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Design Apps That Delight Millions of People


Stay Busy PRO responds to incoming call automatically and sends busy SMS to caller. Must have smart and simple auto responder “All-in-One app” for all those who have busy life style. Just turn “Stay Busy PRO- Auto SMS Reply” on when you are busy and it will silently run in the background and auto reply to any incoming calls.

Application shows pop up along with SMS templates & Option icon of Whatsapp, Line & Default messaging system which can be clicked to send SMS to caller. Application allows you to add new templates of your choice which can be display on Reject pop up window.

  • Display Pop up with SMS templates when any call rejected by you
  • User can use WhatsApp, Line or default messaging system to send SMS
  • Use Drag & drop to set position of widget on incoming call screen
  • Allows to Add / Edit / Update SMS Templates from application interface
  • Application works even your phone get restarted. Don't need to open app like other apps.