Hyvä Theme Cost: Breakdown of Costs and Things to Consider


A good online eCommerce store is incomplete without high-speed performance, a user-friendly theme, along with strong operating systems. Keeping things in mind and filling the gap we recommend installing the Hyvä theme which is fully responsive, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate, providing customization offers.

Within a year and so, the Hyvä theme Magento2 gained tremendous success and turned out to be a very popular theme for Magento2. Someway down the line, your store has got the booster for a slow page response. Integrated with inbuilt themes which one can use to create and deploy the website. 

Well, in this blog we will help you to comprehend all the necessary details required starting from its license cost, custom hyvä theme design from scratch and many more. Also, don’t forget to check out our verdict on the Hyvä Theme Development Service.

License expense for Hyvä Theme

In the current market, Hyvä Theme Licenses cost 1000 Euro per project. Compared to commercial Magento extensions, which usually cost between 05 and 500 euros, this is a hefty sum. It is quite common to have a license per project, which limits how many users can access the software. 

As a result, the price is the most important factor. The Hyvä Theme has been praised by many people, but they think it’s just too expensive. Well, every different individual has their opinion on this thing. You might want to make some calculations if the price of the Hyvä theme is all that’s stopping you from using it.

The coolest thing about them though is that they believe that countries with relatively low purchasing power can benefit from the Purchasing Power Parity Index’s prices.

Cost for Custom Hyvä Theme Design

Cost for Custom Hyvä Design

For any website or page, layout plays a very important role as it helps to draw attention from the audience and creates uniqueness for your business. Well, it can be diplomatic to define the exact cost of Hyva Theme design because there is no estimated price we can justify over here.

I hope you are already aware of the default theme that comes with Hyva Theme, but suppose you have to design a completely new design from scratch, well at that point the price would vary then. Our team will help you to create a tailor-made custom Hyvä Theme along with all the required functionalities you were looking for on your website.

Outlay for 03rd Party Hyvä Compatible Module

For Magento Luma or Blank modules to work with Hyvä theme, they must be compatible with Hyvä as they use Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS only. A Compatible module is necessary for Magento Luma and Blank theme-based modules to function with Hyvä. The original modules determine how much work is required to produce compatibility modules.

The Luma code has been replaced with the hyvä theme compatibility module so it works in a systematic manner in Hyvä Theme Storefront. Talking about the third-party module, if they are already developed. 

We simply have to plug them in directly and will cost you accordingly, but in case they are missing we will find them from the Magento Marketplace and plug them in your store. Not all add-ons from third parties are compatible with the Hyva theme. 

The removal of extensions that Hyvä theme does not support is not necessary. Your current add-ons will be upgraded to be consistent with Hyvä themes. Every Magento extension we provide is guaranteed to work with your Magento store without a hitch.

Custom Development of Hyva Theme Modules

At times, there could be a possibility that a client is seeking some extra functionality which is not present over there. Well, in that case, our development team will design the custom module for you and simply integrate them into your store.

There are multiple ways of formulating the solution but we will select the one which complies with the general web development standards and their guidelines. We will make sure that each and every process is carried out in an efficient way by offering an optimal resolution for any type of technical problem.

SetuBridge is totally focused on the requirement of the client’s end and gives them customized solutions for all module-related concerns.

Implement custom features with Hyva Theme

Magento2 themes are the essence of consistency and elegance, which help to set the tone of your webpage. Even so, the process seems to be time-consuming but eventually going to give you excellent performance and offer better engagement in terms of user engagement.

There are certain possibilities that clients want business-specific requirements, in which case our development team will assist you in integrating customized features within your Hyva theme and charge you accordingly.

Custom Domain and Hosting cost

Nevertheless, this is a significant issue for Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce customers. They require specific storage in order to function correctly and consistently. Some of the options include cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. Hosting for Magento websites can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per month, depending on the features and performance you need.

We will connect the domain you buy for your eCommerce business. Prices range from $10 to $400 per year. To make your website more stable and keep your information safe, you need to get an SSL certificate, which usually costs between $50 to $600 per year.

Wrapping up

Well, here we are at the end of the blog, and to be honest, there is no precise expense for Magento Enterprise because, in the end, it all depends on the overall scope of the project. Furthermore, developing your Magento website from the scratch would vary significantly as per the proficiency and services of various other suppliers.

However, opting for a reliable hyva theme developer and Official Hyva Theme Service Provider is quite crucial, and ultimately, you will receive a successful outcome for your eCommerce business as a by-product of your consistent efforts. If you want to develop your own hyva website from scratch, you can schedule a call with our experts and scrutinize all the possibilities.