Setubridge Technolabs celebrated its 10th Anniversary

When a company starts growing over time and not worrying about obstacles that will come, only those companies can set the benchmark for themselves. 

“With the right culture, people, and principles, you can achieve amazing things.”

May the next year be prosperous as well, but first, let us celebrate this special day. SETUBRIDGE TECHNOLABS celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and to be honest, the journey has been exciting, challenging, and memorable. 

Despite the ups and downs, Setubridge Technolabs has stood like a statue and they never stopped delivering top-notch services to their clients, which has resulted in us being ten years old now. A dream that only a few have exceeded. 

We like to convey our sincere gratitude to all our coworkers, clients, and collaborators for their ongoing support and contributions in this time of joyful emotions and the broadest, biggest smile.

All we can say, without your support, this achievement would never have been possible. We are saying this to our fellow mates. Guys, we are 10 years old now. We all deserve a pat on the back as we were part of this while achieving this milestone. So, let me tell you in brief how we celebrated this grand occasion.

setubridge 10th Annivesary celebration greeting cards

The moment we entered the office, we were welcomed with an eye-catchy handwritten anniversary card on the desk and some nice and energetic music. Thanks to our events team.   

The feeling was exceptional, and as everyone settled down, we desperately waited for the event to begin.

Director Entry

What lovely gestures have been received? Every team member gave a standing ovation at the moment. Our leader, Mr. Sagar Panchal, entered the office, along with the welcome song.

What a precious moment for all of us. I think we all deserve a token of appreciation as we have made it here.

  1. The Message of Appreciation from the Anchors

Our anchors, Krishna and Rutvi, were all set to begin the program, along with the prettiest smile. The activities were about to start and they were welcoming all their fellow mates.  And, they started the event by delivering the welcome speech, and they have indeed started well. 

I am still hearing the noise of the claps because of the way they delivered the welcome speech.

However, it was a nice gesture from them

  1. Lamp Lighting

Light is a sign of brightness and prosperity since sunshine dispels the darkness of power, and blessings bring prosperity and pleasure into our lives.

Once the welcome speech gets over, it’s time for Lamp Lightning. We were all going to witness our traditional lamp lighting ceremony, and what better way to start than this by lighting the lamp by the CEO of the company, Mr Sagar Panchal

  1.  Award Distribution Ceremony

A magnificent evening of felicitation it was. A few of our fellow mates have shown dedication to their work and company. However, it was a fun-filled evening featuring a stellar lineup of performers. 

Here, is the list of our performers who were felicitated:-)

Rising Star Award:- 

  • Krishna Chovatiya (Jr. Shopify Developer)
  • Dharmesh Tukadiya (Jr. Magento Developer)
  • Mayank Panchal (Digital Marketing Executive)

Rising star award of the year in setubridge technolabs

Star Performance of the Year:-  

  • Drashti Prajapati (Sr. Shopify Developer )   
Star award of the year in setubridge technolabs

Maximum Contribution:- 

  • Dipen Panchal (Shopify Team Head)
Maximum Contrubution award of the year in setubridge technolabs
  1. Welcome Dance

After the inauguration of the activity, we took 05 minutes break, and our dancing group was ready to showcase their dancing skills. Our participants, Neha Panchal, Vaishali Parmar, and Nirali Bhanusali, were on the song Mangalyam Tuna.

They have ablaze the dancing floor with their rocking performance and expressions. The performance was commendable!

  1. Magento – Shopify War

Ya, I know what you are thinking, but it’s not like that. Well, it’s about proving who is better at playing the game called “Musical Chair,” and one-one participant from each team will participate at a time.

The activity was really fun and exciting, and the participants took part in the game proactively.

  1. Mimicry Time

Our next performer was a surprise to everyone. Everybody was shocked to find out that our graphic designer, “Indravadan Panchal,” had mimicked. To be honest, while watching him perform, we were shocked to see his hidden talent.

And, the way he said, “Bhaaiyo Behno” was enough for us to make us laugh. After the performance got over, we gave a loud cheer and applauded him. Kudos to his effort!

mimicry artist! in setubridge technolabs
  1.  Now is the time to play the game:-  After felicitating the awards and the rest of the other activities it’s time to play the game, and I know most of you are already been aware of it. The game was “Passing the Pass”, as the name suggests you have to pass the object(Balloon) to the participant sitting just next to you. 

