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Top 06 Shopify Speed Optimization Apps


As store owners, we are so busy running our eCommerce business and ensuring that our store loads fast. Load times on your site are assessed by a service such as Google PageSpeed Insights. E-commerce sales are also affected by low website speed. In this digital world, where everything is online you just can’t afford a slow-loading page as it’s a key to an eCommerce success. 

Shopify Website Speed Optimization Apps,

But if you want to do it by yourself, you can follow the Shopify speed optimization detailed guide.

1. SpeedBoostify: Speed Optimizer

Optimization of 03rd party Script: It will streamline the third-party apps script automatically and fine-tune them in order to boost the performance.

JS & CSS Minification: Reduce the size of your JavaScript and CSS files to reduce the size of your page as a whole. You can still change your original code.

Seamless Image Lazyloading: LazyLoad optimizes website speed by loading images only when users see them. Responsive pictures load images based on the device or screen for best performance and visual quality in any situation.


Free to Install

2. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed by AVADA

Google Search Friendly:- Customize and optimize the image ALT, JSON-LD, Meta Tags, and Sitemap for pages automatically. And, ensure that the website follows the best practices in Google searches.

Accelerate Speed of Page:- Optimize the quality of images and preload your pages which eventually brings a wow factor to your store.

One-click and Auto Pilot:- Save your unnecessary effort and time by optimizing your store. Simply install an SEO manager and let everything run automatically. 


Free with Certain Limitations

Pro:- $34.95/Month

3. SEO, Speed, and Image Optimizer by TinyIMG

Page speed optimizer plug-in:- Becomes a plain sailing process to boost store speed by controlling the script and getting notified for the broken links-related issues before the customer notices.

Smart SEO optimizer:- Improve metadata and alt texts for better SEO outcomes, implement JSON-LD and receive more and more visibility with SERP snippets.

Image optimizer and photo resize:- Compress and optimize the images present in your store with just one click. Observe a noticeable increase in page speed with no degradation in image quality.


Free with Certain Limitations

24 Months: $1.99/Month

STARTER: $9.99/Month

GROWTH: $19.99/Month

4. Booster: Page Speed Optimizer by Booster Apps

Prevent Losing Sales:- Enhance the speed of your page which eventually boosts your sales conversion.

Improve the PageSpeed:- Installing the apps can be done in a matter of minutes which makes your pages feel like they load promptly.  

Support and Maintenance:- In case a problem arrives, their support team will always be there to respond on the live chat. 

Pricing: Free with certain limitations

5. HyperSpeed: Extreme Page Speed by Rvere

Prevent Apps From Slowing Down:- Your website speed may suffer if there are too many scripts from other apps. We’ll analyze them, defer them, minify them, and cache them to minimize their effect on your store.

Compression of images indefinitely:- To help your store load faster, we’ll compress your product and theme resource photos. New photographs are automatically handled by our sophisticated image compression.

Increase the Speed of Your Website:- With the help of LazyLoad, preloading, font caching, inline essential CSS, and JS/CSS minification, we’ll improve your theme’s loading time more than we can.

Pricing:- Free with Certain Limitations

Essential:- $39/Month

6. Jumbo: Page speed optimizer 

Free speed-up for the home page:- For your website, a free page speed enhancer and optimization is available. Enjoy quick loading and lower cart abandon.

Speed up the conversion page:- Quick page load times and low bounce rates are known to increase conversion. It’s the fastest victory for your business.

Increasing page speed:- By installing Jumbo Optimizer in 30 seconds, you can significantly increase the speed at which your websites load. Before any click, documents will be pre-loaded. 

Pricing:- Free with Certain Limitations.

Wrapping Up:-

There are certain applications that are available on the Shopify store but it comes with certain restrictions which don’t provide them with an overall solution. So if you need a permanent and long-lasting solution for your store speed, you have to look forward to hiring an expert. Shopify experts who can help you with Shopify Speed optimization services such as:-  

  • Optimization of Image
  • Reduced file requests
  • Optimized Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability
  • Benefit from browser caches
  • Shopify site analysis and errors
  • Lower-down Page Size MB
  • Lazy Loading
  • Optimize CSS and JavaScript
  • Shopify Apps optimization
  • Reduce DNS Lookup
  • Google PSI audit
  • Reduce the use of Web Fonts

If you want any assistance to optimize speed of your shopify store and want to advance your customer-centric strategy, Please feel free to contact us or talk to our dedicated Shopify experts. Who helps you build a business that provides a remarkable customer experience.