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Top 7 Fastest Shopify Themes of 2023


“Slow and steady wins the race” is an idiom that doesn’t fit perfectly when talking about the Fastest Shopify Themes because the matter is all about speed. You must know one thing, the speed of your site is directly proportional to conversion rates.

Well, that’s a fact that our Shopify store development service will fulfill all your needs to be fast and responsive. There are several things you can do to Boost your Shopify store. Choosing a suitable theme is the initial step. 

You will be amazed to know that, even a delay of a single second, will result in a 07% reduction in conversions. Suppose an eCommerce site is making $2000/day, but even a delay of 01-second it could potentially cost you $100,000 in terms of revenue.

In this article, we are going to discuss the fastest Shopify themes which at the same time is also lightweight and beautifully optimized which will eventually load your store at a faster speed, and improve search engine rankings.

Fastest Shopify Themes for Online Store

Well, “Star of the Show” is here, we know you are here to understand the Top 07 Fastest Shopify themes that help to boost the speed of your Store and increase the conversion rate. So, let’s review every theme in detail so you can select which one will be going to fit your requirements aesthetics-wise.

1) Booster

It is one of the fastest Shopify themes designed along with the lightning-fast loading of the website. Although it’s new and has a lot to offer, which comes with a clean design along with user-friendly tools which eventually going to help you to speed up your Shopify store and increase the sales of your store.

It comes at an affordable price, and you could save money by not investing in any sort of expensive Shopify theme.

Booster is extremely customizable, which allows you to eliminate all kinds of restrictions of a traditional theme. Having a dedicated support team of Shopify experts which is available 07 days a week via Email or Facebook Messenger help you to answer all your query.

The best part is that it comes with 40+ conversions optimized Marketing tools. So no need to install unnecessary apps that could slow down your store.

Rating: 4.2

Review: 101

Fastest Shopify Theme

Home Page97/10082/100
Collection Page96/10080/100
Product Page95/10083/100

Features of Booster:-

  • In-built social proof widget
  • Personalized cart behavior
  • Optimized it for product and speed conversion.
  • Opportunity to purchase a perpetual license for a theme
  • Integration of email functionality.
  • Cross-sell and upsell functionalities
  • Availability in Multi-Language (10 Languages)
  • The currency converter on GEO IP


Booster theme is among the quickest, sleekest, and most user-friendly theme Shopify themes available in the market. The in-built marketing tools which come with this theme help you to save your unnecessary expense on other tools. Easy to set up, required no coding skill and takes less than a minute to install and start working on them.

2) Debutify

Debutify comes with the best and the fastest Shopify themes which comes free. A newbie can build up an online business and enter the online market with the help of the free version of this Shopify theme with a few essential capabilities. By default, it offers appealing layouts and styles that simplify the process of using the product. 

You may match your online business with lovely hues that go with your brand thanks to its selection of various colors. The theme is suitable for all types of industries and is used to get speed-optimized themes for mobile devices to display your products with clean designs.

Reviews: 9584

Ratings: 4.7

DesktopMobile Speed
Home Page89/10078/100
Collection Page87/10075/100
Home Page84/10073/100

Features of Debutify:

Debutify’s Premium plan includes the following features and benefits.

  • Add-to-cart animation
  • Cart countdown
  • Cart discount
  • Cart goal
  • Chatbox
  • Collection add to cart
  • Color Swatches
  • Cookie Box
  • Delivery time
  • Discount saved
  • Inventory quantity
  • Linked options
  • Live View
  • Mega menu
  • Product Tags
  • Quick View
  • Sales countdown


Are you brand new to the world of online shopping? Then you should use this theme without a doubt. When you sign up for one of the premium plans, Debutify will give you access to the premium features and demonstrate what it’s like to manage an online store. Debutify, however, is appropriate for all levels of users. With its premium plans, this theme can meet everyone’s demands.

For drop shipping, print-on-demand, and brand stores, Debutify is best suited. The only thing needed for installation is your Shopify URL. We advise trying Debutify if you’re looking for something free, simple to use, and useful.

