Top estimated delivery date shopify apps

Top 10 best-estimated delivery date Shopify apps for all time 

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The Shopify Delivery Date application is by far one of the most popular applications for businesses looking to enhance their customer service by allowing clients to select the timing of product delivery and order delivery message as well. In some cases, adding a countdown timer would help to boost your sales.

Such an application gives your customers a choice where they can opt for the precise delivery date or the timing they prefer, which improves the overall shopping experience.

Allowing the consumer to plan their delivery or display the actual delivery date while placing their order is one facet of customer-centricity. It is best to utilize a delivery date tool that helps you optimize your Shopify store to supply and monitor delivery-related operations. 

Which Shopify estimated date of delivery app would be the better choice?

If you’re currently searching through a number of applications on the internet to find the best-estimated delivery date app, we’ll assist you and save you time. Below, we have mentioned a list of the 10 best Shopify Estimated Delivery Time Apps.

1. Estimated Delivery Date by Setubridge Technolabs

The vendor’s ability to provide accurate data about the date and time that the product will arrive helps clients make decisions. 

It’s an application that helps your customer build trust in you since this single application will resolve all the estimated date of delivery-related queries.

How can the Estimated Delivery app benefit your business?

  • Do not affect website speed
  • Reduce Customer Support
  • No coding or technical knowledge required
  • Easy to use, set up & modify
  • Compatible with a 2.0 theme
  • Perfectly works for all the business industries

Key Features

  • Its compatibility with the new and latest theme is top-notch and works effortlessly.
  • The message will be shown in Order Confirmation Emails.
  • Having 30+ ready-to-use available delivery message templates.
  • The ability to put aside days and dates for business purposes.
  • Display the order’s deadline on the display so one can create a countdown timer.
  • Use a national symbol, icon, text, font style, title, etc. to draw attention to the panel.
  • Supports multiple languages at a time.
  • Set the minimum and maximum advance days for the estimated date of delivery message.
  • Do not affect website speed
  • Display a live feed preview.
  • Customized message delivery position bars.


Standard Plan: $2.99/month or $2.49/month, billed at $29.90 a year.

Premium Plan: $5.99/month or $4.99/month, billed at $59.90 a year.

2. Delivery Date and Time Slot created by Buunto

The App provides a fully customizable, personalized experience to make sure everything fits nicely with your business. Your consumers will have the option of local delivery or store collection thanks to our user-friendly and sophisticated application.

Key Features

  • On the product page or the cart page, display the date slider.
  • The top-performing theme would be displayed automatically.
  • Simple installation with compatibility for several well-known templates.
  • Limit the number of orders per delivery mechanism and time period.
  • Possible to establish additional delivery costs.


Starter Plan: $9/Month 

Pro Plan: $19/Month

Unlimited Plan: $29/Month.

3. Estimated Delivery Date by White Red White Software

You may add a widget along with shipping time information or any custom message to any page on your website with this software. The widget could include any of the following variables, such as emoji, links, or text.

Key Features 

  • Country:- Which shows the name of the visitor’s country.
  • Flag:- It will depict the flag of the visiting country.
  • Express shipping time and date:- An estimated shipping date will be shown here.
  • Shipping Date:- Reflects the expected order delivery message window.
  • Would be able to create a custom message as per your needs.
  • Show or hide the widget for certain items.


Standard Plan:- $4.95/Month

4. Delivery Date Pro by Zestard Technologies

The App provides you with a flexible operation and lets your clients select a shipping date and time for their orders.

Key Features

  • Limit the number of orders delivered per time window.
  • Allows you to select “Minimum Date Interval” day gaps for fulfilling orders.
  • The ability to pre-select delivery dates for the next few months.
  • Automatic selection of the next possible date for simple and rapid order placement.
  • The ability to restrict particular dates and days based on the company’s rules and policies
  • Validation messages will be saved automatically by your choice.


Basic:  $7.99/Month

Professional: $10.99/Month

Enterprise: $14.99/Month

Ultimate: $15.99/Month

5. Omega Estimated Shipping Date by Omega

The App allows customers to verify shipment dates, COD policies, and pricing directly from the product description.

