Top 5 PWA Magento Extensions 2022!

Innovation in technology has emerged in online stores with new ways for successive user experiences. Performance being the key to successful checkout, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the new light fasting and the most well-known standard. It is used by online industries to provide a native app-like experience to valuable customers.

For the e-Commerce industries, progressive Web App is becoming a middle solution combining the bests of Mobile apps and Mobile website to offer enhanced user experience.

Clearly, PWA is comparatively fast, reliable as well as responsive without internet access. It provides a native app-like experience with great features and fewer issues.

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 best PWA Magento extensions to help you choose the most promising PWA extension.

Top 5 PWA Magento Extensions

1. Magento 2 PWA by SetuBridge

SetuBridge’s Magento Progressive Web Apps stand first on our list for their outstanding and highly advanced features just at a minimal price as we couldn’t imagine. SetuBridge’s PWA tool offers a light-fastening native app-like experience. Multiple push notifications and app functioning with low or no internet connection.

Significantly, it is a game-changer delivering new phases to the traditional website. The brand promises higher user-experience results through PWA integration with e-commerce.

Besides other various custom options, the admin can set the entire app’s look and feel by setting the background color, splash screen, full-screen mode, or standalone mode. The app offers to push notifications from the browser itself.

Pricing: $59

2. PWA M2 by Webkul

Webkul’s Magento Progressive Web App is light weighted and no updated required tool. The extension offers great facilities that help online stores to provide a native- and app-like experience to users. The application provides fast browsing speed as it takes less loading time.

Moreover, Magento 2 Progressive Web App supports all Magento 2 responsive templates as well as Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module.

Pricing: $199

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3. PWA Magento 2 by Ced Commerce

Cedcommece’s Progressive Web Application for Magento 2 is a great solution for providing an enhanced user experience comprising the best and latest web capabilities while aiming to bring both the best of an app and a website united in an extension. 

Notably, the Progressive Web App for Magento 2 improves the Google page speed and sends push notifications for events even without opening the app.

Pricing: $149

4. PWA Magento 2 by Magetop

Magetop’s Magento 2 Progressive Web Application grabs fourth place in our list because of its eye-catchy and defined features offering a combination of mobile web and mobile apps to create the best mobile web experience. It is 100% open-source and supports multi-store, and multi-language.

Particularly, aggressive caching of pages uses CacheStorage API. This is a great tool for improvising users’ online shopping experience. 

Pricing: $199

5. PWA M2 by Elsner Technologies

Elsner’s Progressive Web Apps Magento 2 is a cheap and great tool for user experience improvement with light-fastening native app-like websites. The extension uses uber-cool technology to send push notifications from the browser itself. Configuration of App manifest works out in the form of PWA.

The extension is a great start to integrating your eCommerce as well as offering a headless website experience to customers.

Pricing: $49

Wrap up

It should be noted that all the tools mentioned in the list stand equally good for their uniqueness. Our finest work is to help users understand PWA and provide the best 5 PWA Magento extensions to clarify and justify the store’s experience and needs.

Without a doubt, SetuBridge’s Progressive Web Apps for Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms offer promising services and bring out e-commerce store improvement outcomes.

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