SetuBridge Celebrates Mother’s Day in his own way

“At every step i the eCommerce, we supports you like mothers hand”

Mothers already have a lot to do, but that doesn’t mean they forget their family or business. While there are plenty of obstacles inherent in running a business while raising kids, millions of moms worldwide are successfully balancing motherhood with Business/job.

As mothers give support to us on every step, we’re here to share with you our moto as “At every step in the eCommerce, we support you like mothers hand”

Mother’s Day is now the second biggest gift-giving holiday & the third-largest retail event of the year. Back-to-early time shopping holds steady behind as we go to the market and buy gifts for mothers. But, this time things might be different as we approach Mother’s day during COVID, but the accuracy of the special day remains the same as usual by buying gifts online for them.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for e-commerce stores to boost their visibility and increase sales with Mother’s Day campaigns. If you’re still looking for ways to incorporate Mother’s Day into your marketing strategy for eCommerce, SetuBridge is always available to lighten up your stress to help eCommerce merchants to build a better version of their store as we say “At every step in eCommerce, we will support you like mothers hand”

We’re sharing 6 creative ideas to enhance your ecommerce store.

  1. Google search
  2. Landing page
  3. Add to cart
  4. Check out 
  5. Success page

1. Google Search:

Whenever we decide what to buy gifts. We always take our device and start surfing it. Have you ever thought that whatever we search for, why the best one comes to us? 

Building a website is not a big task, but taking it to the top it is. Here we have got you a good idea of how your website can score at the topmost.

Our Magento store has many extensions that can help you to score on the top but on this special occasion we got you to meet our SEO organizer Extension

Meta Tag Templates

This Meta Tag Templates Magento 2 Extension will help your store to update meta tags of various pages like product page, category page & CMS page. It will help you to create flexible meta templates using a variable library and attributes.

SEO is now elaborating and its importance is reaching the merchants. This extension can take your website from nobody to somebody.

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2. Engaging users by Landing Page:

A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

We have special Extensions that can enhance your website to another level

  • Notification Bar
  • WhatsApp chat connect
  • Spin To Win Discount

Notification Bar:

This Notification Bar Magento 2 Extension offers eCommerce merchants to create & display numerous attractive & CTA (call-to-action) promotional bars for specific or all pages to catch customers’ attention on new launches, special offers, deals. It also shows promo bars to specific or all customer groups.

WhatsApp Chat Connect:

This WhatsApp Chat Connect Magento 2 Extension enables businesses to utilize it as an effective live chatting app widget. this extension also allows adding a WhatsApp business chat button on your website through which your customers can connect directly from the web. It is a marketing tool that lets your customer connect with you using just a single click.

Spin To Win Discount:

This Spin To Win Discount Magento 2 Extension is an advantageous and promotional tool for an eCommerce store. This will attract customers by playing this unique spinning wheel game by giving them a surprise discount. It allows you to make a custom spinning wheel for various occasions consisting of various discounts & reward patterns. 

Engaging users for having this landing page will definitely magnify your website to another level.

3. Inspire users for “Add To Cart”:

Thinking of customers that when they visit our store, what can make them for shopping easily?

We always have an answer to your queries. Giving the option of adding to Cart on your shop will make them shop well. 

Here, are some amazing extensions that can help to elaborate your store to another level. 

  • Product Designer
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Quick Cart Drawer

Product Designer:

This Product Designer Magento 2 Extension is a one-stop solution for products & online printing businesses that will give your customer an option of creating and customizing different products online like t-shirts, phone covers, mugs, or caps. This allows your customer to create an amazing web to print personalized products for your eCommerce store.

Free Shipping Bar:

This Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 Extension helps your store to display a free shipping notification bar with little space on your website. After viewing this bar customers can close the bar if you enable the option to provide a closing button. With every item getting added to the cart, the bar will auto-calculate the current cart amount and displays the amounts left to get free shipping.

Quick Cart Drawer:

This Quick Cart Drawer Magento 2 Extension enhances your customer’s shopping experiences and improves the conversion rate. this extension also displays all the necessary product information in the mine cart, along with the option to apply the coupon code and proceed to checkout directly from the mini cart.

Having Add to cart detailed feature will always inspire your customers for shopping freely.

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4. Improving Checkout Page:

Checkout page design is the most crucial part of your entire website!!

Adding a checkout page to your store eliminates the possibility of shoppers dropping off the idea of going.

Below is this extension that can help with your Checkout page process

  • Product-wise comment on cart 
  • Add Free Promo Product

Product-wise comment on cart:

This Product Wise Comment On Cart Magento 2 Extension is very simple for working which allows your customers to add comments/notes on their cart page per product. You can add, edit or remove the product comments from the order view or customer view page. It comes with a wide range of features that will help you and your customers.

Add Free Promo Product:

This Add Free Promo Product Magento Extension is amazing marketing & promotional module which will auto add free promo/gift products to the cart. This extension can create a free complementary product that will display everywhere. Rules & conditions will apply after clicking on add to cart button, the complimentary promo item will automatically attach to the shopping cart after a click event.

Enhancing your website with different types of Check out pages is always a good option to have.

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5. Increment of Success Page ratio:

Customers buying the product for this special day is always a pleasure for mothers. Increase your checkout success ratio by integrating success & fast payment gateway through our Payment Gateway Integration Service.


Whether families are connecting with their mom. People still want to celebrate Mother’s Day to show their appreciation. By thinking outside of the box and taking your offerings online, there are many ways to enhance your store to another level by this relevant time of the pandemic. Happy buying!