SetuBridge Road Trip to Kumbhalgarh

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Don’t you think this pattern is repeating the same? To break this pattern, Setubridgians geared up for their Annual Trip.  So, we decided to begin our journey from the office around 12:30 PM on October 07, 2022, where the bus is waiting for them. The moment of excitement began while boarding the bus.

On our way to Kumbhalgarh, we passed through many lush green fields, heightened Mountains, and appealing water bodies. Meanwhile, we also enjoyed melodious songs and tried a few steps to them to add a proper picnic feel. At around 03 PM, we finally reached our final destination (Hotel The Wild Retreat), and our highly-spirited groups entered the Resort. Immediately, the smartphone came from the hideouts and began to do its usual job, and that is clicking pictures. 

After a couple of hours of rest, we entered a swimming pool for leisure activities such as pretending ourselves as a deep diver, balancing on floats, and racing with each other. The entire group enjoyed the evening and clicked photographs to keep them as a memory. “A short interval from work, yet enjoying the moment!”.

One funny incident happened while playing volleyball. One of the team members kicked the ball into the valley unknowingly. The reaction of everyone was damn Funny. But the best part was, we still enjoyed ourselves in the pool. After swimming in nice cold water, hot Tea and Coffee were waiting with nice evening snacks. As there is a saying also; “I don’t go long without eating. I never starve myself: I grab a healthy snack.” – “Vanessa Hudgens”.

Experienced Rajasthani Culture

Taking a couple of hours rest, we experienced the traditional folk dance of Rajasthan, the performance was awesome. After completing their performance few members of our team also joined them. Overall, the experience was quite mesmerizing. After enjoying the cultural evening, now is the time to move for dinner.

Experienced Rajasthani Culture

Time to visit Fort

After checking out from the resort, now it’s time to visit the Kumbhalgarh fort, which is famous for its magnificent monuments, along with the second-largest wall in the world, about 36 KM long, and it’s been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We all flock to experience architectural magnificence, the story of legacy with mesmerizing beauty. 

While reaching the top of the fort, we experienced what we didn’t even expect. While standing on the top of the fort and enjoying the view we were amazed when clouds came to welcome us saying “Khamma Gani”. All we could say it was once in a lifetime experience for us. 

So many photographs and videos have been clicked inside the fort. After spending a nice time in the fort, now is the time to say “Hasta la Vista” to Kumbhalgarh Fort. And, we are again on our bus to move to our home.

Like the sun settles down into the clouds, now is the time to move our way to a homeward journey. Believe me, it was a massive success, each one of us participated in the event to make it joyful. Vacation for Setubridgians’ was a much-needed break, which was filled with cheerfulness along with companionship. But with the hope to celebrate the trip with the same passion next year as well.