Integration Services

A digital business needs streamlined business processes. SetuBridge’s experts integrate your ecommerce with leading ERP solutions, accounting software, CRMs and more which are key for a company's smooth operation. Our service includes both pre-built integrations and customized integrations as per your needs.

System Integration Solutions

Integration with third party solutions offer sustainable online business with a clear control over your entire sales channel resulting in risk-free and controlled growth. We offer integrations (not limited to) with leading third-party solutions including Exchequer, Shipstation, ShipperHQ, ShipRocket, Quickbook, ERP, CRM, POS System etc.

E-commerce + ERP Integration


ERP integration with your eCommerce provides you with the ability to push and pull essential data between your eCommerce platform and ERP system. Get a better understanding of sales reports and analytics by integrating the ecommerce business processes in one place using ERP integration. An ERP integration with ecommerce gives you,

Centralized Data Flow

Errors Reduction

Reduced Inventory Cost

Easy Financial Management

Better Customer Engagement

Increased Productivity

Advance Reporting and Analytics

Elimination of Human Error


E-commerce + CRM Integration


An integration of your ecommerce store with CRM gives you a complete picture of your customers, leads to better relationships, and personalizes your relationships with customers. Furthermore, you are able to track customer behavior, purchase history, and can record every action they take for your online store with CRM. Here is what you get with an ecommerce CRM Integration.

Good customer service

Market intelligence

Better synced and managed data

Compilation of consolidated customer data

Optimizing lead generation, sales & marketing

An improved customer experience


Accounting Software Integration


eCommerce integration with accounting software provides you with the ability to automatically export orders, credit notes and payments between your eCommerce store and accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Access, Microsoft Dynamics and many more leading accounting systems. It saves you time and administration errors from payment reconciliations, bookkeeping, raising purchase order invoices, creating accounts receivable (AR) invoices and incoming payments and financial reporting. What information gets synchronized between the accounting software and online store?



Stock Levels

Products Code

Customers Account


E-commerce Shipping Integration


With API integration, manage shipments and operations properly, and give your customers a hassle-free shopping experience from checkout to delivery. Our experts help you integrate different shipping carriers like Shipstation, ShipperHQ, ShipRocket etc. to your ecommerce store. Among the most popular shipping gateway integrations that our team has experience with and is familiar with are:








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G2G Limited is a high-quality retailer of computer games, consoles, and accessories.


Site performance




Capitol Area Technology

Leading distributor & Manufacturer of equipment & machinery parts and components specialized in new, refurbished and used semiconductor spare parts.

Theme Customization

UX/UI Improvement

External Marketplace Integration

Conversion Rate Optimization


Consumables Solution offers the most extensive range of fasteners, electrical consumables, chemicals, parts, lubricants, glues, workshop tools, packaging, and signage in the UK.

ExChequer ERP Integration

POS API Integration for real time price & stock information


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs that every business planner has somewhere in mind.

The length of time it takes to integrate with third-party software is determined by the system that needs to be synced. It also comprises details such as the data and its direction of flow. We do the synchronization with precision using our phased technique. To ensure quality, we also do extensive testing.

The aim of ERP systems is to allow departments within a business to share information with each other so that the entire business functions smoothly. ERP acts as a centralized system that connects departments and shares data. In order to prevent mistakes caused by unorganized data on your website, it unifies all the possible data into a single system.

Sure! Our team has extensive experience integrating ecommerce with ERP systems. Integrate your ERP software with any backend system.

CRM systems store, manage, and use data about users' shopping habits to improve eCommerce businesses. The ability to integrate an eCommerce system makes it possible for you to recommend products to customers based on their preferences. 

Integrated Point of Sale (POS) systems manage both brick-and-mortar and online transactions and inventories. POS systems have access to customer data and stock information. It can access this data through a central database that is maintained and updated by the ERP system. Additionally, it helps the owner to track the purchase-sales activities and to improve other work processes such as printing receipts, swiping credit cards, scanning product data, etc.

The format and structure of the data from different channels is different. Therefore, integrating an ERP, CRM and other systems with an eCommerce website can be complicated. But they can be resolved with the right knowledge and tools, which SetuBridge possesses.

In such cases, we either contact the third-party vendor to determine whether the problem can be rectified within a reasonable amount of time without delaying our go-live, or we hunt for a solution.

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