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Top 3 Best Shopify Apps for Optical Store

Hey there, if you’re running an online eyeglass store, you know that the lens is the star of the show. Without it, your business can’t really function in the online world. But fear not, my friend because some nifty apps can help you establish a solid online presence and make buying presence eye lenses a breeze.

These apps provide valuable information about customers and products and cater to your specific needs as a retailer. So, if you’re curious and eager to dive into the world of Eyewear or Optical business, buckle up! We’re about to compare them in great detail. So, let’s find out the perfect fit for your business, shall we?

Best Eyeglass/Lens Prescription Apps

1. Prescription Eye Lens ~ by SetuBridge

Rating: 5.0

Our prescription Eye Lens App revolutionizes the way you order lenses. Say goodbye to confusing measurements and continue visits to the optometrist. With just a few clicks, users can easily insert the prescription details and deliver the top-notch lenses straight to their doorstep. Experience a streamlined ordering process that minimizes errors, boost efficiency, and leaves you with more time on your hands. Get ready for ultimate customer satisfaction and stay ahead in the game. Time-saving and quality lenses are just a few clicks away.

Key Features of the App:-

  • Now simply upload the prescription file in any of the file types such as, (JPEG, PNG, or PDF) or else you can upload the manual prescription file types as well.
  • Simply create unlimited RX options like Axis, Sphere, Cylinder, etc.
  • Upload the product variations in the form of price, power axis, base curve, cylinder, and diameter.
  • Users very easily configure either both eyes or single-eye prescription options.
  • Simply configure the button for your product page to open a popup and display the steps for the prescription.
  • Efficient and Quick Checkout Process.

Why is the Prescription Lens App the best choice?

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Orders
  • No Prescription limits
  • No commission on orders
  • No coding, No headache
  • Premium Support
  • Works on any device

What users say about Prescription Eye Lens App:

  • Improves their Conversion Rate
  • It satisfies customers
  • Improves ROI


  • 7 days free trial
  • Premium: $29 per month (Unlimited orders)

2. Ant Lens ~by PB App

Rating: 5.0

You’ll love this app if you sell glasses or sunglasses and want to offer prescription lenses. With our app, you get six different prescription types and five lens types to choose from. Plus, submitting prescription details is a breeze with three convenient options. Customize the lens pricing, brand styling, app design, and form rules to match your preferences. And guess what? You can even translate everything effortlessly. Simply click once to install the app, add your lenses, and start selling.

Key Features of the App:

  • There are six prescription types, five lens types, and three ways to input prescription information.
  • Easily display this on your product pages.
  • Eliminate the sales cycle from days and days to mere seconds.
  • Sell the high value and high margin prescription lenses for your eyewear products. 
  • Provides choices for the app styling and lens pricing.
  • 6 prescriptio

What users say about the AntLens app:

  • Clear features for specified products
  • It’s rigid. Store managers don’t have freedom if they want to have a large inventory
  • Costlier and slow ROl
  • Limited prescriptions


  • Price: Free with Limitations
  • Standard –$68/Month
  • Pro –$98/MonthEnterprise – $398/Month

3. LensAdvizor: Prescription Lens ~ by LensAdvizor

Rating: 5.0

Hey there, eyewear store owners! Say hello to LensAdvizor, your ultimate solution for selling prescription lenses online. With our seamless platform, we make it a breeze for your customers to upload or enter their prescriptions and select the lenses directly from your product page. No more hassle! Plus, our comprehensive dashboard provides you with all the crucial prescription order details to effortlessly forward to your partner optical lab. Give us a shot today and experience a boost in revenue and saved time.

Key Features of the App:

  • Offer your customers an unlimited selection of prescription types as well as lenses.
  • Increase upsells by offering lens alternatives and add-ons.
  • Reserving the Prescription can be complete via 1) Image/PDF upload 2) Manual Entry 3) Email.
  • Customise each step of the user experience to fit your theme.
  • Provide glasses with prescriptions

What users say about LensAdvisor:

  • Clear products for limited inventory
  • Costly and slow ROI
  • Limited products and prescriptions


  • Price: Free with limitation
  • Standard – $69/Month
  • Pro – $99/MonthEnterprise – $199/Month


If you’re searching for the perfect match, look no further! At SetuBridge, we specialize in crafting custom Shopify apps and revamping stores to meet your unique needs. Our team excels in custom app development, theme customization, and integrating third-party solutions. With our budget-friendly app packed with all the essential features, we’ll guide your shoppers through a seamless ordering process.

Need assistance with setting up or customizing your Shopify optical store? We’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today and let’s conquer the world of eCommerce together with our exceptional Shopify Ecommerce Development Services.

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