How to generate app device artwork?

Making device art has become a tedious task for every app developer. Sometimes they pay a designer or use a paid tool to make screenshots. You may be thinking to yourself, But I don’t want to pay a designer to create fancy screenshots. App screenshots are the first thing user notice once they access your app page within a given app store, Your screenshots must grab their attention immediately. Gorgeous, visually enhanced screenshots and artwork can make a difference and drive your users towards app downloads.

AppWrap is one of a free tool that helps developers, designers, bloggers and students wrap screenshots in different mobile devices. Place your artwork instantly to the huge collection of mockups and find your ideal in a second. Easily create stunning visuals which help you boost engagement on an app store, social, blog posts or advertising campaigns. In general, the app is quite complete and offers all the needed tools for creating the promotional content.

It’s a right place to showcase your artwork in a beautiful and realistic way. It provides better demonstration visibility for your apps in other devices and it’s really easier way to wrap your screenshots at the right place or time.

How to generate device art using AppWrap?

AppWrap is a very simple and easy to use app which requires no designer skills.

Step 1: Add your artwork

This is a pretty straightforward yet important one. Having the right size screenshots ensures that none of your images come out distorted, keeping your artwork compelling and professional looking. Just upload your artwork by clicking on “+” icon.


Step 2: Choose a perfect device

Device frame generator works perfectly with device art, so you can see your perfect screenshot right inside your chosen device frame. It contains a wide range of devices that can be used as the starting point for placing the user’s content. Just pick the one that best fits your artwork. If a device is not available, it’s possible to request it using a form within the app.

Device 150+ and growing…EVERY device you need!

Step 3: Apply special effects to device art

It’s as easy as it sounds. This lets you apply special effects like Shadow and Glare to your device art for giving a realistic look. Our AppWrap device art generator will process it for you in just seconds, no need to use Photoshop at all!


Step 4: Choose a background Image or Color

It gives you two different options for a background to make your artwork stand out. You are not only able to choose an awesome background, you can as well pick a base color with the color picker tool and rock the device art with eye-catching visuals. It has the best feature that is Blur art background, by using this you can able to give blurry effect to your art background.

Step 5: Crop your background Image

Artwork background can be reduced/adjust using CROP feature. You can also use Photoshop or GIMP but it will take you several minutes or even hours to figure out how to do it and the results might not be what you were expecting.


Step 6: Name your artwork

Make your artwork more attractive by adding Title & Sub-title. It let you choose font-style, size and color of your choice. Additionally you able to adjust the title alignment to get perfect visibility. Use bigger fonts for your captions, so your text will be readable across all devices without having to zoom in on it. People don’t “read” screenshots, they scan and focus on specific highlighted words. So make it easy for them!!

Step 7: Half of Mockup

Now you can also use Half of mockup to rewind your artwork by having different looks. Here you have three options to place your artwork i.e Top, Center and Bottom. This moment is a quick and simple experience ensures you get off to a more productive start. No design skills required.


Step 8: Zoom Magnifier

Create magnified element by using zoom magnifier option & place anywhere on the artwork. It has three different types of shapes i.e. Circle, Square and rectangle. This lets you highlight the main part of your uploaded artwork. Easily create stunning visuals which help you boost engagement on social, blog posts or advertising campaigns.

Step 9: Download It!

Yes, that’s it. You can download your generated Device art or share it on your favourite social media. It’ll generate high-quality product mockups for you.


This is a free service and you can add device frame generator to your mobile app to frame your screenshots any time with it. Download now to see for yourself:

We made a video tutorial to guide you throughout this full process, have a look:

Hope you enjoy AppWrap, use the feedback form if you have any question or trouble. Find more about AppWrap by visiting website: