Hyva theme extensions released by SetuBridge

A SetuBridge is a proficient agency who are dedicated to working as an eCommerce development agency based out of India. We are a fast-growing and established agency that supports B2B and B2C ecommerce brands. While the Hyva Magento Theme is pretty new, its popularity among developers and merchants is growing rapidly because of its ability to improve eCommerce efficiency at a lesser price than headless PWA.

We have developed Hyva theme Magento 2 extensions which are going to be compatible with your existing and brand-new Hyva Storefront.

SetuBridge offers an excellent Hyva theme Development service which will help your store to function very well. With the help of these Hyva theme extensions, you would be able to enhance the end-user experience. Here’s the list of our hyva theme Magento extensions which we have developed recently.

1. Hyva theme Estimated Delivery Date Extension:-

By giving clear information on the projected delivery date range of the goods on the product detail page, the Magento 2 delivery date extension improves the buying experience for the client while also boosting their faith in the product and the business. Additionally, it is suitable for use with the Hyva theme. 

Hyva theme Delivery Date Extension Features

Enhance your customer shopping experience which helps enhance your trust in your product and brand. So, let’s understand the certain features offered by our extension.

  • It displays the message on the cart, collection, checkout, and product page.
  • Multiple ready-to-use templates and messages have already been provided from our end.
  • Customise message widget design using the WYSIWYG editor. 
  • Set widget position as per requirement. E,g; above price, below the price, etc.
  • Admin can fix week off days and cut-off times.
  • It supports the admin to select the date format from the various option available in the backend.

Click here, to watch the Live demo that could help you to understand how it works and it gives you better insights. 

To get more information about Hyva compatible module for the Hyva theme estimated delivery date extension, you can check out here.

2. Hyva theme Quick Order Extension:-

In business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, the rapid order extension is invaluable, allowing wholesale customers to swiftly add several goods to their basket without having to click through to each product page. (similar to a Casey drive-thru)

Using an order import add-on, customers may provide the item number and required quantity for each product. Magento 2 auto-suggestion capability for a product’s SKU greatly simplifies the B2B wholesale purchase procedure.

Hyva theme Quick Order extension features

It’s a valuable extension that allows B2B wholesale customers to add order in bulk and process it by importing orders via CSV files. Let’s understand the certain features provided by this extension.

  • Offer bulk Product Add to cart feature for Wholesale customers
  • Quick order by SKU or by CSV import.
  • Product search can be done with SKU i,e; Auto suggested SKU.
  • Customize your Quick order form – Color, labels, and texts.
  • Set Display Types: Popup with Sticky Button or Page.
  • Best Quick Order UX for mobile and desktop (A/B tested)
  • Admin can either enable or disable this Magento2 module.

Click here, to watch the Live demo that could help you to understand how it works and it gives you better insights. 

To get more information about the Hyva-compatible Hyva theme Quick Order Extension, you can check out here.

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3. Hyva theme Call for Price/Hide Price Extension:-

Ultimately, the Magento 2 Call for pricing extension is helpful for the online shop owner whose product prices are often changing.

Magento 2 call for pricing module allows the administrator to conceal the product prices of unsettled items from the catalog page and gives shoppers a way to inquire about those goods’ prices directly from the website.

The customer contact form also allows users to request additional details and rates for their products. The plugin includes an admin function that covers up the “add to cart” button and replaces it with a custom-labeled button for the call for price.

Hyva theme Hide price extension features:- 

An extension is a flexible tool for merchants it hides prices and showcases the call for the price button. It becomes very much compatible with your Hyva theme.

  • Hide the price for particular product pages, groups of users, categories, or store views.
  • Admin of the store can apply the call-to-action events to selected groups of users.
  • Display or hide product pricing across all store views.
  • Encourage your users by asking for pricing.
  • Customers may get in touch with the merchant to ask about current pricing.
  • The store admin can easily modify the email template from the backend.

Click here, to watch the Live demo that could help you to understand how it works and it gives you better insights.

To get more information about Hyva compatible Hyva theme Call For Price Extension, you can check out here.

4. Hyva theme Age Verification Extension:

With the help of Magento 2 age verification, it supports merchants to conduct an age verification process for all their visitors before they enter into any sort of restrictive website page. And, the best part is, this extension is very much compatible with the Hyva Theme.

This Magento 2 age verification plugin lets you choose which pages to display the Pop-up. Configuration is simple. The pop-up setup permits to design and content management, improving its efficacy. 

If you have an adult-oriented website, product, or category, you should take steps to ensure compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 

Apart from this, it also complies with British standard institutions’ PAS 1296:2018, Online Age Checking Code of Practice, the Age Verification Provider Association(AVPA), and code of conduct along with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

Hyva theme Age Verification extension Features

This Age verification extension is a very smart compliance tool that supports merchants to check the age of users before going through any sort of restrictive website pages. So, let’s understand the features which they offer you. 

  • Enable age verification on Vaping, CBD, ENDS, etc online store
  • Add age-gate to specific Products, Categories, and CMS pages.
  • Send customers who are underage to another page.
  • Different design templates which merchants can customize for age gates.
  • Perform on every theme and language.
  • Comply with the Legal Requirements.
  • Pop-up features are also available.

You can explore more features and functionality by viewing this Live Demo. 

To get more information about Hyva compatible Hyva theme Age Verification Extension, you can check out here.

5. Hyva theme Zip Code Validation Extension:-

The Zipcode Based COD Pro Magento 2 Extension enables the COD Payment method for specific zip codes/pin codes that are set in the backend. A zipcode validator in Magento2 seamlessly extends COD capabilities such as location-based cash-on delivery availability. It allows for a single input of a CSV file including all of the zip codes or postcodes where cash-and-carry should be offered. This avoids the need to manually set up thousands of zip codes.

The admin may additionally specify the Extra fees for relevant enabled orders with this Magento2 COD Checker plugin. Additionally, with the CSV upload capability, merchants may define bespoke additional fees for each zip code, as mentioned in detail below, and this Magento cash-on-delivery extension is completely cross-browser friendly and mobile adaptable.

The COD availability checker function on the product detail page determines whether the delivery system is accessible for a certain zip code/postcode/Pincode. This may also display the estimated product delivery time, which can be set easily from the backend configuration section for each postcode.

Hyva theme Zip code validation extension Features:-

Allows you to set up cash on delivery for your eCommerce store based on your customers’ zip codes for an enhanced shopping experience with Magento2. 

  • The extension is compatible with the Hyva theme.
  • Configure the COD to the total amount of the order.
  • Product’s cash on delivery availability check on the basis of the Zip codes
  • The pin codes will be added with the corresponding working days.
  • Add additional costs to necessary orders and reflect them on all pages.
  • Comes with a responsive zip code validation widget and COD availability checker.
  • Import CSV with COD payments, instructive messages, and additional costs.

You can explore more features and functionality by viewing this Live Demo.

To get more information about the Hyva theme Zipcode Validation Extension, you can check out here.


In this article, we have introduced you to the best-in-class Hyva theme Magento 2 extension which fits your requirement and in the end, meets your customer experiences. Thanks for reading.