Top Hyva theme Call For Price Extensions 

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Hyva theme is a very powerful theme that enhances your store’s functionality and offers a dynamic website experience to users. The best part is that the community of developers very well supports the Hyva theme and makes it a reliable choice for businesses looking to enhance their Magento store.

Importance of the Call For Price Functionality for the Hyva theme Magento store 

The Call for Price extension is an important feature supporting your store. The feature allows customers to inquire about the price of a particular product instead of showing the price on the product page. The functionality can be applied with variable pricing, such as those which are customizable or require special pricing negotiations. 

The Best thing is that an owner can implement its functionality for various purposes, such as:

  • Flexibility to provide much more personalized pricing options. 
  • Since the store owner offers flexible pricing options, this functionality will help to convert this into sales.
  • With a “Call for Price” feature, the store owner can generate the lead much more efficiently.
  • Customer service experience will be enhanced as they will receive personalized customer service. 

Below is a Hyva-compatible Magento 2 Hide Price/ Call for Price extensions list. So, let’s understand the list of features they’re loaded with.

List of Hyva-compatible extensions for the Call for Price

01. Magento 2 Call For Price Extension by SetuBridge Technolabs

The Request For Offer This Magento 2 plugin is a versatile tool for merchants to hide prices and display the request price button. 

Let’s understand some features that are being provided to you by this extension, and that is, 

  • Hide the Price and replace ‘add to cart’ with various button options.
  • Set ‘Hide Price’ for particular categories, customer groups, and products.
  • Personalize the ‘call-for-price’ button and price form.
  • Advance Call for Price Report Grid.
  • Supports all Magento Product types.
  • You will encourage your customers by asking for pricing.
  • Users will be able to connect with the admin to get the price of the product. 
  • A merchant can send email notifications directly to their customers who have requested the price.
  • The merchant can also modify the email template from their backend.

You can check out this Hyva theme call for price extension by SetuBridge Technolabs to understand its complete feature and how it works. 

Price:- $29 (Free 06 months of Support and one year of updates) 

02. Magento 2 Hide Price by BSS Commerce

Since it is a great extension for Magento 2, it allows the store owners to hide the product’s price. It’s a very useful feature for managing the price display in the store, and you could provide personal attention to each customer. 

The extension provides you with some of the features that help you to give a better understanding, such as,

  • Customize the add to cart button with customized text and redirect it to a custom URL.
  • Manage to hide the price for specific customers in the grid easily.
  • Support REST API for data transfer.
  • Customize your add-to-cart button text and redirect them to a specified URL.
  • Easily manage hiding prices for certain clients inside the grid.
  • The extension is compatible with the Hyva theme.

Check out this Hyva theme Hide Price Extension by Bsscommerce to understand its functionality and how it works.

Price:- $79.00 (Free 01-year Support included)

03. Control Price Display by Mageme

Hide the pricing in the Magento catalog and deactivate the “Add to cart” button for the entire catalog or product selection. Display pricing to particular client groups. Modify the price with text or a customized button. 

Let’s highlight the key features of the extension

  • Disable direct sales.
  • Hide the “add to cart” button and Magento catalog prices.
  • Multi-store configuration.
  • Hide prices for selected categories and individual products.
  • Admin receives an email on the quote request.
  • Send an automatic response to the quote request.
  • From a selected customer group, the admin can Hide the price.
  • Admin can ‘Add to wishlist’ and ‘Add to Compare.’

Check out this Hyva theme Control Price Display extension by Mageme to learn about its capabilities and how it operates.

Price: $106.04 (Along with 01 year of support and updates included).


Call for a price extension if you want to build an attractive and user-friendly store and generate leads for your business. If you’re a store owner, you can consider this to avoid price wars-related issues. This Hyva Call For Price Extensions will help you reach your business objectives.

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