Country Specific Product Magento Extension

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With the country specific product Magento extension, the admin can hide or display products depending on the nation. What developed the restricted product by the nation module specifically for those online retailers who offer their wares on a global scale and require the country-specific product? The Country Specific Product extension for Magento 2 automatically determines the user’s geographic location based on their IP address and then displays or conceals products based on that information.

Why a country-specific product feature is necessary?

The Magento 2 Country Specific Products Extension allows users to hide products based on the specific selective country only. It is necessary for persons offering wares for sale in international markets. The Magento 2 Country Special Product Extension is an effective solution for distributing products specific to the GEO region. It will differentiate the customer’s GEO area using the GEO IP database.

Every country has its own set of laws and regulations regarding importing and exporting goods. Some common examples of restricted products are CBD businesses, certain drugs and medications, counterfeit goods, and cultural artifacts.

NOTE:- It’s important to know that these restrictions can change frequently and might depend on the specific product. So, checking the latest laws and regulations is advisable to keep yourself updated.

Benefits of choosing a country specific product extension

Using the GeoIP database, the Country Specific Product extension for Magento 2 can automatically adjust the user’s GEO location and display or hide products accordingly. The extension’s back-end configurations are basic and require little technical expertise.

  1. Targeted Marketing: The extensions allow the store owner to manage the country-specific product offerings, allowing them to customize the marketing and sales efforts to specific markets.
  1. Enhanced User-experience: The extension delivers a user experience that is more localized and customized, which has the potential to boost both consumer engagement and customer happiness.
  1. Improve Compliance: The add-on supports retailers in meeting labeling and other product-related regulatory obligations and avoiding banned items for sale in various countries.
  1. Consistency and Visibility: When a product restriction extension is enabled, the visibility of the settings are reflected throughout every product listing, upsell-cross block, related product block, new product pages, etc., for the particular countries.
  1. Better customer segmentation: Due to this add-on, merchants can divide their customers into distinct groups based on their national origin, allowing for more precise and effective marketing and sales.

Features of Country specific products Magento 2 extensions

Let us understand the following features, which will help you to understand why you should go after the country-specific Magento2 extension such as,

  • Merchants could restrict country-wise products from specific categories and pages. 
  • The owner can restrict certain countries and hide the products accordingly.
  • Assign the products to group countries with the help of Mass updates.
  • It helps to auto-detect the user’s geo-location with the help of the MaxMind Database.
  • The crawler will bypass the restricted products but will not affect your SEO score. 


In conclusion, if you’re seeking a way to optimize your eCommerce store for your users based in different countries, then Magento 2 country-specific listing is an excellent choice. The best thing is they allow you to customize their products much more efficiently. So, don’t wait-start setting up your country-specific product listings today.

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