Celebrating the success of #Shinyheelsincommerce on international women’s day

From “Do it Like a Man” to “Do Like a Women”, the story has changed glorifying Women’s extraordinary contribution & success in every role & phase of life.

Whether the talk is about the first women to win the Nobel prize – Marie Curie or the first women to reach the Mount Everest peak – Tabei, Women has dug their presence and victory flag on every path.

Similarly in the eCommerce world, Women Entrepreneurs holding a significant position in the world of startups. There are many untold stories of inspiring entrepreneurs who are running successful organizations and impacting positively in the business cosmos.

#Shinyhillsincommerce – Women’s Day 2021

Below is a list of the 6 most impactful women entrepreneurs in the E-commerce space who are changing the dynamics of the eCommerce business.

The list is not in any particular order, we as a company celebrating their contribution as a woman through their brand in the world of eCommerce business.

Shweta Nimkar

Founder & CEO – PAIO Shoes  – Magento Ecommerce

Shweta’s love for shoes began in 2015 as she indulged in customizing shoes for select few clients prioritizing a variety of sizes, styles, quality, and comfort. With this mission, she set out to create the perfect shoe! 

PAIO Shoes

PAIO is a PETA-approved vegan brand. Since our inception, we have taken a conscious decision to stay away from leather or any such product that would harm animals.

We strongly believe that fashion need not come at the cost of a precious life. Instead, we focus on using a variety of materials like faux-leather, hemp, cotton, jute, faux-silks and constantly experiment with newer materials. Not only are they cruelty-free, but also beautiful, raw, and comfortable!

The platform provides sustenance to skilled “karigars” at the grassroots, who have been trained through generations in the art of handmade products. 

Lisa Robin Adkinson

President  – Lisa Robin Jewelry

Lisa strives to be an original woman with all her jewellery indicating the sense of time she invested to achieve expertise in design and construction.

Receiving encouragement from other women throughout the journey, In 2008, after more than 15 years as a successful business consultant, former interior designer Lisa Robin Adkinson returned to her artistic roots with the launch of Lisa Robin Jewelry. Since then, she has been achieving new milestones every new dawn.

Lisa Robin Jewelry

Lisa Robin Jewelry creates a relaxed jewellery store shopping experience with personal styling. Experience the Lisa Robin Studio as Lisa selects her own designs of jewellery to create a personalized jewellery style for you. 


I am excited about the e-commerce engagement ring and fine jewellery market in a post-pandemic world. I continually research features and opportunities to keep my e-commerce presence as cutting edge as possible. Always seeking to improve my customer’s experience without sacrificing the personal touch.

Swathi Sri Aravind 

Founder at Aikya Clothing Pvt Ltd

An engineer-turned-entrepreneur, Swathi is a new-age mother, who believes in driving a change that positively impacts the lives of mothers and babies. “Being a mother myself, I take meticulous care in cloth quality, comfort level and designing of all our products.

I envision a modern society whose mothers are well-aware of safe and sound baby care products and provide ultimate care to their babies” 

A Toddler Thing

A Toddler Thing is an Indian brand that aims at revolutionizing the art of modern-day parenting. Our unique baby care products ranging from cloth diapers to newborn essentials offer comfort and protection and most importantly are eco-friendly.

Our motive is to make new generation moms understand the benefits of cloth diapering and switch to our non-toxic, eco-friendly, and reusable baby care merchandise.

Deepa Kumar

Founder & Director – Yashram Lifestyle brands 

Being a woman entrepreneur, she is inspired by women across all socio-economic and global backgrounds. Her brands, products, innovations, and invention are all a result of her interest in improving the quality of life for girls, women, and people with vulnerabilities.

Yashram Lifestyle Brands

Started in the year 2008 by Yashram Lifestyle Brands Pvt Ltd. (Yashram.com), Adira is the most innovative brand of inner wear in India. Being the first to innovate on multiple products like period panties, starter bras, incontinence underwear, hygiene panties, and more, Adira has taken a special place in the girl’s journey through womanhood.


Don’t think any person should give up on their dreams be it a man or a woman. Each of us faces challenges in our lives and these challenges only make us grow stronger as individuals. We live only once and we should try and seize every moment. We should stay humble when we win and stable when we lose

Zefanja Degreef

Founder & Director – Zendee 

Zefanja founded her own label called Zendee that makes fun sporty retro clothing, beautiful and timeless. Zendee’s work ethic does not let her compromise on quality.


The aim is to keep dresses, skirts, and cardigans just new as the client saw for the first time & purchased as the product enchanted to fall in love. Alongside refreshing designs & a contemporary look, she makes pocket-friendly products considering comfort.


Don’t hesitate, start with a low stock and minimal investment. Expand it further as soon as you see sales picking up. You have nothing to lose.

Jessica Allen

Founder & Director – Jessica Flinn designs Limited

She created her first collection in a small studio. 4 years ago, she moved to a home-based studio. With her first child on the way, she wanted to embrace motherhood, whilst continuing to expand her brand.

It was then she began to specialize in engagement & wedding rings. Her passion for unusual gemstones & timeless designs is the driving force behind each collection.

Jessica Flinn designs Limited

“Multi-Award Winning Bespoke Jewellery. Founded in 2010. Specialists in Wedding & Engagement Rings. Also developing contemporary Jewellery Design, Metalwork, Wedding Rings, Metalwork, Manufacturing, and Retail”


Pick a product you really care about. It is possible to be a woman, a mother & a businesswoman. As a mother of two, I aim to create a workplace that allows women to have incredible careers whilst enjoying motherhood. Focus on technology and pick the right technology. Your website needs to work for you so invest in it. Don’t give up.

At the end

Every woman is special in her own way and so do her story. #Shinyheelsincommerce is our small initiative to show how Women shaping up the eCommerce space with their dedication and passion to strive in the world of eCommerce business.

Let’s acknowledge and celebrate the untold stories to motivate and inspire other Women to express themself through their work.