10 Must Have Shopify Apps for Health & Medical Store

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

Your Health & Medical Store is now live on Shopify, and to tap into the booming online health and wellness sector, it’s essential to leverage the Must Have Shopify Apps. This sector has seen significant sales growth, making it the top e-commerce choice for medical necessities and wellness items.

Although, that implies you must cut across the competition meaning you must find visibility even while under the scrutiny of new e-Commerce firms looking to establish their names. It also goes without mentioning that your offering of Must Have Shopify Apps would assist. Index Path This list breaks down a few crucial apps for your Health & Medical Store.

Must Have Shopify Apps for Health & Medical Store

Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETA

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

This app boosts customer service and efficiency, making it indispensable for healthcare stores on Shopify looking to enhance their Estimated Delivery Dates feature!

Provided your customers online can see When they’re going to get (or got) their stuff, they don’t have to ask you ‘When am I going to receive this?’ Estimated Delivery Dates gives you the ability to let shipping timelines be clear and flexible for any product in every store Touchpoint including product pages, cart, checkout, success pages and email orders without order limitations and commissions.

Be specific about shipping deadlines; simply choose a general time interval or set exact delivery dates. You can decide in great detail when products, collections, countries, inventory levels, zip codes (postal codes), vendors, tags, or even warehouses make the duration rather than just being lazy and letting the app assume its browser’s time zone for all of this specificity.

The app intelligently corners the market, as it were, by calculating the shipping due date in your customers’ local time and displaying it. You can also specify delivery ranges without having to compromise your store speed. For this reason, Estimated Delivery Dates is your ticket to Ultimate Customer Control in the Health & Medical Store!


  • how animated ETA message on product, cart, checkout, success page & order email.
  • Set specific EDD message for Product/Collection/country/stock status/Tag/Vendor.
  • 30+ templates, real-time preview, personalization options & translation support.
  • Dashboard including engagement with ETA, impressions & total saved minutes.
  • Configure lead days, cut-off time, countdown timer, Holidays.
Launched DateAugust 4, 2020
Developed BySetuBridge Technolabs
Shopify Store Rating4.7 Star (244 Reviews)
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Pricing – From $2.99/Month

TrustReviews: Product Reviews

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

Now customers can experience the comfort and convenience of Meet Joy bedside caddies. Collecting, managing and displaying relevant customer reviews for your website has never been easier!

This is a Must Have Shopify App, makes the process of collecting, managing and showcasing valuable customer reviews for your website effortless. With the power customer reviews have to build trust and increase sales in your Health & Medical Store! Bringing informed purchasing decisions to life by presenting true customer experiences.

The app offers a user-friendly array of features, including customizable review widgets, automated email reminders for feedback, moderation tools to curate reviews, seamless integration with popular platforms, and in-depth analytics to track customer sentiment.

Additionally, you can import existing reviews from platforms like Aliexpress and Amazon, saving you valuable time and effort. How much difference can customer trust and sales make to your Health & Medical store? Try it out!


  • Display review in list view, grid view or carousel view. Customizable widget.
  • Easy installation and setup. Works with most Shopify themes out of the box.
  • Import your Amazon/Aliexpress reviews with just 1 click.
  • Automatic email reminders to collect more reviews from your customers.
Launched DateAugust 23, 2021
Developed ByTrustApps
Shopify Store Rating5.0 Star (696 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

Avada Email Marketing provides a variety of engagement channels like SMS, pop-ups, and email marketing to help you retain and engage customers effectively. It’s an Must Have Shopify app, equipping you with the tools to optimize your promotions for increased conversions and customer retention.

This robust framework makes it possible to utilize all sorts of marketing, including but not limited to email marketing, push notifications and even WhatsApp, Avada takes the hard work out of following up leads and converting them into steady customers.

Its features are numerous, and include smart mail automation, mass-mail capabilities, targeted newsletters, ladybird marketing tools for SMS applications, pop-up sales forms, audience segmentation for personalized campaigns, a comprehensive reporting interface and true gamification such as spinzer speed to boost engagement.


  • Automation Workflows. (Abandoned cart, Abandoned checkout , Welcome subscribers)
  • Newsletter campaigns. (newsletter pop-up, customer email, email promo)
  • Capturing leads via Popup & Forms. (popup window, discount pop up, coupon popup)
  • Various email marketing templates: recart templates, firepush template, shipment.
  • Personalization. (Segment contacts, Product recommendation, order creation sms).
Launched DateAugust 6, 2020
Developed ByAvada
Shopify Store Rating4.9 Star (1725 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available.