So, you will pass the ball while the music is playing, and once the music stops, the ball holder has to perform any of the activities that are listed below.

1. Any funny hero act
2. Famous Dialogue
3. Convenience a boss for a leave – Type of Bahana(Excuse)
4. Mimic of Any office colleague
5. Be a beggar
6. Be a drunker
7. A way to Propose to a girl
8. Different ways how Dog bark
9. Convenience your wife/Girlfriend to go to Thailand with Male friends
10. Speak Chandu K chacha 5 times
11. Any Funny/Kand experience till now?
12. Why do you reject a Girl/Boy (any 5 reasons)?
13. Any 5 Band Baja song
14. Baarat Nagin Dance
15. Any politician’s Script

The game was really fun and everyone took part in the game proactively. It was entertainment and fun at the same time. Everyone shared a laugh and enjoyed their performance.

10th anniversary celebratino in setubridge technolabs
  1. Let’s add a taste of Music:- 

“The fundamental beauty of music is that it brings people together.”

Keeping this thing in mind, the entire “Marketing Team” has decided to perform a medley of old songs. team of 05 members, but the way they have performed it captures the attention of everyone. 

At last, the performance became a little bit emotional when the tribute was given to KK (Krishnakumar Kunnath).  

Vijay Chavda (Digital Marketing Head)

Mayank Panchal (Digital Marketing Executive)

Suraj Verma (Business Development Executive)

Pratik Karathiya (Business Development Executive)

Mayank Kanojia (Content Writer)

  1.  Funny Award

You know, recognizing employees plays an important role in the workplace. But, at certain times, it becomes necessary to add a bit of humour and recognize them for the act if they are not aware of it. And, this could be the very best way to forge a relationship among teams, and it feels very relaxing. 

So, here’s the list of our awardees:-

  • Zulta Minara – Chintan
  • Drama Queen – Neha Panchal
  • Khaudari(Foodie) – Vaishali Parmar
  • Khadus – Suraj Verma
  • Jaghdadu Ninja – Jay Panchal
  • Jumping Japak – Swapnil
  • Laughing Spring – Keval Panchal
  • Dukhi Atma – Indra Panchal 
  • Chupa rustom – Samta Dhanve
  • Enthu Cutlet – Krishna Kadivar
  • Mr Jethalal – Jigar Rathod 
  • Mr Britania – Mayank Kanojiya
  • Mr. Jugadu – Jalpesh Patel
  • Mr. Mogambo – Sagar Panchal
  • Chhota Pandit – Mayank Panchal
  • Jamunda (Movie Character J2M2) – Dharmesh Tukadiya
  • Vasooli Bhai – Pratik Karathiya.
10th anniversary celebratino in setubridge technolabs
  1.  Director Speech

So, the moment has finally come that we have been waiting for. A modest expression of thanks from everyone at Setubridge – I still get butterflies thinking about it. 

So now, the director of the company, “Mr Sagar Panchal,” holds essential parts of the organization and makes intelligent choices. Sir has shared his initial days of struggle and, to be honest, that was a real-life experience for the person who has lived those 10 years and seen ups and downs and is currently standing in front of people and addressing them.

The voyage was tough, but he handled it admirably. All of his inspirations and objectives can be heard and seen in his eyes. A well-crafted speech was delivered by a well-organized gentleman!

Finally, while ending, he once again congratulated everyone, and the entire office gave a round of applause.

  1. Cake Cutting Ceremony

We saw a nicely decorated large size cake waiting for our arrival, and we were invited to cut the cake together. The moment of joy can be seen on everybody’s face, and eyes are filled with those breathtaking moments that can be stored in our memory lane.

Right after the cake-cutting session, one by one, the teams clicked photos with the director. After that, we entered the stage, and we started dancing without much worry from others.

Finally, we went out to eat. Our delicious delights were awaiting a compliment from our taste buds. It was a genuine and well-organized dinner buffet for everyone. We ate our fill of dinner and finally left the venue at 10:30 p.m. to return home.

Final Verdict

You know, any organization that completes 10 years is itself a statement and is proud of itself. And to appreciate it on a large scale, you need a grand celebration like this. A well-spent evening with all my colleagues.

All we could say is that it was more extravagant and spectacular. On behalf of the entire Setubridge Technolabs management, we appreciate their efforts and hope for good fortune.