How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

With the advent of lockdown, people were only left with online options for their shopping. You should take this as a great opportunity in expanding your E-Commerce store. Here are some tips and advice to boost your E-Commerce sales in 2023. 

These are the 8 ways that you can boost your e-commerce sales

1. SEO optimization for organic traffic 

To increase your E-Commerce sales, you first need to have visitors to your E-Commerce store. So increasing your traffic should be your first priority. This can be done by making your E-Commerce store SEO-friendly. This can be done by having a simple, hierarchical website.

Neatly categorize your products, add blogs and testimonials and update your products with those according to the trends. All this helps your E-Commerce website in getting discovered by your potential customers in search engines ultimately increasing traffic to your E-Commerce store. There are companies out there that are experts in this field. Click here for more info about the best SEO company in India. 

2. Try Google Shopping 

A rising marketing strategy among the E-Commerce brands is Google Shopping. It is shown to drive greater conversion for those E-Commerce stores that implement this. This is achieved by showing their products at the top of Google SERP that are relevant to users’ search queries. 

A typical Google Shopping ad comprises a product image, its price, store’s name, and user rating. 

These stores, in spite of being unfamiliar to the customers, seem credible because of this strategy. 

Using a proper marketing plan for ecommerce increases traffic to your store. The great part of this is that you pay on a pay-per-click basis. There are plenty of tutorials online to implement these for yourself. So try giving it a go with . 

3. Social media and affiliate marketing 

Social media is an ever-increasing platform. It has assumed an important role in the marketing industry as it fetches a high ROI. Taking in social media influencers for your marketing campaign increases traffic to your E-Commerce store. This traffic can be made into conversion by optimizing your store for a greater customer experience. 

Affiliate marketing is another marketing strategy that can drive traffic to your website. In this, you will be paying your affiliate who endorses your products on different platforms. You only need to pay your affiliate partners who deliver results. With both social media influencers and affiliate partners you will be able to increase your brand awareness. 

4. Smartphone friendly 

The use of the internet from smartphones has greatly increased over the past decade. Now more than 50 percent of the internet traffic comes from smartphones. Making responsive and mobile-first websites have become a compulsory practice.

You can also improve your customer’s shopping experience by optimizing for mobile commerce. By regressive testing of your mobile store’s designs and usability, you can achieve this. Ultimately it helps you to grow your business further and increase your brand awareness. 

5. Omnichannel shopping 

Omnichannel shopping focuses on smoothening the shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a laptop, smartphone, or from a brick and mortar store. This allows the customer to start where they left off their previous shopping irrespective of the device on which they are shopping.

This enables the customer to avoid repeating the same step again and again in times of discontinuation. As you already know, increasing the customer experience leads to greater revenue, this is a good investment to make. 

6. Personalization 

One of the important factors for increasing your E-Commerce sales is customer satisfaction and user experience. One way to improve customer satisfaction is by personalizing their experience. Studies suggest that personalizing the customers’ experiences has a great influence on sales with an increase of 25% in revenue. 

Once the customers sign in to your E-Commerce website you can collect the data that they have provided such as demographics and location. You can use this data to individualize their experience. Individualization can be achieved by showing relevant products based on their previous searches, sending relevant notifications, saving their previous purchases, etc. 

As price is one of the most important factors in shopping, offering great deals and discounts to their relevant products can attract your customers and make them become loyal to your E-Commerce store. 

7. Providing multiple payment options 

The world is moving into the era of complete digitization. People are expecting innovations and features that help them  get digitized. With the rise in payments via mobile, you need to include them as a payment option in addition to cash on delivery, credit card, and debit card payment methods. 

Recently with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a conventional payment “Buy now pay later” has become popular. This enables the consumer to increase their purchase capacity. Stores both online and offline have increased their sales tremendously by including this method as an option for payment. So including this method for payment gateway for E-Commerce can also increase your sales.

You have little to worry about collecting your money as it is done by companies that enable this payment method. In the end, these options enable a smooth checkout process and increase your sales. 

8. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is finding its way into every sphere of life and the E-Commerce market is no exception. Using AI, you can effectively use the customer data that you have collected and get a deeper analysis. With this analysis, you can improve the way you personalize user experience (an important sales-driving factor, as you’ve seen above). 

You can further use AI to automate tasks, improve advertising strategies, manage your inventory, and many more. Incorporating AI now enables you to stay ahead of your competitors as it becomes imperative in the future in implementing AI features. Automating customer support, marketing, workflow automation, etc. is a great place to start your AI revolution. 


These are fast-changing times and as the E-Commerce store owner, you need to be on top of your game and make sure your business is growing. Giving importance to customer experience and driving traffic to your E-Commerce store are the factors you need to consider and implement that help in expanding your business. Click here for more info about the best SEO company in India. They help you gain more traffic to your E-Commerce store. 

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