Shopify Inbox

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

All of a sudden, customer salespersons pop up in front of you and help guide your purchase at your health and medical store. You can get in touch with your own customer through Shopify Inbox. This Must Have Shopify App allows you to chat with customers directly in your store, creating a more personal shopping experience.

This free messaging tool lets you chat with our shoppers right as they make sense of their HC & Medical products. Did you know? 70% of conversations in Inbox end up converting into renders.

You can use live customer data such as product views, shopping carts and past orders to generate the greatest impact from your chat messages.

By offering them appropriate health and medical products, by giving away targeted discounts that increase orders, and by conducting exceptional customer service through automated replays, FAQs and personalized interactions, Shopify Inbox allows you to build trust and drive sales at your own Health and Medical Store!


  • Turn on chat and track results with a seamless workflow in the Shopify admin.
  • Manage conversations from online store chat and Shop app.
  • Quickly understand who customers are with profile and cart details.
  • Send product recommendations, photos, and discounts without leaving the chat.
  • Automate greetings, contact capture, and FAQs to save you and your buyers time.
Launched Date
Developed ByShopify
Shopify Store Rating4.7 Star (4221 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free.

Progus Store Locator Map

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

Streamline Your Customer Path and Supercharge Sales in Your Health & Medical Store with a Must Have Shopify App! This user-friendly store locator app lets you show your physical locations and wide network of retailers to an even wider audience.

With its easy-to-use interface, customers can quickly find your nearest Health & Medical Store via search functionality. This helps reduce customer service inquiries and grow in-store sales at the same time.

But wait there’s more! The app also includes advanced analytics for more than just basic location services. Learn how and where people are searching for your health and medical products, so that you can tailor both marketing and product offerings better to meet their needs and proclivities.


  • No API KEY required – quick installation without any external services and costs
  • Multiple map styles, custom markers, colors and font
  • Powerful, best on the market bulk import system. Google Sheet sync feature.
  • Advanced analytics and customizable dealer registration form.
  • Most advanced multilingual system – translate app and locations data.
Launched DateOctober 22, 2021
Developed ByPROGUS SP. Z O.O.
Shopify Store Rating5.0 Star (30 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available.

Boostify: Page Speed Optimizer

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

This is an application to increase the speed of the website. Therefore it is a must have shopify app for your Health & Medical Store.

Are you stressed out by having a website that’s too slow for your visitors? Fast websites not only enhance the visitor experience, but they also contribute to better search engine rankings. Moreover, this Ai-rider site speed optimization app will get you there. Customers hate waiting – let your pages load quickly.

Lazy loading? Minimize JS & Minimize CSS code? Intelligently load ahead of time? With techniques like these, the speed of your medical supplies store is guaranteed. It even takes on the work of the third-party app, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and expeditious experience on the part of your customer.

Employing the most advanced AI on the market, this app helps your site pass Core Web Vital metrics, an important consideration in the Google algorithm. In a word, this app makes it possible for you to present the very best user experience on your Health & Medical Store and to boost your visibility in searches.


  • Improve your website’s speed score and loading time with a few clicks.
  • Supercharge speed effortlessly with smart techniques No Coding Needed!
  • Automated monitoring minimizes impact of 3rd party app scripts on store speed.
  • Instantly enhance page speed via Lazyloading, JS & CSS minification.
  • The app improves Google’s core web vitals metrics such as LCP, FCP, and CLS.
Launched DateAugust 18, 2023
Developed BySetuBridge Technolabs
Shopify Store Rating3.9 Star (4 Reviews)
View demo storeStore

Pricing – From $10.99/month.

Section Store: Theme sections

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

With this app Make Your Health & Medical Store Cool and Bang-Up-to-Date. So this is a very important must have shopify app for Store.

Shopify’s themes include pre-built page sections in which you can insert text and images. However for a Health & Medical Store with a difference or if you’re looking for more vibrant design elements then Section Store has no need of those complicated page builder apps or hiring others.

Within the theme editor, this app provides a complete collection of customizable sections that can be instantly added to any theme and maintained directly from the theme editor.

Say there’s an area on your website where you want to show off the features of what you offer; another one for customer testimonials that will establish trust; some FAQs to answer questions which are bothering your customers; plus trust badges to add confidence.

Section Store enables you to create a professional Health & Medical shop that meets the particular needs of your audience.


  • Browse and find sections. Add to any theme. Edit from Shopifys theme editor.
  • Upgrade your existing theme with new theme sections. No need to start over.
  • Keep or even improve page-speed. Some apps load slowly, replaced with a section.
  • Try the section first. Experiment with sections before committing.
  • New sections added every week – All sections 2.0 ready (Add to any page).
Launched DateMarch 29, 2022
Developed BySection Store
Shopify Store Rating4.9 Star (563 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free to install.