Fastest Shopify Theme

3) Shoptimized

A theme that prioritizes improving conversion rates and customer engagement is what every Shopify store manager seeks to employ. Give the Shoptimized Shopify theme a try if this is how you prioritize your demands as well.

Shoptimized automatized the process of influencing and persuading customers by showing the greatest customer testimonials and positive customer experiences for your products.

Shoptimized embraces the well-known marketing principle of influence, so you will be able to create urgency by displaying the scarcity of your stock by adding the countdown timer. Moreover, you will be able to showcase some of your achievements such as awards, certificates, and much more.

Reviews: 72

Ratings: 3.4

Home Page94/10076/100
Collection Page92/10073/100
Home Page93/10064/100

Features of Shoptimized:

  • With a countdown clock, create urgency.
  • Display the limited amount of stock left.
  • Recognize the visitor’s nation of origin using GEO-IP and Currency Switcher
  • Users can get an estimated delivery time from the Get-it-By timer.
  • A Pop-Up Email functionality.
  • Integrating marketing with external applications
  • Risk reversal.
  • Value statement.
  • Integrating videos and Customized goods.
  • optimal header area for conversion.
  • Cross-selling pop-up feature.


As an owner of an online store, you want to boost the conversion rates but are confused about the options. Then, this theme is the right choice for you. You would be able to use advanced marketing techniques offered by them.

4) Turbo

One of the most well-liked themes for shopify created by Out of the Sandbox is Turbo. Turbo, as its name implies, offers incredibly fast performance and is ideally suited for all types of Shopify online stores.

Having a small inventory, but seeking the best Shopify theme. You can rely on the Turbo as it comes with two unique features, I,e; caching functionality and super-fast loading speed.

It offers users the option to choose between any of the two options: Ludicrous and Sport. Page preloading in Ludicrous mode uses complex ways to forecast the next page, the user will browse and begin loading that page in the background.

However, this option may cause certain third-party apps to crash, which is why users may also select Sport. This mode provides all of the Turbo Shopify theme’s unique advantages, but without the preloading page technology and with seamless integration with third-party applications.

Reviews: 352

Rating: 5

Fastest Shopify Theme = Turbo

Home Page91/10073/100
Collection Page84/10065/100
Product Page75/10062/100

Features of Turbo:

About cities like Portland, Florence, Dubai, Seoul, Tennessee, and Chicago, Turbo offers specialized designs. These designs are loaded with high-end features and offer countless opportunities for selling and creativity. 

  • Sliders for products.
  • Quickly loading.
  • Optimized pictures for HTML minification fit all screen sizes.
  • Giant menus.
  • Dynamic tiny cart.
  • Fastest Shopify designs and layouts with customizability.
  • a quick and flexible navigation setup.
  • Different video platforms interoperability with sites like Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Forecasting Search Results.
  • individual contact form.
  • Support for the new Product Media on Shopify.


How can you not like something made by the award-winning Out of the Sandbox team? This team specializes in speedy and dependable Shopify themes for your online store. Turbo loads pages quickly and is ideal for a shop with a large number of things to sell. It has two speeds, superb functionality, and the best features in the industry. Turbo gets our approval. 

5) Flex

Flex is a revolutionary Shopify theme that offers unrivaled control and a wealth of high-end features. It is regarded as the finest Shopify theme for conversions since it meets user needs with its expert setup capabilities for different layouts, excellent control of settings, and simple inclusion of custom CSS.

As a result, Flex becomes one of the Shopify themes with the fastest loading times. Flex is appropriate also for small-business merchants that wish to display their products online and expand their business.

Although it provides you with 13 templates that are suitable for almost every industry no matter whether you’re in fashion, food, cosmetics, technical, technology, and much more.