Sets a different projected message for each order delivery message to keep users interested in the offer.

Key Features

  • Create a countdown timer to display the order deadlines.
  • The estimated delivery date appears based on the country lists, which automatically sets the different rules.
  • It will also display a countdown timer to show the order deadline.
  • By setting up weekly day-offs and public holidays, the users will know your unavailability in advance.
  • Based on the shipping methods (Standard, Express, Local,…) will display the estimated delivery time and date.



6. Estimated Delivery Date by UpperCommerce

The App resolves the main concern for your users as they have one common query, “When will I receive my order?”  

A shipping time message will be displayed under the “Add-to-cart” button.

Key Features 

  • An estimated delivery time message will be shown on the cart page.
  • Check the order status and order history pages.
  • Doesn’t require any sort of modification to your theme files.
  • Integrate an estimated date of delivery timer on the product page.


Premium: $3.99/Month

Pro: $7.99/Month

7. Order Deadline by Evil Egg Software Ltd

The App provides an estimated date of delivery time on-site so clients don’t have to enquire about their orders. 

Key Features

  • When the next shipment date is too long, the countdown will be immediately disabled.
  • Override settings for individual products or whole categories.
  • Feature of custom messaging.
  • Support multiple languages as per country specific
  • An optional delivery window option is available.



8. Delivery Timer Estimated Timer by LAUNCHTIP

In this App with Delivery Time, you could increase add-to-carts and conversions while minimizing transaction delays.

Key Features:

  • Able to create multiple timers.
  • Make and Manage Timer Rules.
  • Set up many timers for different products/collections.
  • Frontend panel customization.


Getting Started: $7.99/Month

Traction Plan: $14.99/Month

9. Order Delivery Estimation by Pleximus

This app helps to make an order simple. It’s a plug-and-play utility with simple installation and the ability to define a delivery schedule for all or particular goods.

Key Features:- 

  • Display the date on which your product will be hand-over to your customers.
  • This software shows the consumer an exact delivery estimate along with the arrival date.
  • Order shipping estimate messages can be shown in 50+ languages.


Basic: $3.99/Month

10. Delivery Estimation Widget by Simpli Apps

The presents estimated delivery dates to your consumers effortlessly. With this wonderful widget, you can build trust, increase sales, and eliminate objections.

Key Features

  • An estimated delivery date depending on the visitor’s location will be shown on the product page. This results in increased revenue and good customer retention.
  • Customers will tend to buy from your store as it will provide them with a clear picture of the product arriving.
  • You will be able to customize the widget as per your needs to eliminate unnecessary hassle and confusion.


$5.00/ Month


Since there are so many options on the market, choosing the right app that suits your requirements could be a challenging task. So, the 10 apps mentioned above are the most popular Shopify delivery dates in the market and have received positive feedback from verified users. 

Modern businesses should focus on giving users more options to improve their buying experience since a customer-centric strategy helps the organization receive great reviews and even devoted repeat customers.

Let us know if you found this blog useful and about the Shopify delivery app you currently use for your business. If you intend to carry your customer-centric vision to the next stage and want support in developing, managing or enhancing your Shopify store.

Feel free to contact us, speak to our Shopify expert, and create a store that offers an extraordinary user experience.

Shopify store access help guide

How to give access to your Shopify website?

Reading Time: 3 min

SetuBridge Support asks for temporary access to the admin panel on your Shopify website. In this blog post.

1. The reason we might need access

Here are the primary reasons:

  • Help you configure the App properly
  • Fix compatibility issues
  • Work customized to your specifications

2. Collaborator request

We send a collaborator request to gain access to your website’s admin panel. Apps, Theme Settings, and Pages are the only areas that can be accessed using this access type.

In the event that we request access, you can review the request and approve or reject it. Once you accept it, the collaborators appear in the Collaborators section on the Users and Permissions page in your Shopify admin.

On your website’s backend, you can find and review collaborator requests on the Home page.

Shopify store access backed guide by setubridge

Allowing us access is as simple as clicking the Accept request button. 

Shopify store access backed guide by setubridge
Shopify store access backed guide by setubridge

3. Remove SetuBridge Collaborator 

When your users no longer need access to the backend, you should delete their accounts.

