How To Build Customer Trust & Confidence For Your E-Commerce Website

“e-Commerce is a structure that completely works on trust. The relation between customer and online store is based on pure trust. Customers trust online stores to provide genuine products as well as online store trusts customers to pay promptly”

Importance to Build Customer Trust & Loyalty.

You might have the best product and best services in the market but a lack of trust towards a brand can lead to no business improvements. Attracting new customers is an important factor for every business, but it’s especially crucial for an e-Commerce setup.

After all, with an e-Commerce business, you somehow are miss-benefited to connect with the customer in person. It lacks the essence of face-to-face relationships which can turn customer churn.

Your loyal customers are the business’s most valuable asset and they are not going to just appear doing anything, creating loyal customer needs, strategies and attention.

In this article, we are going to discuss 4-B’s, which indicates how to build customer trust towards your brand.

Be Available

For an eCommerce store being easy and instantly available is as important as the person required in a physical store to attend customers. As a fact, customers prefer shopping from a site that clearly displays contacting ways.

Security is the main concern of the customer. Customer needs surety from the online store that in case of any mishappening or query regarding product, the store is ready to help any time.

Attending and replying to those queries quickly is very important. Offering various ways of contacting your brand world immensely in building customers’ trust.

There are various ways to be available for the customer:

Be Transparent

Transparency is the main pillar of building customer trust. As an online store, you have practically zero physical appearance. Thus gaining trust only becomes easy by being as transparent as possible with your policies.

Being completely transparent at your terms helps customers to understand your brand from a better angle. Adding policies as well as product clarifying questions under the FAQ page is the best way of covering all concerned questions by the customer.

For instance, adding an answer to the following questions can work miracle for your band

  • How can I return the product?
  • How quick can I cancel an order?
  • Within how many days can I return the product?
  • How can I exchange my product?
  • Is shipping free all over?

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Be External Proof

How many of you believe to purchase after reading reviews and ratings of brand and product? Well, majorly we all do. It’s better to know others’ experiences with the brand.

Reviews and Ratings are signs of transparent trust. According to a survey, 90% of customers admit that their next purchase is influenced by online reviews. Adding Reviews and Ratings related to your brand and product helps customers to make their next move towards purchase.

So make sure you don’t miss out to add any Reviews and Ratings to your landing page. There are many unbiased brand and product Ratings and reviewing applications in the market. Adding their precious thoughts about your brand can lay more impact on visitors.

Be Social

Social media is a vital part of building customer trust and loyalty. It is a huge community of like-thought users.

Social media is more than just a platform for promoting your products, services, and content. It’s like a two-way street for communication that can engage your customers and prospects. These interactions help build brand loyalty and form a community around your brand.

Before purchasing, customers would like to get an idea of your brand and product, for that social media pages and appearance comes first in mind. Social presence and active posting affect visitors to focus and trust on your brand easily. Social media discussion, polls, vibrant blogs, news, videos, etc. provide more knowledge of your brand.


Customer trust comes before sale especially when users today have numerous similar sites to purchase from. Trust and loyalty are the building blocks of a strong customer base. Building customer trust is a tricky thing, it won’t come easily but once you get on their trusted list, there is no going back.

Above mentioned steps are our finest and latest searches to build customer trust. We hope it brings good for your brand. Check out our other resources on optimizing your ecommerce and eCommerce strategy to learn more about improving the user experience on your store at our support desk. For further queries, please mail us at