Top 9 Christmas Special Magento Extensions

Christmas is around the corner and so are the holidays. Every E-commerce merchant is busy doing a great job to boost e-commerce end-of-year sales so they can enjoy a great holiday. These holiday special Magento extensions impact E-commerce sales and marketing in your sales. Magento extensions for Christmas sale help you to generate more revenue.

9 Christmas special Magento 2 extensions to increase your sales as early as this Christmas!

By using these Magento extensions, you’ll ensure that you are delivering the best holiday shopping experience to every visitor.

1. Increase your conversion during the Christmas

Estimated delivery date

Merchants can create urgency or trust & confidence in visitors after showing the estimated delivery date on all/specific products to deliver the product before Christmas.

The extension enhances customers’ shopping experience alongside increasing the trust in the product & brand by providing transparent information on the estimated delivery date range of the product at the product detail page.

2. Boost your sales with the Christmas Gift Cards

Gift Card Magento

Customers can buy & send Christmas gift cards via diff methods to their loved ones or use them for themselves.

A Gift Card Magento 2 tool is remarkably useful for e-commerce stores as customers can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of these gift cards by getting them from your store in 3 different ways i.e email, print, or offline method. Further, customers can send the received gift card to anyone according to their preference.

3. Offer special discounts in a gamified way

Spin To Win Extension

As per the statistics, 47% of consumers prefer discounted prices, especially during the festive season, give a special discount to your visitors on this Christmas occasion, and boost your sales.

A spin-to-win extension is an advantageous and promotional tool for an e-Commerce store. It allows the owner to make a custom spinning wheel for various occasions consisting of various discount and rewards patterns.

4. Speed up your add to cart process using a mini cart

Quick Cart Drawer Magento tool

The module improves the conversion rate and shopping experience of the customers by displaying all the necessary product information in the mini cart.

The longer you keep the checkout page away from the customers, the longer it takes for them to make a faster decision and purchase. SetuBrigde’s Quick Cart Magento 2 Extension offers admin to modify the default Magento quick cart presentation with a more clear, attractive, responsive and informed quick cart.

5. Give a Christmas holiday look to your store

Holiday Season theme 

This festival theme decoration module amazing sales booster tool which will provide your store with a holiday season look & give your customers a comprehensive shopping experience.

The Holiday Season Theme – Magento 2 Extension by SetuBridge is highly reliable as well as customizable while ensuring that adding such decorative themes to your website causes no impact on the performance of your site.

6. Display call to action promotion bar

Notification bar extension

Create & display numerous attractive and call-to-action promotional bars for specific/all pages to grab customer’s attention on special offers, deals, etc

Making an engaging notification bar or promo banner is a tricky task. A less attractive notification bar may not set the right impact or can lose a potential customer’s interest. For this, SetuBridge has developed NOTIFICATION BAR MAGENTO 2 EXTENSION

7. Setup competition for visitors during the Christmas

Competitional Panel Magento extension

A competition creator keeps up the engagement with the visitors through various competitions in the store during Christmas.

Hosting competitions on the web store is a great way to not only drive traffic but also help to increase sales and know your customers better. The regular visitors will definitely be encouraged to visit the store to check out the ongoing contests and will also attract new customers.

8. Free shipping can help you to increase conversions

Free Shipping Bar Extension

Boost additional purchases by displaying the amount left to get free shipping.

According to recent data, 88% of consumers make their purchases from a website that offers free shipping. Free shipping bar Magento 2 extension after a certain amount of total purchase encourages customers to place an order with multiple products.

9. Secure your store site during Christmas

Spam Customer Protection Extension

eCommerce site security is critical for protecting the privacy, sensitivity, and spam customer registrations of customers on a website.

High traffic means high risks of getting spammers, Spambots, and bogus registration exchanges that can complete significantly more harm to your site and your picture than you can envision. Improve the Magento store working by limiting bots and keeping away from customer registration spam with Magento 2 restrict fake registration extensions.

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If you are one of the Magento merchants and desire to have any of the above Magento extensions to add value to your holiday sales for Christmas.

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