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Top 10 Shopify Development Companies of 2023

With the assistance of Shopify, there are more than 06 million online stores that have been developed. (Source: Shopify is used by online retailers in over 175 countries worldwide, with the United States accounting for over 65% of all Shopify businesses. Launch your own successful eCommerce online store with Shopify. Establish your successful eCommerce store with Shopify Right Now with the most trusted Shopify partner. 

We know you are also looking for a Shopify agency for the Shopify Development project but need clarification about what could be the best possible option for you. We have compiled a list of Shopify development companies with superior Shopify developers.

Top Shopify Development Companies

1) SetuBridge Technolabs

 With a decade of hands-on experience, we are adding them to the list, we are prejudiced, but for the better. SetuBridge has been assisting eCommerce businesses since 2012 and focused primarily on developing Shopify eCommerce websites. Which defines us as a Shopify expert agency on some level. 

They are seasoned pioneers in the fields of Shopify web development, migration service, page speed optimization service, theme development, and other technical arrangements. Till now, the company has successfully delivered 300+ projects such as Go2Games, FujiFilm, Bath Bliss, etc within the given time-frame which helps to improve our authenticity.

SetuBridge is a proud partner with Shopify due to the fact that they have produced 10+ Shopify applications, with an average rating of 4.6* on the Shopify app store, with 400+ customers, who have provided valuable feedback.

2) Dynamic Dreamz:-

Dynamic Dreamz is a web design and development firm based in Surat, India, that offers services throughout the country. They were established in 2004 and have a staff of roughly 60 employees that deal alongside small and mid-sized global markets. In order to better meet their requirements, they first contact our clients to discover the objectives.

The services offered by the company are as follows, WordPress development, Shopify development, Magento Development, Bigcommerce development, and Mobile application development. They have enough experience and competence so while you investigate your concept, they can promptly propose a practical and achievable answer. Your idea won’t be limitless.

3) Ambaum

Since 2007, they’re been obsessed with developing Shopify stores. After thousands of hours, Ambaum is a specialist in developing sites, companies, and marketplaces, and it reflects in their efforts.

As a top Seattle Shopify Plus Agency, they help customers establish and expand digital companies using the world’s most sophisticated eCommerce platform. They also encouraged startups, SMBs, and CPG brands to expand to the next level even if they’re bootstrapped from the beginning.


The business has built top-notch Shopify websites for companies over the past ten years and is one of the most experienced Shopify Partners & Store design specialists. Their mission is to support users in launching online businesses right from scratch and provide the support that guarantees their success.

Expert village media is a Shopify development company as a trusted Shopify partner apart from this, they’re also into Shopify theme setup, custom theme design, bilingual Shopify stores, and the rest others.

5) Heycarson

Heycarson was founded in 2015, with their user-friendly design and development services, they help your company expand by increasing conversions and sales. The success of your upcoming Shopify project is their first priority.

The company has delivered hundreds of projects in the given timeframe that could help you to progress your Shopify brand as their main service is developing Shopify store, shopify plus, Shop pay, Maestroo, and others.


ZAGO AB is an e-commerce company that uses technology to help prominent businesses realize their full potential. They collaborate closely with clients, and their methodology saves costs and shortens time-to-market to encourage growth for your firm. 

Talking about their main service, they revolve around Shopify plus, Migrating other stores to Shopify, and much more. They support clients in taking their eCommerce business to the next level by developing an outstanding Shopify eCommerce store that will drive the market and boost sales.

7) TaskHusky

TaskHusky is a Michigan-based on-demand design and development service for Shopify shops. They are committed to providing great support to Shopify merchants. They provide unique offers, such as No project minimums which means that, whether it requires a couple of tweak on your website or to develop new website from scratch, there team would be there to assist you, apart from them, they also help to make minor modification for nothing.Collaborate with a web developer. No need to engage an account executive, project coordinator, and web developer. 

They can take care of any problem that arises while using Shopify or Shopify Plus. If you can’t find the desired assignment, you can always demand that it be created by submitting an Add a Task request. The main services are as follows: Customizing the Shopify theme, optimizing website speed, setting up the store and theme, and many others.

8) Liquify Design

Liquify Design is a Shopify experienced team that can design and construct anything as well as outperform your competition in Google and offer a variety of services to eCommerce firms. They specialize in supporting customers who utilize or are considering using the Shopify platform. The Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms are their only focus as a business. To be both quick and powerful enough to serve enterprise clients.

Talking about the Shopify services they offer are as follows, Custom Shopify theme development, Migration to Shopify, customized Shopify development, Shopify theme tweaks as per requirement, and rest others. As a company, they work very closely with agile brands that place a high value on performance, quality, and getting things done.

9) Praella

Working with the most successful Shopify brands for a decade. At Praella, they generally prefer to work with Shopify and use it as our go-to eCommerce platform. They fell in love with Shopify, though, when they debuted their corporate platform, Shopify Plus. 

By offering services in different sectors such as store setup, existing theme customization, and design, setting up of product and Shipping, and much more. They would not collaborate with you as a vendor but they want to become a part of your company and provide hand-holding support right from the beginning.

10) Storetasker

Storetasker accelerates the growth of fast-growing companies. They select the finest and then collaborate closely in order to create a positive experience. Every specialist has years of full-time Shopify development expertise as well as a love for e-commerce.

The company will provide you with the best Shopify developers for customizing your apps, themes, agencies, and much more. The top Shopify brands are deserving of the best Shopify developers.

Additional Shopify Companies Worth Considering

1) Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares is a leading software development company that focuses on developing innovative solutions that help businesses to overcome critical challenges they face. It is recognized as one of the best Shopify development companies that offer customized eCommerce solutions.

They have a team of experienced developers and analysts who have delivered and deployed solutions for e-commerce businesses. They highly recommend this option for brands wishing for a smoother digital transformation and to create an exceptional experience via a Shopify store for their business. You can opt for Shopify app development to Shopify migration and from integration to seamless Shopify-plus solutions. With Arka Software, the prime advantage is cost-effectiveness in developing a result-driven Shopify solution.

Wrapping Up

These are the top 10 Shopify development agencies that provide services related to Shopify. So, if you’re planning to develop your Shopify store from scratch, you’re seeking an agency that develops your store. We have successfully registered, and if you need our support for your store, you could reach out to us for a Shopify expert agency.

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