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SmartPack USA stagnated as they were looking for advanced system integrations, speed-related issues, frontend theme updates, and so on and so forth.
Print-On Demand


About Project

SmartPack USA Headquarter in New York, is predominantly the wholesale manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and supplies to some of the world’s largest brands. They offer excellent customer service along with systematic quality assurance procedures. You can reach out to them and they will put forward peerless support right through the order process.

Client’s Challenges

To make sure we were on the same page before starting the project, we noted all of their requirements. In order to make its website more appealing to visitors. Once we began functioning on the project, our team encountered certain challenges based on the prerequisites from the client end.

They were unable for delivering a customized experience to different segments of users, the website was too slow, even the designs were not conveying enough, unable to engage with the customers since no automation-related work was there, and the fulfillment process was not streamlined and repeated mistakes were being made, no resistance against the cyber attacks, and unable to put a collection of multiple images into the single image.

Our Solution

SetuBridge has deliberately worked on this project to settle down the concerns they were facing which makes it much more convenient for the visitors by adding top-notch performance.

Key Service Points


By organizing its operations well, the company was able to achieve several successful outcomes, such as integrating the web2print feature, updating the theme layout and customising the front end, integrating the ‘notify me’ feature if products are out-of-stock, optimized website speed of desktop and mobile, resulting in an overall pleasant shopping experience for all of their customers.

Technology stack