Product Descriptions by AMP

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

With Advanced Product Descriptions, a Must Have Shopify App, you can present the product catalogue. Clear and well-organized product pages are within your grasp as well.

This app enables them to be created using accordion tabs. In this user-friendly format, customers can easily avoid excessive scrolling to see what a product module offers them.

Each tab can have its own content and format, making for an easy-to use shopping experience. You don’t need to be bound by the templates that come with most product descriptions. Your materials, sizing guides, detailed specifications, all things essential to the consumers of Health & Medical products can be put in as many sections as you see fit to suit your audience.

And they are all real, fully-developed primary material that has just waited for a burst of moral energy, after the Wisdom of the UGC detailed both “authentic data” and codes for making varied structures visible. These tabs can be tailored to fit whatever you need for any given product, ensuring a clear and attractive presentation is achieved.


  • Unlimited Accordion tabs, to describe your product effectively.
  • Customisable Product tabs, to match your brand.
  • SEO friendly, to improve your search discoverability and boost SEO.
  • No coding required, install or uninstall product tabs in just a few clicks.
Launched DateFebruary 14, 2020
Developed ByApp HQ Pte. Ltd.
Shopify Store Rating4.8 Star (98 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available.

Appointment Booking Cowlendar

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

Manage appointments more easily with this Must Have Shopify App for your store, health / medical shop!

Do you have trouble managing appointments and consultations for your Health & Medical Store? This app integrates seamlessly with Shopify, enabling you to schedule bookings, appointments, events and services on your calendar in the store with no technical knowledge needed! With just a few clicks, you can change any product or service into a bookable option within 3 minutes.

So imagine it as an application like Calendly that is tailor-made for your Shopify store. With this app, you can schedule appointments at physical locations or online consultations using Zoom URLs and Google Meet links.

It also allows you to customize the booking forms with additional questions. What more can one ask for to make appointment management a piece of cake. Whether you do consultations, product demonstrations or equipment leasing, this app will do the job!


  • Replace the “add to cart” button for a “book now” button on any product page
  • Setup in-person meeting or virtual bookings through Zoom or Google Meet
  • Email notifications & Reminders for appointments and bookings. Booking app.
  • Group booking: you can allow multiple customers to book the same time slot.
  • App for:Restaurant, teachers, hotels, doctors, boat car rental, hairdresser,etc.
Launched DateJanuary 21, 2022
Developed ByPenida
Shopify Store Rating5.0 Star (1366 Reviews)
View demo storeStore

Pricing – Free plan available.

Dr. Discount On Cart

Must have shopify apps for Health & Medical store

Use the Ultimate Discount Code App to Boost Sales and Customer Satisfaction in your health & medical Store!

In the Health & Medical Store, This Must Have Shopify App to manage discount codes is a game changer. Thanks to its provision of a suite of powerful and convenient features available right at your fingertips, promotional flexibility is thoroughly realized.

At cart level or when checking out you can implement customer discounts. If you want them to be cumulative, giving away even more money off, try stacking discounts. Automatic discounts during the ordering process.

Improve conversions and average order value (AOV) by allowing customers to see their savings right on the upgraded cart summary : near-instant loading! At the same time, try discount stacking: multiple event registrations for maximum savings.

Encourage purchases with features like selection of shipping estimates and display free shipping descriptions. Also, make your promotions lively with an easy-to-use POPUP widget!

For example, this app is designed in such a way as to be quite user-friendly. Simplicity combined with self-installation can set up discount codes without effort from the customer – just a few clicks of his mouse!


  • Accept Discount Codes on Cart- Showing savings early increases conversion rate!
  • Stack Discounts On Cart- Control which coupon codes on cart are stackable.
  • Let customers automatically stack Multiple Discounts – without typing a thing!
  • Promote Free Shipping tier progress along with a cart coupon.
  • Discount Code Promotion Widget- Display available codes to customers sitewide!
Launched DateJanuary 20, 2021
Developed ByShop Doctors
Shopify Store Rating4.9 Star (250 Reviews)
View demo storeStore

Pricing – Free plan available.


Realize that by choosing various must have shopify apps in a strategic way not only allows you to build confidence for consumers but also elevate their shopping experience and increase your sales conversions in the end. Keep in mind that this list contains the basics.

The actual apps you select will depend on what exactly your store sells and what goals for your business are. Setting up and maintaining an app ecosystem Endless activities. Always keep one step ahead on the road in HRM e-market.

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