  1. Go to Settings → Account → User & Permission
Shopify store access backed guide by setubridge
  1. Choose SetuBridge Support in the Collaborator accounts section 
Shopify store access backed guide by setubridge

  1. Scroll down and click Delete collaborator account at the bottom.
Shopify store access backed guide by setubridge

  1. In the dialogue window, paste the password in the field and confirm the deletion of the collaborator account. 
Shopify store access backed guide by setubridge

4. Is it safe to give SetuBridge access to my store?

To work with our App, we request access to the website’s backend. We have highly skilled Shopify developers that will come to configure and solve the issues and make things right! We won’t touch any other elements of your website.  

We will be happy to assist you if you have any questions left.  Whenever you need help, you can reach out to the  Customer Support team

Find out more about our top-class Shopify development services and the top solutions we offer.


Top 5 Product Designer Shopify Apps 

Reading Time: 3 min

Are you an eCommerce store owner looking to create a unique “wow factor” for your customers? Do you want to be able to offer custom products that are personalized and tailored to your customers’ needs?

Shopify Product Designer tools allow eCommerce stores to provide a more customized experience, giving customers the ability to create their own designs and personalize products, like shirts, mugs, and phone cases the possibilities are endless!

Here are the top 5 Shopify product designer apps:

1. Product Designer App ~by SetuBridge

We, at SetuBridge, have created a Shopify product design app to offer you the best. The app helps you get started with selling personalized products without having to deal with the hassle of building an online store.

The product personalizer Shopify app allows your customers to design their own products. They can select from a number of fonts and add custom text, upload their own images, choose a background color, and more depending on the type of product they’re designing. Once they’re done, they can place their order.

Best features:

  • Color management: Fixed set of colors + Pick from a color palette
  • The app harbors editable high-resolution print files in SVG, PNG, PDF, JPEG
  • Users can customize and design products, logos, text, and images limitlessly
  • It supports various product types – Simple & Configurable
  • A unique feature of multi-sided products design
  • Perfectly works on all your users’ devices
  • You can set resolution warning & custom pricing as per modifications 

Pricing: $2.99/month

  • Unlimited product design 
  • Unlimited orders per month
  • Premium Support
  • All Features Included

Users can get unrestricted usage of all designer tools with no limit to designs per install. It’s an all-you-can design tool!

2. POD Product Personalizer ~ by InkGo

POD Product Personalizer is built by InkGo. It allows you to create products on demand, even if you don’t have an inventory. With this app, you can personalize apparel and decor with unique designs or photos uploaded by customers.

Best features:

  • Multiple options to customize products
  • Text customization: Fonts, style, color, orientation, etc
  • Users can upload their own images to create their desired products.
  • Customization of colors, sizes, and styles available to improve overall looks
  • Users can get a preview of mockup 3D
  • Export file CSV option available for services and automatic send order


  • Free: 10 orders per month limit
  • Starter pack: $19/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Business: $99/month

3. Product Customizer ~ by Printcart

Printcart Shopify App is a tool to help you customize products for your customers, make them feel valued, and build better customer relationships. This free app helps you design products that your customers can personalize with text or photos. That means you can be sure that what you’re selling is exactly what your customer wants.

You can use the product customizer to:

  • Personalize products with your customer’s name or photo
  • Allow your customers to choose from different options for their product (such as size or color)
  • Make it easy for them to preview what their product will look like before ordering it
  • The app also allows you to create customizable templates that they can use to create their own personalized products.

Pricing: $7.99/month

4. Tsunami Personalize On-Demand  ~ by iPersonalyze

Tsunami Personalize On Demand Shopify app is a high-tech personalization platform that will help you to double your sales. Your customers can personalize your products online, order them and get them delivered in no time.

Best features:

  • Users can easily add to the store pre-designed personalizable products library
  • It gives live dynamic product previews 
  • More products including branded Disney and Marvel for various products

Pricing: Free to install

5. Print On Demand ~ by Imprinted

Imprinted is a print on demand service that works with Shopify to give you the opportunity to design and sell your own custom products, especially T-shirts. They take care of everything from printing to white label drop shipping.

