How Can AMPs Boost Your eCommerce Business?

As handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) become increasingly commonplace with each passing day, along with a massive reduction of data prices in large markets like India. It is no surprise that these devices drive a huge chunk of the total web-traffic (nearly 51%). As more and more users use web-browsers, they find out about their inherent limitations in terms of speed and overall functionalities. Further, it is difficult to get people to download applications. In such a scenario, it is imperative for businesses to optimize the browser experience for having users engage with their businesses on a regular basis.

Many innovations are taking place to ensure that at least the web browser experience is sufficient for users who do not download an application, a great example being Progressive Web Apps that replicate the experience of an application on the mobile browser itself.

AMP For eCommerce = Better User Experience + Increase ROI

Google continuously keeps on bringing out innovations and technologies that take forward the movement called the Internet. One such recent innovation is the introduction of an open-source program called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), widely considered to be a response to Facebook’s Instant Articles. The primary aim of AMPs is to minimize load-time of an article by conveying only the important message to users by reducing engagement and driving optimization for mobile-based browsers, thereby causing articles to load almost instantly.

With the need for instant gratification higher than ever (an average user waits no longer than 3 seconds for a page to load), this technology is revolutionary. Statistics suggest that pages that use AMPs can achieve over 80% optimization. Moreover, AMPs can work cutting across device and browser abilities, leading to wider acceptance. Represented by a flash-like icon next to a web page on your browser, this technology limits the Javascript functionalities of a page and as a result, drives performance.

Further, the technology, while reducing other overheads, is very conducive of broadcasting ads, leading to little loss of ad revenues. Google search rankings also show a preference for web pages using AMPs as load time is a very important metric for search engine optimization.

How Can eCommerce Companies Leverage the Power of AMPs?

An obvious and a significant advantage that eCommerce websites can avail by integrating AMPs into their websites is achieving higher search results on popular search engines, primarily Google. A better SEO ranking will surely drive more traffic on your website, that too organically, leading to higher sales and thus, revenues.

As discussed earlier, there is yet another technology called Progressive Web Applications that are disrupting the browser experience. A more conventional fit for the eCommerce industry, PWAs replicate the mobile application experience on the browser itself, leading to an increased number of buyers. If both these technologies are tactfully combined, then it could lead to endless possibilities as the user would witness a near-instant shopping experience. Further, it makes sense to use the two of them together as using one and not delivering a completely fast experience will alienate customers even more.

Blogs are a commonly accepted way eCommerce business owners attract traffic to their websites organically, using the power of Search Engine Optimization. Since blogs are text-rich, AMPs would be the perfect technological extension to the blogs put out by eCommerce businesses helping them serve customers better.

All in all, this technology by Google has a lot of applications in delivering customers with an awesome web experience. When combined with other new-age technologies, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) will surely change the way businesses operate on browsers, especially in mobile phones. With an increasing onus on handheld devices, it is imperative for eCommerce business owners to invest in such technologies and ensure strategic competitive advantage. With SetuBridge Technolabs, you can find the most useful tips and strategies that boost your eCommerce business and generate sizeable revenues.

Final Words!

Overall, We hope the article will inspire you to add AMP to your website or store and also get all related answer from our AMP & PWA experts which you have about AMP for an e-commerce site.