#MM20IN: Let’s Meet, Discuss & Contribute! Meet Magento India 2020

Meet Setubridge at The most exciting confluence of Magento Developers and Designers at “Meet Magento India 2020”!

For Setubridge, it is a happy new year indeed as we are headed to the most exclusive gathering of Magento enthusiasts in Mumbai, the western part of India, Meet Magento India 2020. As a team of hard-core tech enthusiasts, we are very excited to interact with fellow developers, Magento Market experts, customers, as well as tech admirers.

Being a routine participant in this event, we are looking forward to learning newer insights and happenings in this ever-expanding industry. The event, organized and curated by Wagento, has already taken place across the globe at a variety of venues like North America (USA, Mexico), South America (Argentina), East Asia (Japan), South Asia (Indonesia), Europe (Germany, Spain), Middle East (UAE). Being a part of this exclusive event. you can meet with our team members for your typical queries and regards their solutions. Also, you can send it to sales@setubridge.com.

With the increase in Internet connectivity as well as the government pushing for digitization across all spectrums, we are witnessing an unprecedented boost to the eCommerce Sector. While this boost gives us Magento developers a wide range of opportunities, it also gives rise to new challenges. The conference will be a great way to discuss these challenges with the Magento Community!

This edition of Meet Magento is rife with insightful sessions and interesting events! What’s in store at Meet Magento 2020? Let’s find out:

1. Expert Interactions:

In attendance at Meet Magento 2020 with some of the leading contributors, and authorized trainers whose insights will benefit the entire Magento Community!

2. Technology Conclave:

The tech industry is moving and is moving fast. There are a lot of new technologies like Progressive Web Applications, and Cloud Services, to name a few. In these sessions, developers will understand how to leverage the latest developments in the industry for better and more advanced solutions.

3. A Worldwide Confluence:

An event that has already taken place across 40 countries, this year’s meetup will host attendees from different parts of the world, making it an exciting opportunity for the Indian Magento community to interact with their global counterparts!

4. Uber-cool Merch:

Opportunity to get free swags like Event T-Shirt, Diaries, Laptop Bags, Discount coupons for Magento 2 Training, and Surprise Gifts from different sponsors.

5. Consumer Experience:

As a result-oriented Magento solution firm, it is our goal to serve customers with the best possible experience. This year’s session will witness a lot of interesting talks on how to utilize design for improving the consumer experience.

You can follow the #MM20IN hashtag on Twitter to stay updated with the buzz of the event.

See ya, Magento community!