Hyvä Theme: PWA & Magento Speed Alternative

Most store owners are already familiar with the LUMA theme, released in 2015 but the major drawback was that it received no updates. As most of the industry will be ready to accept its performance was terrible, and not able to upscale it which is a bit of a challenging task as it was ineffective and required so much effort and expense at the same time.

But fast forward, since Hyvä theme gets introduced in the state-of-the-art market and its fast frontend framework helps him gain visibility for Magento 2 website development. Magento hyvä theme has successfully outmatched alternatives of Magento frontend by 250%.

What is the Hyvä Theme?

Willem Wigman began the project as an attempt to improve and simplify the front end of the Hyvä theme. The main task of this framework is that the theme is mainly known for its storefronts and the majority of big vendors of Magento within the community are using it. 

Hyvä theme is an alternative to Progressive web pages (PWA). When it comes to creating your store with PWA requires much expertise, resources and money. Hyvä, on the other hand, is less complex and much more compatible offering better performance. Hyva theme consists of two themes; Hyvä reset theme and Hyvä default theme. 

Talking about Hyvä default theme, it eliminates the rarely used blocks as Hyva employs a javascript library such as Alpine.js and TailwindCSS which comes with less code. It eventually re-ignited a spark for Magento developers as creating Magento websites can be done without feeling overburdened, the same as working on the Luma tech stack.

Hyvä as a PWA Alternative

Talking about PWA, it is one of the most impressive products and it’s like a new revolution for all those users who are working on Magento2 and looking for a fresh new front-end solution. 

PWA theme is never been considered as an overall solution for all the eCommerce platforms. Without the next level of expertise in terms of technical domains, implementing a basic eCommerce store was also not possible because it demands needless efforts.

Earlier developing an online store with a PWA solution was not a preferable option as developing a store takes a complicated routine and therefore the majority of players were looking for an alternate solution to PWA, and Hyvä theme achieved it successfully. 

In addition to your Hyva front end, they have provided certain components which you could leverage for this powerful section:-

  • Magento2 Graphql tokens- Apply them on your store moreover to the customer and cart tokens which are offered by Hyva to improve the user experience towards Customer Data sections of the Magento 2 site.
  • Magento2 admin by Hyvä- With the help of this module, developing grids and forms in the Magento 2 adminhtml section should be pleasant and quick. 
  • Hyvä Checkout for Magento2:- Since Hyvä configurable react checkout is headless, free and open-source. It functions pretty well in Luma along with Hyva.
  • Admin Test Module for Hyvä:- Small test module for the Hyvä admin module is offered on the Hyvä GitHub page. 

Hyvä vs PWA – Overview of Capabilities

Till now, it’s been clear to you why the Hyvä theme would be a viable option for you, as it has everything that your latest store demands along with lightning page speed. We are aware that we have been mentioned many times. However, Hyva Theme’s performance is a masterpiece. The functionality it contains applies to all sorts of smart devices and the best part is it’s time to interact because it takes 02 seconds to load your site completely. 

hyva vs pwa

It should be no surprise that Hyva Theme would achieve a perfect Lighthouse score for almost every single category. For a digital business, this degree of site performance is quite advantageous when it comes to SEO. Having a quick, efficient website is the first step to attaining strong SEO results, which will lead to reasonable visitation rates and favorable feedback from clients or users. Hyva Theme is better in this regard. 

  1. Remove Difficulty and Make Room for Simplicity!

As a user of Magento2, it’s become quite simple to transit from the hyvä theme to the current default theme. It’s quite easy to rebuild a whole new system or even integrate whole new functions from the beginning. With the help of the Hyvä theme, you could be able to deploy your website without delay.

Differentiate the default Luma-based themes, having a much more complex architecture for every component displayed on the website but no intertwined codes that make it difficult for the developers. 

  1. Phenomenal experience for developers.

When it comes to Magento2, usually merchants and developers remain within and try to perform their place of work on their own. Hyvä themes are built not only to enhance customer experience but also to be convenient at the same time for developers.

It comes with a lag-free UI that is streamlined and helps developers to create and improve without any obstruction. As it results, the learning curve of the developers would be reduced. 

