Age Verification for eCommerce: A Complete Guide

Let’s bust some myths. Many believe that age-restricted products are not as profitable compared to open for all products. But that’s just wrong. Why? Even though buyers are restricted to a specific age group, it appeals to a huge chunk of shoppers.

With the regulating authorities having trust issues on local stores to sell age-restricted products online. eCommerce stores are in a great position to leverage this opportunity. With the help of Magento 2 Age Verification. Online stores can follow norms and improve sales.

Want to know more? Here are 6 pointers that will brief you on age verification. Just read on!

1. What’s Magento 2 age verification?

When you’re selling age-restricted products like 18+ films, vapes, and drugs like cannabis. You’re supposed to follow strict steps and norms proposed by authorities. And you must adhere to it. If not, then you’ll be inviting a heavy penalty to your brand.

The main concern is that the products should not be purchased by some minors. And these days, cliché age verification pop-ups don’t work. It’s like closing a window but not a gate.

So, what’s the solution? With the help of technology. We can filter shoppers. Magento 2 age verification popup extension is one such solution. Shoppers can’t just bypass this one by clicking on “yes”.

Such extensions are acceptable by the norms. And you can focus on selling 18+ products without worrying about underage buyers sneaking on your product.

2. Why does it concern you?

When age-restricted products like 18+ games, films, and comics are sold to minors, then it can have a negative impact on their mental as well as physical health. 

Why is avoiding age verification bad for businesses?

  • New laws are introduced and age gates are a thing of past
  • You are staking your brand value and inviting heavy penalties
  • Stores are vulnerable to further sanctions if you’re not following the norms
  • You are prone to frauds

Hence, to avoid all this hassle. Owners are integrating their eCommerce stores with virtual verification software like Magento 2 age verification extension. This also helps in avoiding frauds and chargebacks.

3. Some laws that e-commerce stores should know

There are regulations set by different states through the USA and other countries in Europe.

Following are some Age verification laws that you should know if you’re selling vaping products online:

  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation
  • PAS 1296: Publicly Available Specification – It focuses on Online Age Checking
  • AVPA: Age Verification Providers Association – Works to enhance Code Of Conduct

Now, let’s see what type of age restrictions are laid out in countries like the US and UK.

Age verification is required in the UK

From October 1, 2015. Law makes declared regulations to avoid adverse effects of products like tobacco, e-cigarettes, or e-liquids for minors. They’ve introduced serious penalties for sellers who defy the law.

Age verification is required in the US

Retailers who sell Electronic Nicotine Delivery Products (ENDS) will face regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The law intends to prevent the sale of alcohol, various vape products, and tobacco to below 18 age groups.

Canada’s Age Verification Update

After the Cannabis Act was introduced in 2019. Retailers have been informed to improve age verification for specific products. As simple age gates won’t work. Along with it, they’ve set a heavy penalty of upto $5,000,000 and imprisonment for offenders.

Age Restriction for France

Stores that sell spirits, alcohol, knives, etc are not supposed to be sold to minors. Except for some cases where there’s authorization as per norms. Also, there’s no direct regulation for the sale of tobacco products but it’s prohibited to market or sell products while showcasing intent.

Age verification

4. Some Popular Age-Restricted Products In The US

Want to know which products are regulated in a country like the US? Let’s Take a peek:

  • Knives and crossbows (Depends on the state)
  • 21+ : Alcohol | Cigarettes | e-Cigarettes | Vape
  • 17+ : R-rated Movies | Dating apps (State dependent)
  • 18 to 21+ : Guns (Depends on the type of gun)
  • 18+ : Aerosol paint | Some shaving razors | Lottery tickets

5. Age Verification Popup Extension

To avoid trouble with authorities. Businesses are integrating their website with age verification.

There are two methods to do it. 

  1. Store managers themselves manage web development. This method is good for the long run. But it’s a hassle as they need to learn and do it themselves.
  2. Hire experts who specialize in such issues and get personalized.

Trouble handling age verification? No need to worry! We got your back. With our robust Magento Age Verification extension. You can manage, customize, and place age gates on the homepage, CMS, cart, and product pages. This will enable you to verify the age of visitors.

There won’t be any annoying prompts once verified. Also, you will have all the freedom to add custom touch into your pop-ups in the form of designs, templates, color, and content. Our product is the best fit for businesses that face difficulty in implementing age verification norms.

The extension can be integrated with your eCommerce store. It’s 100% responsive with mobile devices. The best one you can find in the industry!

6. Benefits Of Setting Age Verification?

Age verification is necessary. Beyond doubt. The reasons are pretty obvious. If you want to showcase your credibility and protect industry standards, then age verification is a must. Also, it helps you avoid warning letters, fines, and shutdowns from regulating authorities like FDA.

From the perspective of shoppers. Magento Age verification is a sign of credibility. It will help you build trust among fellow customers.

#We Conclude here!

We’ve taken a tour of age verification that would help your store stay away from unnecessary regulations and penalties. If you have any further queries, be sure to comment or hit us up. We will be glad to help you out.

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