What is Quick Order and Why does it matter in the eCommerce Business?

Due to the continuous and growing business competition, merely offering quality service or good products is not enough. For the b2b eCommerce industry, especially in online shopping, companies are trying their best to let customers shop conveniently rather than visiting store after store and comparing products.

To gain a competitive advantage over others, it’s vital for you and your company to offer fast delivery options, a safe payment method, and a quick special order system. ​

Elevate your e-commerce Business with the best-in-market Magento solutions like Quick Order.

If you want to build a robust store for B2B e-Commerce business, then it must have a very professional appearance, with simple and convenient orders for your customers. Using Magento Advance Quick Order extension for commerce, you can make your customers effectively and easily through the order process.

What is Quick Order?

Quick Order is an extension that allows customers to order products from your store at lightning speed. Customers can add products to their shopping carts by directly typing SKUs or uploading the CSV file instead of navigating through multiple pages. This saves time and effort for customers who want to bulk shop for the same products over and over again, so they can come back to your store more often.

The Quick wholesale Order Extension adds a new page that displays a search box modal and a table/grid of all your products. The table/grid includes fields where customers can specify quantity and also displays product images, stock status, price, and other columns. Customers can type in a product name or SKU and click Search to populate the grid with only products that match the search query.

Customers then set quantities for the desired products in their cart and click Add To Cart. So if you’re looking for a faster way to boost your B2B sales, then this is a great method.

How Does Quick Order Extension Work?

Magento Bulk Order works like this: When the customer goes to the catalog page, they will see a table with all the products displayed. In that table, there is an empty column for the quantity of each product.

The customer can enter the desired quantity in that column and then click on “ADD TO CART” in a button below the table. Once they hit that button, all of the products they have chosen will be added to their shopping cart.

As mentioned above, this feature also works well for B2B e-commerce stores since they usually deal with wholesale orders wherein customers will buy larger quantities of products at once.

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How does B2B Quick Order Help eCommerce Stores?

Do you ever look at a product page and think, “I just want to type in a few numbers and be done with it”?

The longer you run an eCommerce business, the more you realize how important it is to turn the sale around as quickly as possible. Even a second delay can mean lost revenue. Every step of the customer journey brings new potential for drop-off. And for b2b e-commerce stores, where customers often place orders for thousands of dollars of inventory, those delays add up.

That’s why we created Magento Quick Order by SKU to make sure that your b2b customers can get through their orders in as little time as possible. They’ll never have to wonder where they are or what they’re supposed to do next thanks to our simple and intuitive interface design. Just input your SKU numbers or UPC codes into the main form, set your quantities, add them all to your cart at once, and make one payment done!

The best Magento quick order extension that you can use

With years of experience and talented developers, we are rising in the eCommerce services domain. 

With our Magento Bulk Quick Order extension, you can fulfill the needs of your clients and boost revenue like anything.

Top Features:

  • The extension gives users the ability to upload CSV files with products
  • Bulk Add To Cart options for customers to quicken the purchase
  • Ability to search by SKU, Product Name, Model Number for easy navigation among products
  • The extension gives a unique feature of a display popup with a sticky button or page
  • The product is A/B tested: Best for UX (For mobile as well as desktop)
  • You can also have a personalized Quick Order Form with various custom options like Color, Labels, Texts, etc


You simply have to give your customers an easier way to browse through your products and make their purchases, and that is what the Quick Order extension does.

If you have any queries, be sure to drop us a mail and our team will revert back to you ASAP!!