Reviews: 111

Ratings: 5

Home Page86/10064/100
Collection Page84/10061/100
Product Page87/10060/100

Features of Flex:

Flex includes several features that make it easier and faster to manage your online Shopify store. You can launch a theme considerably faster than usual by making use of the option known as Demo Shop Import. Flex is packed with excellent features, including 

  • Add CSS Customization.
  • Four header styles and four footer styles.
  • Three product page layouts
  • 13 In-built designs to choose from
  • Mega Menus and drop-downs.
  • Comprehensive Icon Library
  • Download placeholder content


Flex is the Shopify theme for you if you want flexibility and design options in addition to quickness. As you can see, it’s jam-packed with features that provide excellent functionality, and it was created by Turbo’s creative development team, which takes into consideration customer feedback. On top of that, this amazing e-commerce theme provides exceptional 24/7 customer service.

6) Shella

Need a Shopify theme that can perform as versatile? Introducing Shella, a flexible Shopify theme builder. It has good pricing and is quick, fresh, and lively. Although this is another theme that is suited for a variety of businesses, due to its elegant and minimal style.

It is usually more popular in the fashion industry, which is why it is used by online stores that offer shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and apparel. Shella is a versatile theme with 11 skins and 5 product page variations. It’s available in six languages and has several features that will help you optimize your site and enhance sales.

Review: 236

Rating: 4.96

Home Page99/10072/100
Collection Page88/10059/100
Product Page89/10067/100

Features of Shella Theme:

Shella has features designed expressly to increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction. They consist of:

  • Megamenu and Homepage Builder Section
  • Wishlist and rapid view
  • Dynamic footers, headers, and payment buttons
  • SEO-optimized
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Displaying Products in Unusual Layouts
  • AJAX searches and shops
  • Size guide page and pop-up
  • Pop-ups with subscription options for newsletters, cookies, promotions, and purchase notifications
  • Individual product tabs
  • Video players and full-screen sliders to display your items

7) Fastor

The most popular Shopify theme in 2023. Fastor has lightning-fast page load time and attributes, qualifying it for the list of fastest Shopify themes in 2023.

It is appropriate for every industry, which is why it is used by so many different businesses. This theme comes with 86 pre-made demos, 11 product page layouts, a growing number of available skins, and a support team that is constantly ready to respond to your queries.

Review: 1647

Rating: 4.86

Home Page84/10058/100
Collection Page85/10057/100
Home Page74/10050/100

Features of Fastor theme:

Fastor theme has a cover for you, by giving you all the general features or more specifically one. What we could offer you is that you’re going to have a wonderful experience.

  • Multiple fonts, colors, and hover effects are available for Extraordinary Designs.
  • Skilled column spacing, width, responsiveness, and design type
  • Quick-view to make your store much more appealing and professional.
  • Unlimited filters for vast filtering options and clean design of Shopify Fastor theme.
  • Powerful slider to create a compelling experience for your users.
  • With Smart mega menu, to display photos and products in a creative way.
  • Product order notification is a great way to boost your Shopify sales.
  • Countdown cards to increase order volume
  • Several currencies options for payment
  • Notification bar for cookies
  • Google Translate should be integrated.

How can a Shopify Theme Speed up your online business?

Well, the Shopify theme plays a very important and in this section, we are going to explain certain characteristics which are required in themes for shopify to make sure that your online store loads as quickly as possible. The features that almost every theme carries out are:

  1. Supports rich snippets and structured data.
  2. Clean and well-organized code.
  3. Fewer CSS files and simpler CSS.
  4. Easy customization and integration of third-party tools.
  5. Fast page load times.

With an optimized theme, you would be able to make your Shopify store at a flash speed. All the qualities that we have mentioned here will eventually be going to help you to render all the web pages fastly. Less javascript can be used by your theme on the Shopify store to reduce the load time for the browser and display web pages more quickly.

Importance of choosing the Fastest Shopify Theme

Now the question may come to your mind, why should I go after the fastest Shopify theme? And, to understand why there is a need to choose the fastest theme for Shopify, you should think about taking a quick look at the significance.

Talking about the fastest Shopify theme, these are the characteristics that you should consider:

  1. Enhance Google search ranking
  2. Reduce the size, complexity, and loading time of your site.
  3. The improved website UX will help you to boost your conversion rate.
  4. Helps you to attain a high level of exposure and eventually make more money.
  5. Lower the bounce rate of the visitors.