  1. Reduce the development time

The frontend technicalities of the Hyvä theme are very much more compatible and immaculate than ever before compared to other Magento default themes. It also helps the developers as it will automatically eliminate all the complex coding and changes which are required as earlier they used to struggle with. 

Apart from that, it helps other processes as well, such as maintaining or debugging has also become uncomplicated as having the right developers in your team is eventually going to help you get your site done at a much faster rate, in a much more efficient way.

  1. Adaptability and Usability

Having a Magento 2 website but facing an issue with your existing default theme and looking to exchange it with Hyvä (New Frontend for Magento2), well you could perform them easily. It’s not necessary to do a new installation of the particular platform or rebuild customized functionality right from scratch.

But, here’s the main catch, you have to make sure that the Hyva theme is not compatible with Magento 2.3 or lower than that. You need to update your Magento 2.4 or a fresh version to access Hyvä seamlessly.

  1. Pool of Professionals

There could be a possibility that every developer requires some sort of assistance now and then. For this objective, Hyva has decided to develop an extensive community for all the developers on a global level so they can easily interact with developers and actively clear out their queries related to the theme.
Since the complexity has been reduced to a great extent, learning Hyvä frontend is much easier compared to Luma. And, it helps to make this one of the best and most easily adaptable frontend for Magento2.

Hyva Theme as Magento Speed Optimization 

While developing Adobe Commerce powered by Magento eCommerce, there were not many options available in the Luma-based theme. Even though Luma used to offer a nice front-end experience, it was complicated. The Hyvä theme is a minimalist and clean design that focuses on simplicity and usability.

Hyva as Magento Speed Optimization 

Additionally, the Hyvä theme has more functional features, such as customizable product pages and improved navigation, while the Luma theme has a clean and elegant theme. Here are a few pointers which differentiate Hyvä theme from Luma:-

  1. Design: Hyvä has a sleek and modern design, with clean lines and a focus on user-friendly navigation. Luma, on the other hand, has a more traditional, elegant design with a focus on rich imagery and bold colors. 
  2. Functionality: Hyvä offers a range of advanced features, such as customizable product pages, quick view options, and a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. Luma, on the other hand, focuses more on providing a seamless and intuitive shopping experience, with features such as wish lists and product filtering.
  3. Customizability: Hyvä is highly customizable, with a range of options for customizing colors, fonts, and other design elements. On the other hand, Luma offers fewer customization options but provides pre-designed templates and colors schemes that can be easily applied to a store.

Overall, Hyvä and Luma themes offer different approaches to e-commerce design, with Hyvä offering a more modern and functional approach and Luma providing a more traditional and elegant aesthetic.

The Hyvä theme was able to maintain its originality but eradicate the need for excessive personalization that led to reduced performance. It is mostly focused on:-

  • Reduce complexity.
  • Lower dependencies.
  • Reduce the learning curve.
  • Enhance the developer experience. 
  • Improved development velocity.
  • Improving the performance.
  • Tooling.

Developers are enjoying it as they have found a better alternative to headless PWA, especially for those who don’t prefer to work only on JavaScript. But for merchants who are collaborating with hyvä, it becomes much easier for them to maintain and implement as it is proven to be cost-saving and build websites in a much more efficient manner.

Even with efficiency and speed optimization, Luma still falls short of what Hyvä can produce, particularly on mobile as the architecture of the theme is quite compatible to work with and maintain the Magento2 storefronts.

How Do I Install The HYVA Theme?

Talking about the hyvä theme, it’s very much compact, efficient and flexible as well. It’s even possible to adopt this theme and adopt them on their own. But this could be quite tricky and risky if you are planning to integrate them on your own to work on the new front end for your new web page.

SetuBridge put forward their Hyva Theme development services that would help to enhance your Magento website and create much more capability than you could imagine. We will be there with you right from the beginning and we will support you in every step you are having trouble with. What you need, we have it.

Meanwhile, you can refer to Hyva theme: In-depth guide for developers.

Bottom Line

To put this in short, the Hyva theme is a perfect fit for small stores and eCommerce businesses that are having their Magento2 website or planning to start from scratch. We have already encountered front-end technology as it is one of the most sought-after eCommerce platforms. 

SetuBridge provides passage over the obstacle so you can take your first step in the upcoming journey with Hyva Magento2. And feel free to come up with your query and we are there to clear all your queries.