Magento 2 Hyva Theme: Answers to all your questions

Hyvä theme is an open-source theme and is popularly gaining traction in the market with the world’s leading theme on the market. It is a new front-end theme for Magento 2 and one of the most popular themes on the market today.

We know you are also planning to consider the Hyvä theme as your front-end solution, but it seems you might have certain queries or frequently asked questions that could help you make important calls between Hyvä and Luma. 

We are also offering our Hyva theme developers guide, which would help you to understand about Hyva theme. And developers are finding this thing a perfect choice for their store.

Looking for a particular response to a question? Below is a compilation of all the FAQs from this page for your reference:-

1. What is the Hyvä theme? 

Hyvä theme is the modern storefront for your Magento 2 store. Magento’s old front end, Luma, currently suffers from some of the most proficient issues.

It now comes with the elimination of third-party libraries and has only two dependencies: AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS. This means you don’t have to use LUMA and an overly complex front-end, which slows down your eCommerce performance.

2. Why Magento Hyva theme?

The well-thought-out architecture of the Hyvä theme not only provides significant results. Overall development costs are reduced as a result of the considerably lighter code base and the usage of new technology and developer resources.

Although, there are certain reasons which could help you to make better decisions to go for the Hyva theme, such as;

  • Using an advance and modern JS framework and alpineJS to make it more powerful and lightweight.
  • With Tailwind CSS, a new and fresh CSS framework is better than traditional CSS frameworks.
  • It offers flexibility to customize your store as per your requirements and make it as user-friendly as possible.
  • Because you will receive faster time to market because of the lean code and faster deployment rate.
  • Hands-down, it is convincingly superior frontend than others and is turning out to be a perfect option for future perspective as well.

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3. Is Hyvä Headless?

Hyva theme takes a native MVC pattern of Adobe Magento without being headless since Hyvä prefers the conventional templates canvas of Adobe Magento and eliminates heavy-weight libraries such as KnockoutJS and RequireJS, therefore introducing the lightweight AplineJS. 

4. Who pays for it, and how much does it charge?

The license for the Hyvä theme costs €1000 if you are doing it as a merchant. Here you have only paid once for a license and the development costs. With one time purchase, you will be given access to the entire ecosystem which is mentioned below- 

  • Countless updates are available.
  • One-time Purchase.
  • Access to the code of the Hyvä theme and with GitLab and Private Packagist 
    • Countless domains and store views are valid for one Magento2 installation.
  • Giving access to third-party modules compatible with your systems.
  • Assist and community access to our private slack
  • Online documentation.

So, leverage the Hyvä theme in the Magento 2 store and experience its magic, believe me, it’s quick enough.

5. Can I receive any discounts?

Yes, they work with PPP discounts (Purchasing Power Parity) to improve the usability of Hyvä in nations with weaker currencies. For more information, you can read more on the PPP Discount Page.

One good thing is they offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee to develop and hold the customer’s trust. Adding to this, you have access to test the Hyvä theme to check its compatibility and performance.

6. Does Hyvä offer a free evaluation copy?

Well, they don’t offer any evaluation access to Hyvä themes. The ideal option for an agency to start using Hyvä is to buy a license for internal testing and then transfer that license to a real client when you decide to use it to create a storefront.

As mentioned above, they offer a 14-day money-back policy if the Hyvä theme is incompatible with your standards. For a more precise understanding of the licensing terms, you can read the full document.

Once you get access to the Hyvä theme, you will get access to their community, where you can clarify your doubts about their team having more than 2000 members. Apart from this, they have some extra modules and access to GitHub. where React checkout and Admin Grids are open-sourced.

7. Is the Hyvä theme compatible with my extension?

Well, talking about this, Hyvä has already written extensive documentation on the process to make the extension compatible with Hyvä.

It’s a fact that not all the third-party extensions are compatible with the Hyvä theme, your existing modules will be upgraded to be compatible with Hyvä themes. Every Magento 2 extension we provide is guaranteed to work with your Hyvä store without a hitch.  

