Delivery Date Calendar:

The EDD App simplifies delivery scheduling with a user-friendly calendar. Customers choose preferred dates, aiding business logistics and ensuring accurate deliveries.

Time Picker Slots:

Customers can choose delivery dates and specific time slots with the time picker feature. From morning to evening, the app meets diverse needs, boosting satisfaction.

Cut-off Time:

The EDD App's cut-off time feature optimizes order processing and delivery planning. It sets a deadline for order placement, ensuring timely processing and scheduled delivery.

Modify Order Delivery

Stay agile in today's market with the EDD App. Customers can adjust delivery times post-purchase, adapting to changing schedules or opting for faster delivery.

Holiday Control

The EDD App simplifies holiday deliveries with customizable options, schedule adjustments, real-time tracking, notifications, and seamless system integration, ensuring efficient order fulfillment.