligence and assistants coming up. After that, companies are pressing on creating interactive product visualizations. The customers are looking for platforms who offer them product personalization and customization both at the same place. Individuality and uniqueness are now being an important factor in online shopping experience.


Generally, the designing is a crucial aspect of a product and working on Photoshop isn’t very handy, thus the Product Designer Magento 2 extension offers easy functionality to design the products on the platform itself with too many options.


Though there are some of the best choices are available. Here are the best 7 Magento 2 product designers:

1. Magento Product Designer by SetuBridge

Product Designer Magento 2 Extension by SetuBridge is a newbie in the market claiming to have the most advanced and feature-rich design studio for both merchandise and printing business. This Magento 2 ready web to print is the best solution intended and applicable to almost all merchandising industry products like T-shirt, Mugs, Cases, Business cards and invitation/greeting cards etc.


Moreover, the platform offers lightweight and fast HTML5 and JavaScript-based (Angular) responsive design studio that makes the design’s personalization very smooth as well as prevents any lags.

Magento Product Designer by SetuBridge

Quick features:

  • Light-weight, fast and mobile responsive fast web to print design studio built on
  • Unlimited text layers along with rich text styling effects, fonts etc.
  • Designing on Multiple product sides with colour variants
  • Realistic print preview on the editor and throughout the checkout process
  • Print-ready design files in both vector & raster format e.g. SVG and PNG
  • Admin can create and configure custom price rule
  • Multiple designs template and assign them to specific products
  • Image masking using clip-arts, shapes and custom image upload via computer
  • Admin Management panels for clip-arts, quotes and printable colours etc. which empowers admin control


Community Edition: $1,299  $399  (Early bird discount)
Enterprise Edition: $1,499  $599 (Early bird discount)


2. Custom Product Designer by Aitoc

Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 is an extension by Aitoc which offers an art library for the users to choose from. The platform also gives an option to choose to design different sides in the same product.  A custom product designer for Magento 2 also renders print-ready files which save time. Overall, it provides lightweight tools to design the product which is easy to use and does not slow down the system.


Quick features:

  • Multiple fonts and Clip arts
  • Ability to customize different product sides
  • Special prices for customized items
  • Print-ready design files
  • Optimized for mobile


Community Edition: $299
Enterprise Edition: $649


3. Premium Product Designer by CMSmart

The Premium Online Product Designer Extension is a product of CMSmart E-commerce Solutions. The platform offers one-stop solutions and can integrate a module of any product that is desired by the shop owner. It offers functional buttons to add text, art, image or QR codes. Also, it offers the shop owner the choice to accept the designs uploaded by the customer. It’s easy to install and configure.

CMSmart E-commerce Solutions

Quick features:

  • Allow adding and customizing the image
  • Ability to add QR code function
  • Easy to preview the design
  • Allow customers to design on the Smartphone
  • share the designs via social media


Community Edition: $267.16
Enterprise Edition: $649


4. Product Designer Studio by BrushYourIdeas

BrushYourIdeas provides Product Designer extension which is a wonderful solution that lets customers add image, text and customize the design on the products. This module helps improve the great user experience as well as attracts your customers at first sight. Moreover, this extension is available for Magento 2 and Magento 1 platforms. By using this web to print Magento extension, the customers can design numerous products in a few minutes.


Quick features:

  • Unique text features
  • Allow uploading the custom images over the design area
  • Easy to import and export templates
  • Align individual objects on the canvas
  • Easy to locking and deleting layers


Standard Edition: $599
Pro-Edition: $799
Ultimate Edition: $1299


5. Product Design Canvas by Magebay

The Magento Product Design Canvas by the Magebay is another one effective tool in the market. The platform offers custom design but the designing can be done through a tablet device. It can be uploaded through PCs and saved on the platform itself. Generally, it offers a library to transform text and art the same as others. This platform has a simple user interface and designs can be shared via social media or their plug-ins. It offers many options for the back-end to manage sample colours and quotes too easily.


Quick features:

  • Allow your customers upload the photos from PC
  • Simple and eye-catching user interface
  • Allow customizing the product’s design
  • Ability to manage product design template


Small Print Shop: $399
X3 – Medium Print Shop: $899


6. Personalized Products Extension by Milople

Personalized Products M2 by Milople offers customers to add text, images, and clipart to the products. The platform offers users to perform multiple actions over text and clipart. It enables them to design multiple sides of the product. The admin can also design and customize products. It gives them an option to display messages with the design. It enables them to put limits over text and clipart to the design efficient. Also, It gives customers the option to design and after placing the order which a nice convenience to offer.


Quick features:

  • Allow customers to upload their images for designing the products
  • Easy to add text effects in design example for Curved Text, Arc
  • Enable admins to download the raw files that are used by customers to customize the product
  • Let admin insert the new fonts anytime


Cool version: $102
Rich version: $291


7. Magento 2 Product Designer by Meetanshi

The Magento 2 Product Designer by Meetanshi is a custom product designing tool that offers a web to print design feature. The extension eases up the custom creative process by providing numerous configurable options. The module offers customers to personalize using fonts, cliparts, colours, images, etc. It is available for Magento 2 platform. Moreover, the extension justifies enhancing user experience offering reliable functionality.

Quick features:

  • Admin can restrict the customisable area on the product.
  • Allows preview of customized product from the cart page.
  • Admin can set custom charges per text, image or clip art.
  • Raw image files can be downloaded by admin.


Open Source (CE): $249
Commerce using on-prem (EE): $399
Commerce on cloud (ECE): $399


After that, we can compare all of them by them functionalities. Additionally, the SetuBridge, Aitoc and CMSmart are offering fast performance for the technologies which they are using them. Rest of all offers custom tools for designing and libraries are offered by some. But, the SetuBridge has exceptional features in design as it offers pre-designed templates to build on. It saves the time of the user and provides more clarity. The eCommerce market is buzzing now and you have these options go with one of them if you are thinking to capitalize on this creative demand.



All product prices are taken on the blog published date. The extensions prices may change as per their product owner. For the latest pricing, please go through the extension’s detail page.

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Written By Sagar Panchal

Sagar Panchal is the CEO of SetuBridge, a creative agency specialized in Web development, mobile app development, e-commerce etc. He has many years of experience within the web design industry and has a passion for the latest web technologies and design trends. He loves to write on ​technology & passionately promotes digital best practice.

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