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Capitol area technology


Capitol Area Technology is a leading distributor & manufacturer of equipment & machinery parts and components specialized in new, refurbished, and used semiconductor spare parts.


Semiconductor Spare Parts


United states

About us

Capitol Area Technology is a US-based firm since 2008, working as a distributor of specially designed equipment such as semiconductor parts and Original Equipment Manufacturers and has an extensive catalog of over 500,000+ products to better persuade the requirements of visitors and support them in leveraging the enormous potential of technology.

Client’s Challenges

Since the initiation of The Capitol Area, they are well established as a leading distributor of new as well as refurbished, spare parts and components of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The company was looking for certain subsidiaries on the website to make it more appealing to its visitors which put it forward to scale alongside their business.

Looking for better delivery operations to enhance efficiency, the theme was not mobile-responsive which makes it difficult to navigate, they intend to remove the extensive paperwork and tedious data entry, want better control over their inventory and improved

custom data mapping to avoid data conflict. Facing certain challenges in the current Magento version and looking for an upgrade.

Our Solution

SetuBridge has updated the site to the latest Magento platform respectively to make it more efficient. Tweaking out certain changes has helped to develop the latest layout and nice user experience. With the help of “Agapao” managing the stocks as per customized requirements was possible.

Key Service Points


Customers were relieved to find that the company’s website now worked properly once the modifications were made. The website’s mobile responsiveness improved, resulting in a better browsing experience across all devices. The integration service of QuickBooks and ShipStation streamlined the company’s financial management and delivery-related operations, reducing errors and improving efficiency. The personalized inventory management system improved the overall accuracy of the orders, resulting in faster and more efficient order fulfillment. The eBay integrations streamlined the product listing process, resulting in a reduced error rate. Upgrade to Magento 2.4 enhanced website security and performance, leading to a more satisfying experience.

Technology stack