Best features:

  • High-quality product and print
  • 7 days of shipping guaranteed from the day of order
  • They give a built-in designer which is an integrated designer and mockup generator
  • No minimum order restrictions: Order from anywhere

Pricing: Free


In this article, we covered the best five product designer Shopify apps. Ultimately, there are some great Shopify Product Designer Apps out there, but you have to do your research to know the besest. The factors that are important for you may be different for someone else. In the end, all of these mentioned products will probably work for you.

As a Shopify Development Company, Company, we can provide innovative Shopify solutions for global Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises of all industry types. Find out more about our Shopify services and solutions. 

To speak with our experts, please Contact us.


Top 5 Shopify Apps for Coming Soon Products

Reading Time: 3 min

We all love to use classic countdown timers showing our users that something is happening and they have to wait. This can be a new post or product launch, but either way, you’ll want to grab your visitors’ attention! I’ve handpicked the best Coming Soon countdowns that cover the widest variety of use cases (not just technical issues) in the market today.

What is coming soon product notification app?

Are you an online business owner or do you have some prospective clients who’d love to know when your new product is coming out? You need a notification app that will send people updates about your soon-to-be-launched products. 

Approximately half of all websites used by businesses have yet to be released. Why do so many websites use Coming Soon product labels, pages, and banners? It helps them to “save face” and remain competitive in their industries.

In this article, I’ll explain the best 5 options and how they are in comparison.

1. Coming Soon Product ‑ Notify me ~by SetuBridge 

This is definitely one to keep an eye on. We think this app is going to really shake things up in the coming year. It’s intuitive, affordable, and easy to use. Not only that, it’s full of all kinds of free resources and guides that will help you learn how to make the most out of your new products!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: a Shopify app with a billion features? But hear us out: sometimes this kind of thing is worth it. This app has everything, we mean everything, you could possibly want from an app like this. Not only will it tell you about upcoming products, but also many options for the product launcher.


  • Easy to configure
  • “Notify Me” button: You can also add custom text
  • All customer’s data at a single place in the backend
  • Ready to use email template content to notify customers
  • Notify users if the product is available
  • Get complete analytical data information
  • Allow Google reCAPTCHA to avoid bots on your site


  • Standard: $7.99/month
  • Shopify Plus: 10.99/month

2. Coming Soon Products Preorders ~by Gravity Software

Some store owners buy the coming soon theme, but if you want to add notification of your upcoming product without spending a lot of money, then this is a good solution.


  • Create pre-order products
  • Create coming soon products
  • Automate product publishing process
  • Add the availability of the product with the exact date and time


  • $9.99/month

Also read: Top 3 best Shopify Apps for Optical Store

3. PreOrder Now ‑ Pre‑order ~by Website On-Demand

Preordering made easy! With this app, you can get pre-orders and start working on the demand on hand. No guess-work! No risks!


  • Manage your Pre-orders with features like badges, emails, tagging, mixed cart alerts, discounts, etc
  • Simple and easy theme installation
  • Mixed cart alerts
  • Pre-order emails


  • Shopify basic: $19.95/month
  • Shopify standard: $39.95/month
  • Shopify advanced: $59.95/month

4. PreOrder Alpha ~by Cosmek Labs

What’s wrong with selling your products before they arrive in the market? That’s what you can do with this app. A great option for coming soon products!


  • Create multiple products
  • Mixed cart warning
  • Order tagging
  • Pre-order ribbon and button
  • Customer Email Notification


  • Limited: Free
  • Unlimited: $14.99/month

5. Pre‑order Today ~by Appikon Software Pvt Ltd

Don’t miss out on a single visitor. Keep converting them and generate revenue. Generating alerts and preordering helps to retain the momentum of sales on your site.


  • Mixed cart alerts
  • Apply status on to-be-launched products
  • Offer discounts on pre-order status options
  • Pre-order emails to send separate notifications
  • Managing pre-orders with features like badges, emails, tagging, cart alerts, pre-order discounts, and more


  • Starter: $7.99/month
  • Pro: $14.99/month
  • Premium: $24.99/month


That’s it! You’ve walked through the best options available for pre-order and coming soon product apps. Drop us a mail if you want a demo or guidance with your eCommerce store. We’ll be happy to help!

