Magento 2 Critical Vulnerability: Adobe Update Walkthrough!

13 Feb, Sunday was a surprise as Adobe caught us off guard and released an emergency patch for a critical vulnerability in Magento 2. As per Adobe, this issue is critical. So neutralizing this should be a high priority.

Why the sudden release by Adobe?

The issue CVE-2022-24086, allows any unauthenticated user to manipulate the vulnerability. This flaw concerns all Adobe Commerce and Open Source Magento stores worldwide. Very limited information is released by the software titan due to security concerns.

But what store managers need to do is clear! They need to fill the hole with the following steps.

How To Solve It?

You just need to chase the below guidelines and it’s done!

Step 1: First of all. You need to add the below file to the root directory.


Step 2: After it’s done. You can run the following command to install a patch.

     patch -p1 < MDVA-43395_EE_2.4.3-p1_COMPOSER_v1.patch

Note: If the above command does not work, try using -p2 instead of -p1

Step 3: The final step is to run the cache refresh command under

System > Cache Management.

In case you’re facing problems in solving this issue. You can contact us and we will do it for you!