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Shopify Page Speed Optimization Service helps eCommerce merchants speed up the load time for their online store. We use advanced re-tagging and page caching to get the most appropriate content above the fold on any device. This not only leads to a potential lift in sales, but makes your site search friendly and improves your site's usability.

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    Get a Free Audit Report

    Page Speed Report

      Why you should prefer the Green Zone?

      We have optimized hundreds of Shopify websites to increase traffic and conversion. Our expertise helps you generate more business revenue with a better user experience.


      46 % - of users get annoyed by websites which takes more time to load


      64% - of shoppers will go to your competitor’s site if they are not satisfied by your site


      4 Sec. - 25% of visitors will abandon your site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load

      How do I increase my Shopify speed?

      Optimizing Shopify speed can be accomplished in two ways. Firstly, you can try to do it yourself. To do this, you can compress images, edit store code, and limit external apps, among other things.

      The second and best method to optimize Shopify speed is to hire an expert developer with a coding background to improve your speed score.

      Faster website More
      Business Growth

      going to optimize

      How do Faster Websites help you grow your e-commerce business?

      Better User Experience

      Better Search Engine Ranking

      More Website Conversions

      Increase Customer Retention

      Less Bounce Rate, More Traffic

      Better Usability For Mobile Traffic

      Increase Scalability & Credibility

      going to optimize

      Shopify Speed Optimization
      Case Studies

      We started with the goal of making Shopify fast. Really fast! Page speed optimization is important and this is how we help our customers Get Page Speed right.

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      Things to Optimize

      We will optimize your Shopify page for page speed and boost your conversions through the roof. Here are some of the things we will improve:

      Speed is Our Speciality

      Shopify speed optimization service

      Our proven track record says that we are the best pick in the market for Page Speed Optimization!

      Do you want to increase the speed of your Shopify website? We will boost the speed of your site, so it is faster than ever before. Our Shopify page speed optimization service will make sure that your website loads quickly and smoothly for your customers worldwide. Whether you need an elaborate redesign or just want to optimize a few single pages, we provide great services to help you succeed.

      Get a Free Audit Report

      Page Speed Report

        Shopify speed optimization service

        The most remarkable 1-second stats

        If your page takes too long to load, you're going to lose customers. Check-out how 1-second delay in page loading matters in eCommerce.

        can decrease customer satisfaction by 16%

        can decrease your page views by 11%


        this addition can triple your bounce rate upto 90%

        can make your bounce rate probability 32%

        corrodes 7% of your hard-earned conversion rate

        Group 1284
        1 sec

        1 sec : can decrease your page views by 11%

        1 sec : can decrease your page views by 11%

        1 sec: corrodes 7% of your hard-earned conversion rate

        1-3 sec : can make your bounce rate probability 32%

        Add 1 sec : this addition can triple your bounce rate upto 90%

        On annual basis: it can lead to a loss of $2.5 million in revenue if your shop generates $100,000 per day

        By The Numbers

        We have a proven record of optimizing websites. This is what we deliver!


        Shopify Sites

        57% avg.




        3-6 Sec

        Avarage website loadtime

        40 Working Hours

        Average project

        Customers Rave About Us

        We sign strict non-disclosure agreements with clients. Yet, some clients came forward to thank us for our hard work by providing testimonials.


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          +91 9558571587

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Here are a few FAQs that every business planner has somewhere in mind.

          Shopify Page Speed Optimization is a suite of reports that helps you find and fix critical performance problems on your Shopify store. The service allows you to have the speed of your page audited, pinpoint the issues and receive recommendations on how to fix them.

          A speed score above 80 is considered decent. Below that needs improvement. And an average page should load within 1.5 seconds for the best user experience.

          Yes. It directly impacts your revenue drastically.

           We will improve your website functionality, make it better, but not change it.

          • No, our work won’t affect your site. We will work on cloning/staging the website version of your site and then we will publish the live version once we have the right speed desired.

          • 40 hours at max

          We are a one-stop eCommerce solution partner. All you need to remember is your website will work fluently unless you make any blunder.

           Yes, we believe in mutual satisfaction and we do provide support to our clients after our services.

          Sure, mail us at _______ and our team will revert back ASAP!!

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