8. Do I need to pay a recurring fee for the Hyvä theme?

Definitely not; you have to pay only a one-time purchase fee for the Hyvä theme, which is €1000. Although it could be a hefty sum if this is the only thing holding you back from opting for the Hyva theme, it seems you need to make some sort of calculations.

They are working on some fresh applications that include support and subscription updates.

9. Is the Hyvä theme Adobe Commerce compatible?

Yes, it does. The Hyvä theme works on Adobe Commerce and Commerce Cloud, but they haven’t made all commerce features compatible yet. Currently, the functionality you need to use will determine whether you can use Hyvä for your commerce business.

Moreover, if you collaborate with an official supplier they will help you integrate features and make them compatible with your store. 

10. Why is the Hyvä theme a better alternative to other front-end solutions? 

It would take days to respond to this. However, our assurance and passion for the Hyvä theme have been evolving ever since. Meanwhile, we are listing down certain reasons why the Hyvä theme would be a viable option for you-

  • Simplicity and lower Complexity by eliminating jQuery, RequireJS, and KnockoutJS. 
  • Compared to competing for front-end frameworks, the development costs are less expensive.
  • You will be able to market your service or product at a faster rate.
  • Its maintenance costs are comparatively less than those of competitors.
  • Helps to boost the overall performance of the website and meet SEO benchmarks such as the core web vitals assessment.
  • Future-proof option, as it is convincingly excellent compared to another front-end substitute.

11. Do all of my present extensions function with Hyvä Themes?

Well, it overall depends on the extensions you’re using; it doesn’t matter whether they’re dependent on the LUMA JavaScript libraries, but don’t be discouraged by this. 

The moment you have a license, you’re going to receive instant access to the public library of extensions, which has other extensions in your projects.

Aside from this, most major extension providers have been racing to incorporate Hyvä theme compatibility into their extensions, and if they haven’t already, it might be in the near future.

12. How difficult is it to switch my current theme over to Hyvä Themes?

It’s vital to keep in mind that the amount of time necessary affects how long it takes to complete the conversion. Varied projects have different requirements, but taking Hyva’s conversion projects as an example, they typically take between 8 and 12 weeks.

So, if you need a customer who could turn into your client, you have to rebuild an effective front-end for your site, as this would also help you to improve the UX. In addition, you can work with our developers to solve any problems you may be having. They can give you a precise solution.

13. We test out Hyvä Themes before purchasing a license?

Regrettably, no. Without a license, you can’t have access to the Hyva theme on a live website. They have, however, created a highly polished demo that gives a great insight into how it works as a front-end solution. The best part is, a free demo of Hyva is available to give you better gist about it.

14. How can I locate a professional Hyvä Themes development company?

It’s crucial to choose the best company for developing Hyvä Themes for your website. The Hyvä Themes team has included several specialized companies on their website as a service to you. Looking below, you will find a list of the suppliers who are currently operating with Hyva themes.

So, as we are also listed on the supplier’s list, you got the gist that collaborating with SetuBridge would be a viable option for you as we are experienced in working with Hyva.

15. What is the future of the Hyvä theme? 

Looking at the current trends and scenario, we are pretty much clear that Hyva is and will going to remain an excellent choice for store owners at the moment. Because the price point from which it is coming is a bargain.

16. How to install the Hyvä theme in Magento 2?

It is possible to install the Hyvä theme from your end in the Magento2 store but it is a time taking process and even a small mistake could cause you major issues which is why it is recommended to hire an agency that could support you to Install Hyva theme in a more precise manner.

Meanwhile, we have also written down an In-Depth guide for developers which you could refer to, for understanding the process step-by-step.

Wrapping up

So, here we are at the end of this blog, and the main reason for writing this blog is that there are many queries in the market right now related to the Hyva theme, and we are certainly sure that we have given solutions to all the queries.

In the interim, you can learn more about our Hyva theme development service and feel secure working with us. Are you prepared to begin working on your Hyvä Themes website development project? Collaborate with us and let’s work together to achieve big things.

Thank You.