What Our Client’s Say

Our clients have wonderful things to say about us. Here are some of their comments.

AlHaitham Owner | Mhatat.com

Glad we found SetuBridge. After working together on several Magento projects they become our go to developers to get things done. Hands-on experience, quick response, insightful,  great quality, and most importantly; always understood our needs exactly.

Khalid Qadir

Khalid QadirOwner | kitchenware.pk

Sagar and SetuBridge team are amazing professionals that care about their clients. I needed help with my magento2 store on an ongoing basis and I need a team that was not super expensive but were also expert at Magento 2 and could understand my requirements without lengthy conversations and could meet deadlines and deliver projects right the first time. That is exactly what I found with this team. It has just been a delight working with them. I am continuing to use them for my store and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Bryan Brokke

Bryan BrokkeOwner | bluntwraps.nl

Looking for a one-stop solution for eCommerce and development? Don’t look further. I found mine already. From now on SetuBridge is my #1 company for development for my Magento2. The communication was great and SetuBridge came with the perfect solution for my business. I gave it a try and SetuBridge went above my expectations. Because of the good quality results and communication, I decided that SetuBridge can do more tailor-made work on my Magento2 with great satisfaction. Also, a great benefit from SetuBridge is that they have a nice login system (PMS) where you can create tasks new tasks, see the progress, and communicate with the developers. SetuBridge, keep up the great work! You are my #1 for development.


Zefanja DegreefOwner | zendee.nl

El trato y el servicio al cliente ha sido excepcional, sin duda recomiendo esta consultoría para cualquier proyecto web si utilizas shopify. La atención telefónica y el servicio por e mail es rápido y eficiente, 100% recomendable!


Kenneth McCombsCTO | welldone-media.ch

The team at SetuBridge Technolabs has been a great help to me. As a software developer I understand the difficulty in estimating work so that it gets done on time and under budget. SetuBridge Technolabs always delivers on these two points, and manages the project from beginning to end, offering well thought out insights when necessary. Above all though, the reason I turn to them is that they are committed to getting the job done, even when it turns out to be much more difficult than first anticipated. They have put in long hours late at night to make me more successful. Thanks guys!


Anita MarbachOwner| ftt.ch

I have utilized the services of SetuBridge Technolabs for the past few months for various development services of our Onlineshops. The response to problems is always very fast and resolved quickly. Great service all around, can highly recommend SetuBridge Technolabs any time.


Nils Erik NerbackOwner| bragard.com

This was a job that took much longer than expected, but not due to the developer. My job description could have been better (and possibly me+developer should have invested some more time to go through the project before starting). Since it became clear that some things had been misunderstood, I was happy to let the developer take as long as they needed instead of increasing the price. So – it took longer than expected, and they did a nice job. I would be happy to work with them again.

Pius Achermann, CEO (1)

Pius Achermann CEO | Mhatat.com

With the professional help of Sagar we could migrate our online shop for brand bikes  to the latest version of Magento within a very short time. In addition, the balance of the stock has been automated and integrated various payment options which is very helpful for us. For questions or requests we receive within a very short time feedback from Sagar. And this we like it very much.


Jose Juan LinaresOwner | delliclean.com

El trato y el servicio al cliente ha sido excepcional, sin duda recomiendo esta consultoría para cualquier proyecto web si utilizas shopify. La atención telefónica y el servicio por e mail es rápido y eficiente, 100% recomendable!

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Jan-Willem PolmanOwner | premiumropes.com

We are very happy with the technical Magento Support we get from SetuBridge Technolabs. They work very fast and made various complex customizations for us in Magento 2. Communications is very easy like they are sitting next door! I really recommend this company to anyone who needs anything in Magento. I like to specifically thank Sagar for always helping us out. It can be tough to find a good party to work with, but this is the one!

Roman Bächtold (1)

Roman Bächtold​Project Manager| welldone-media.ch

So far, SetuBridge Technolabs was the most competent one that we came across. Easy communication, fast response to our queries and a knowledgeable team makes SetuBridge a very reliable development partner. We are looking forward to future projects with a company we can highly recommend to anyone looking for development work to be done.


Craig ConstantinidesOwner| go2games.com

I am very pleased to say one of the most hard working and attentive companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is very difficult to find a company on here that backs up their application with hard work and knowledge of the area they claim to work with. I am EXTREMELY satisfied and I hope to continue working with Setubridge Technolabs for a long time to come. Thanks!!


Victor CorzanOwner| zanvic.com

My work experience with Setubridge has been excellent. In addition to complying with the plan, they are always looking for new ways to improve that have vastly improved my expectations, today I am really happy with the results obtained, they exceed in large volume what was expected, a wide series of continuous proposals and global work that deserve an outstanding for the whole team. Thanks a lot.


David BabinOwner| capitolareatechnology.com

SetuBridge Technolabs has, so far, built the control inventory and merged it with the sales and shipments database. The team meets the timeline of the projects in a proficient manner. They are also versatile, which the client admires about them.