Best Magento Extensions For Better Customer Engagement in E-Commerce War!

Customer engagement is an intermediate-term to empower online businesses from down to up. On a huge level, better customer engagement is the most influential term for your brand & market value – also that’s definitely too worthy to increase return visitors to your store.

Keep remembering & go ahead, Make your customer the center of your business system.

To keep your visitors on your store with good navigation, converting them into “The Customer” & also increasing return visit action, many factors depend on your store design and engage functionalities which are probably ignored by store admin/owner.

Magento is the best custom & powerful eCommerce platform to use as the backbone of your online store, with a lake of varieties. Here, the most profitable difference between Magento® & other platforms is custom development & rich extension library. Also, there are many Magento® extensions that can help to engage with better visualization & benefits.

Still have a question, How?

“Give everything to the user like a physical store!”

I have created a list of Magento & Magento 2 extensions that are used for higher conversation rates & based on order checkout & navigation action by users.

Gift Card


The Gift Voucher extension avails a feature for customers to buy a gift voucher which can be sent to friends, family, or colleagues to help them shop their choices. The idea simply promotes sales boost by having another way for shoppers to shop for others. This is surely a classy way to increase branding among your customer groups & near ones. Magento Extension offers 3 different forms of sending gift vouchers.

Competition Panel


Quiz & Competitions not only helps in customer engagement but can also feed your newsletter email list for future email engagements. Our Lucky Draw winner Magento extension helps merchants to run multiple competition forms like adding your product review, signing up to receive the discount, etc. This prize draws Magento module allows you to create a flow from creating competition to the winner announcement process with perfect tracking. 🙂

Recent Reviews on the Product Page

User reviews are the mirror of its (product or brand) compatibility & features. This is also one great module to build trust in products & brands.

Reviews are also helping the customer find the best products from your eCommerce store. With the Recent Review Sidebar Magento 2 Module, you may display recent reviews on the homepage or sidebar of other pages without coding skills.

Product Price Bargain

This is interesting, No? Each shopper loves to bargain for the product into their budget or price. The customer price bargain module gives an enhanced functionality to the customer to bargain the price on the product which they want (of course admin has to activate this feature for specific products;)). Price bargain is surely a tricky way to earn customer attention & the battles with sales. This extension makes your website more productive and engaging compared to other extensions in the same category.

Product FAQ

Today, online shopping is just not a subject of purchasing (add to cart product and then purchase), but a good experience in itself. When any user visits a local mart, they have too many queries related to product functionality and after-services. The Product Based FAQ module arranges the most frequently asked questions to be visible on the product page so that customer can find their query answer before they make a purchase. This helps increase customer session time & engagement activity.

Spin to Win Discount Game

E-commerce is somewhat very similar to the local store where you can run interesting stuff in order to attract your potential customers.

Great offers & discounts, but straight coupons? No, it’s a lot more than this now.

Every store makes an effort to a unique approach. Our Magento Spin to Win Extension is a simple yet creative way to offer a discount to your site visitors. You can allow site visitors to play games & in return offer an attractive discount with win points. This creates a unique experience for customers & discounts can lead it to successful sales victory. It’s a great engagement tool to derive existing and new visitors to your Magento store.

All Interactive marketing and promotional extension are developed to get huge-scale traffic to your online store & also holidays & festivals are the right time to see your sales soar and increase visitors. We are heartily welcome to our store, the place to find marketing & promotional tools for your eCommerce store! 🛒