Emerging eCommerce trends 2023

ECommerce trends and technology are changing the overall purchasing experience of the customer with the global push of the Pandemic. E-commerce is most likely to take over a huge portion of all retail sales in the coming years.

Recent stats on the e-commerce industry showed that the expected revenue of the eCommerce industry has increased by 37%, according to a new report released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

In this article, we have covered the eCommerce trends in 2021. This going to help the e-commerce sector to plan and execute their business strategy to help them and ultimately boost the world economy.

1. Virtual Brand Experience

Image source: joor.com

The customer is the King, and the user experience of the customer on your e-store will define your brand. Perhaps, it also influences their buying behavior. So it is crucial to maintain a good mobile virtual brand experience, a proper product page, an easy checkout process, and a quick errorless shipping process.

Sustaining things is a big task if you do not have an in-house technical team. So, whether you’re just beginning or already present in the e-commerce business. A helping hand in the form of software will ease down your daily working tasks.

2. Role of ChatBots 

The traditional way of communicating on call for any customer support service is a time taking process. So now customers prefer chatbots as it saves time, and their query gets resolved in less than minutes.

As per recent stats, the use of chatbots is more likely to increase by 70%. This will help customers to resolve the issue on the spot. Also, conversion chances and customer satisfaction will increase by adding chatbots to your E-commerce platform.

3. Personalization

To get ahead in the game, you should have a futuristic approach alongside good relations with your targeted customer. Personalization helps drive sales and increase conversion by showing specific offers based on browsing behavior, purchase history, demographics, and other personal data.

Product designer extension tool is responsive HTML5 + Angular-based web software. Through this, it is easier to design customized different products online like Custom T-shirts, phone cases, and coffee mugs.

4. Social media buzz will continue

It’s been years now social media plays a significant role in all aspects of marketing activities and with the introduction of the buy option button on the Facebook shop or Instagram shop, its become more convenient for the customer to buy the product and surf on their favorite social media platform.

As 49.03% of the world’s total population is active on social media. So it becomes essential to engage your targeted customer on social media.

5. Voice Assistant 

3.25 billion people currently use voice search and assistants worldwide and so it is very feasible for customers to voice search through technology like Alexa & google assistance. So it becomes very much obvious to Optimize the content to make it more relevant to the voice searches.

The flow of your E-commerce website should be simple to navigate through the website and mobile app by using the voice assistant.

6. M-commerce

Shopping through mobile will still lead the E-commerce as 67.04% of the world population uses mobile devices.

It will keep increasing as it is very convenient for consumers to purchase products just through a few clicks. So, it has become very much important that your website should be mobile-friendly and have high page speed to increase your customer experience & conversion rate.

You can use the PWA Magento extension to give a mobile app-like experience to your users.


As we all are aware that last year was very challenging for us. But if we look at the brighter side of it the E-commerce market will dominate. So it becomes very much necessary for us to adapt according to the current eCommerce trends.