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Magento ERP Integration Services

​Magento integration with an ERP system enables data synchronization between your Magento store and the ERP system. Magento ERP integration service brings several benefits, such as:

Product & Inventory

ERP system integration with Magento enables real-time synchronization of product information, including prices, availability, descriptions and images. It helps maintain accurate inventory levels, perform stock updates and prevent overselling.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Magento ERP system integration helps to automate the shipping and fulfillment processes. It allows the retrieval of shipping rates, printing of shipping labels, tracking of shipments, and updates on order status directly from the ERP system. Reduce your shipping task with this.

Accounting and Finance

Transfer financial data, such as sales transactions, invoices, and payment information from Magento to your ERP system. ERP integration helps streamline accounting processes, improves financial accuracy, and provides a comprehensive view of company finances.

Order Management

The integration allows the transfer of order data from Magento to the ERP system and ensures efficient order processing. This includes information such as customer data, shipping addresses, ordered items, quantities and payment information.

Customer Data

Exchange of customer data between Magento and the ERP system made easy with Magento ERP integration. This synchronization enables both systems to have up-to-date information, personalized customer experiences, better customer service and effective marketing campaigns.

Customer Service

With ERP Magento integration, customer service representatives can access relevant order and customer information from the ERP system directly in the Magento backend. This helps to answer customer inquiries, process returns, and provide accurate order status information easily.


Magento Hyvä Theme Development

As a leading Hyva theme development company we offer custom storefront development and customization of the storefront with the Hyvä theme. We have Hyvä developers who are expert in any kind of customization with Hyvä theme.


Custom Hyvä Theme Development

Our expert team will help you create tailor-made custom hyva themes with a set of rich out-of-box functionality you’re looking for on your website and that reflects your brand identity. Create a cutting-edge, personalized Hyvä store and continue to hunt.


Extension Compatibility​

Not all 3rd party extensions are compatible with the Hyva theme. There is no need to remove extensions that Hyvä does not support. We will make your current modules compatible to work with Hyvä themes. We ensure that every Magento extension seamlessly integrates with your Hyva store.


Hyvä Support & Maintenance

Hyva theme is comparatively new solution to build storefronts & it may require technical assistance & support for any issues or ongoing updates. Our Hyvä theme developers are available to step in with you to maintain a consistent and engaging shopping experience to make your Hyvä store successful.

Talk to Our Expert

We are Magento ERP Integration Expert

As Magento ERP integration experts, we have a deep understanding of the ERP system integration process and its technical aspects. We provide valuable services to companies who want to connect their Magento e-commerce platform with their ERP system. Our experts set up your Magento site so that the following data is synchronized with your ERP system.

Why Hire ERP Integration Specialist

At SetuBridge we have in-house specialists who are experts in integrating Magento with any type of ERP system. Our team offers a range of services to assist businesses in achieving successful Magento ERP integration. Some of the services we provide include:


We help companies identify their integration needs, evaluate ERP systems, and determine the best integration approach for their specific requirements.

Custom Integration Development

We make custom solutions to connect Magento with the customer's ERP system. This may include creating APIs, developing mechanisms for mapping and synchronizing data, and ensuring secure data transfer.

ERP Extension Development

We also create a Magento extension or module that allows seamless integration with specific ERP systems. This extension can provide ready-to-use connectors and simplify the integration process to store owners.

System Configuration and Setup

Our ERP system integration experts help configure and set up Magento and ERP for smooth data exchange. The process includes setting up API credentials, defining data mapping rules and configuring synchronization schedules.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Perform comprehensive testing to ensure consistency, accuracy, and integrity of data between Magento and the ERP system. Identify and resolve any issues or discrepancies that may occur during the integration process.

Support and Maintenance

ERP integration solution expert provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the integration remains stable and functional. We troubleshoot, monitor data flow, and make adjustments as needed.

Case Studies

Discover the power of our erp integration service. Our expertise lies in seamlessly connecting Magento with any type of ERP system, enabling businesses to harness the power of unified data and streamlined processes.


What Our Client’s Say

Our clients have wonderful things to say about us. Here are some of their comments.
Bryan Brokke

Looking for a one-stop solution for eCommerce and development? Don’t look further. I found mine already. From now on SetuBridge is my #1 company for development for my Magento2. The communication was great and SetuBridge came up with the perfect solution for my business. I gave it a try and SetuBridge went above my expectations. Because of the good quality results and communication, I decided that SetuBridge can do more tailor-made work on my Magento2 with great satisfaction. Also, a great benefit of SetuBridge is that they have a nice login system (PMS) where you can create tasks new tasks, see the progress, and communicate with the developers.SetuBridge, keep up the great work! You are my #1


Glad we found SetuBridge. After working together on several Magento projects they become our go to developers to get things done. Hands-on experience, quick response, insightful,  great quality, and most importantly; always understood our needs exactly.

Craig Constantinides

I am very pleased to say one of the most hard working and attentive companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is very difficult to find a company on here that backs up their application with hard work and knowledge of the area they claim to work with. I am EXTREMELY satisfied and I hope to continue working with Setubridge Technolabs for a long time to come. Thanks!!

Pius Achermann, CEO (1)
Pius Achermann

With the professional help of Sagar we could migrate our online shop for brand bikes  to the latest version of Magento within a very short time. In addition, the balance of the stock has been automated and integrated various payment options which is very helpful for us. For questions or requests we receive within a very short time feedback from Sagar. And this we like it very much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs that every business planner has somewhere in mind.

Magento ERP integration refers to the process of connecting the Magento e-commerce platform with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to enable seamless data synchronization and optimize business processes.

Magento ERP integration is crucial as it ensures accurate and real-time synchronization of data between your e-commerce platform and ERP system. It helps optimize inventory management, streamline order processing, enhance customer experience, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Yes, our Magento developers have the expertise to integrate  your Magento store with various ERP systems including popular ERPs like Odoo, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and more. 

The duration of the integration process can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the integration requirements, the specific ERP system being integrated, and the availability of necessary APIs and connectors. We provide tailored timelines based on your business needs.

Yes, during Magento ERP integration, we ensure a seamless transfer of your existing data, including product information, customer details, orders, and inventory levels, from Magento to the ERP system. This ensures data continuity and avoids manual data entry.

We understand that every business has unique business  requirements. Our Magento ERP integration services are highly flexible and can be customized to align with your specific business processes, workflows, and data synchronization needs.

We offer comprehensive post-integration support to address any issues or questions that may arise. Our team will be available to troubleshoot, provide maintenance, and offer further enhancements as needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the integrated system.

Simply contact us to discuss your integration needs. Our team will assess your requirements, provide consultation, and guide you through the integration process, from planning and development to implementation and support.

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