Every eCommerce store seeks to receive a good number in terms of sales and a better SERP position on various other search engines. Choosing the fastest Shopify theme is crucial for offering a positive user experience, improving the conversion rate, and boosting sales. So, the first step begins with choosing the fastest Shopify theme and the rest of your needs will be handled by them.

What to consider in the Fastest Shopify Themes?

Let us go through some of the features to make sure that people find your Shopify store organically through google or other social platforms. Here’s the list:-

1. Support from the Theme Developer

Since most people always seek ratings and service after selecting their theme. Updating themes, and integrating other tools and plug-ins, could be complicated and handled by its developers. Shopify developers should manage theme upgrades, plug-in integration, and other concerns. 

2. List down Important Features and Functions

Well, this is one of the important things to consider for your online store, because going with a theme that comes with a lot of features would definitely help you cut down its development cost. In order to find the features available in the theme, you could also check out its preview page because it’s not possible for them to list down every feature over there.

3. Consider your Area of Expertise

Since most of the theme is developed for a particular industry type, you’ve to make sure that the theme you’re picking is a perfect suit for your niche. As you’re hunting for the best Shopify theme, you’ve to make sure to filter out your top picks. Luckily, you have to make sure that the Shopify theme store makes it easy to search for themes for shopify by their niche and number of products.

4. Mobile Responsive and Light-weight Theme

Site speed is really important as it helps you to improve the search rankings, and conversions and lower the bounce rate. The users who visit your store want to load the store quickly and efficiently and that’s why it becomes important to load your website at a much faster rate.

Apart from that, you also have to make sure that the theme has to be lightweight and must not take more than 03 seconds to load. So, it prefers to go for a theme that is not loaded with unnecessary elements, a fancy scroller, and other features that could increase the size of the file.

5. Optimized Checkout Process

For any business, checkout is the last stage and if it is not optimized you can lose the customer. eCommerce cart abandonment is rising. One study shows that on average an eCommerce store loses about 75% of sales to cart abandonment. And the main reason behind this could be because of the complicated checkout process. 

So, it becomes quite necessary to select the theme which offers you to optimize your checkout process experience. The best theme provides you with a fast and intuitive checkout process along with well-designed add-to-cart buttons. So, make sure that your entire checkout process must be as easy as possible.

6. SEO Features

About 3.8 million searches are made on Google every minute by visitors in every corner of the world. Meaning, a lot more individuals who are interested in a website’s goods will visit if it is well-optimized for ranking higher in search engine results pages.

Around 2.4 million Google searches are made every minute through the search engine. The speed of the page is a well-known factor for its ranking. And, it is believed that to rank on the first page of Google, the average speed of the first page of Google results should be around 1.65 seconds.

7. Language and Translation support

In order to reach a wider audience, you have to make sure to cater to all their needs. Since you want to scale on a global level you have to understand that apart from the English language, you have to add more languages in order to improve the ranking of your site. 

For example, Spanish-speaking users will find it much easier to navigate your site if you offer them the alternative of converting it into their native language.

8. User experience

When trying to attract new visitors to your site, it’s crucial that your homepage makes a strong first impression. There are numerous parts to a well-designed website’s layout, including the right backdrop, typeface, color scheme, font size, etc. 

Well, these are the main characteristics that you must consider while going after a Shopify theme for a store. Apart from this, there are certain features that you could consider such as the potential for product customization, assistance with translation, and choices for image size optimization.


It can be challenging to select the fastest Shopify theme, but hopefully, we were able to simplify the process and cut down on your search time.

These are some of the best Shopify themes that we have studied, these themes are capable enough to give you super-fast speed along with valuable features, functionalities and optimization options as well to manage your successful online store and scale them gradually. Naturally, you will need to decide which theme is most suitable for your needs, but whichever one you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

SetuBridge has skilled Shopify Development team which can help you build fast and user friendly theme that gives your brand a unique touch.