SetuBridge also offers Shopify development and various services to improve store enhancement and conversion rate. Read more about our Shopify development services and solutions, Click here

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Top 3 best Shopify Apps for Optical Store

Top 3 best Shopify Apps for Optical Store

Reading Time: 3 min

If you are an online eyeglasses retailer then you are in a different ball game. The lens is the focal point of your business and without it, you can’t make any business online. But this does not mean that there are no options for you as a retailer to build an online presence.

There are various types of apps available in the market which can make the purchase of Prescription Eye Lenses easier. Although they provide much information regarding customers and products, you should know about the best Shopify app for your business that meets all the parameters that you wish to fulfill.

Still, reading? Then you sure are interested in Prescription Eye Lens Apps. Let’s compare them in detail.

1. Prescription Eye Lens ~ by SetuBridge

One of the best hotshots out there!

It will make your shoppers feel at ease while shopping lenses. All they have to do is fill out the prescription or upload a file. And let the app do all the work to find their desired product.

Its Best Features: 

  • Create eyewear products instantly from the backend
  • Set specifications like name, stock, price, etc
  • Configure button for product page to open popup and display steps for prescription
  • Product variations in form of price, power, axis, base curve, cylinder, and diameter.
  • An option to check off left and right eyes
  • 2 Methods to fill prescriptions: 
    • Manual
    • Upload a prescription file in png, jpg, pdf, or jpeg
  • Quick checkout options

Why is the Prescription Lens App the best choice?

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Orders
  • No Prescription limits
  • No commission on orders
  • No coding, No headache
  • Premium Support
  • Works in any device

What users say about Prescription Eye Lens App:

  • Improves their Conversion Rate
  • It satisfies customers
  • Improves ROI


  • 14 days free trial
  • Premium: $19 per month (Unlimited orders)

2. Ant Lens ~by PB App

A simple yet rigid way to add prescription products. It’s optimal for stores that have limited inventory. Shoppers can enter their prescription and get the prescribed glasses in a flash.

Features by Ant Lens:

  • 6 prescription types:  Reading, Single Vision, Frame Only, Contact, Non-prescription, and Progressive
  • 5 lens types: Clear, Photochromatic, (non) Polarized, and Blue Light Filter lenses
  • 3 methods to enter prescription: Manual, uploading doc, and via email
  • Gives app styling and lens pricing options 

What users say about the AntLens app:

  • Clear features for specified products
  • It’s rigid. Store managers don’t have freedom if they want to have a large inventory
  • Costlier and slow ROl
  • Limited prescriptions


  • 7 Days free trial
  • Premium 1: $68 per month (Includes 150 orders)
  • Premium 2: $98 per month (Includes 300 orders)
  • Premium 3: $198 per month (Includes 800 orders)

3. LensAdvisor: Select Lens App ~by LensAdvisor

An easy way to sell prescription lenses. This app offers a simplified and limited version of prescription lens apps.

Features of LensAdvisor:

  • 5 Prescription Types: Reading, Progressive, Non-prescription, Single Vision, and Frame Only
  • 5 lens types: Clear, Photochromatic, (non) Polarized, and Blue Light Filter lenses
  • Prescription Submission: Manual + File uploading + via email
  • Customizable lens pricing, app styling, and other form rules

What users say about LensAdvisor:

  • Clear products for limited inventory
  • Costly and slow ROI
  • Limited products and prescriptions


  • Free: Limited to 3 products only
  • Premium 1: $69/month (Includes 250 orders)
  • Premium 2: $99/month (Includes 500 orders)
  • Premium 3: $199/month (Includes 1500 orders) 


For those of you who like to create your own custom Shopify apps or who need to redesign or upgrade your store. We can help. SETUBRIDGE offers custom app development services for all types of client projects. Also delivered all types of custom development, theme customization, and third party integration services.

Did you find your right fit? Are you looking for a budget-friendly app with all the features? Hit us up and we’ll take your shoppers through seamless ordering.

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