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How Order Delivery Date Improves User Experience in Shopify?

Planning for a voyage and thinking to buy some stuff online & select a few. But, what if the site didn’t mention the delivery information? That can be very annoying that they won’t come to know when they will receive their product. Besides, that will be very worst and they can return from your site. So, for those reasons, enhancing your delivery information is necessary!!

Writing aims to show how delivery date enhances the user experience in Shopify eCommerce. It helps your customer that places an order but expects that product won’t take much time to deliver it safely. SetuBridge offers a wide range of Shopify e-commerce solutions and Shopify development services that help store enhancement including product delivery and shipping information.

Why the order delivery date in Shopify is important?

Since a good delivery service can help you a great deal not to fall behind the competition in the eCommerce market. The activation of an on-demand delivery service is a good idea.

Coming across information & Displaying a Delivery Date message is far better than showing product delivery speed. Furthermore, it suggests product presence, confidence, and commitment to providing the best customer experience. 

For retail stores to run smoothly, an estimated delivery date plays an important role:

  • To enhance the user experience
  • Provide customers with the best service.

The data received from the customer behavior experts suggests that:

Customers are more interested in knowing about the delivery information of the product instead of the shipping information & tracking details.

With time rushing by with lots of activities on the individual’s daily list. The customer prefers to be pre-informed about the delivery date & manage their presence to receive the product at the promised period.

Selling your products to an international platform might need information e.g. Inform the buyers that they can get delivery of their products in this much amount of time. So that they can make an informed decision about buying your product or not.

The estimated delivery date range app from Shopify helps customers to find out the expected delivery date of the product and service when the order is placed. Moreover, this app can also configure delivery messages with a dynamic and static date range.

Allowing you to customize the admin page and establishing this system enhances your product and catches the eye of buyers.

This app has 25+ widget templates for your Shopify store and you can design your widget using different colors & elements.

You can also Display Estimated Delivery Dates on Multiple Pages like the cart page, checkout page & thank you page. Admin can set for delivering time by using week off days, cut-off time, and Date format, and this app also supports mobile responsive.

Top 10 best estimated delivery date shopify apps for all time 

The main 3 features included in this app are:

Display Delivery Estimate Date

Displaying a delivery date on your app for products is always a good idea. But if your customer on your website places an order but expects that product won’t take much time to deliver. So correspondingly, they would be annoyed and get frustrated easily, and in the worst-case scenario, they may return from your website empty-handed.

However, reasons to display the estimated delivery date feature must be there.

Display Specific Message

Coming across a digital platform and customers can’t contact you for their product, can make a wrong impact on your e-commerce store. So, featuring a specific message for your specific product that can deliver on different dates can receive cleared details for your products.

Estimated delivery time configured to estimate display shipping date details for all specific countries and by-product tag wise that are available.

Customize Delivery Time Widget

Screening your delivery time and date increases your customers’ to build confidence in your store. While customizing your delivery time widget can ship the application that allows you to personalize widgets using your font styling, background colors, border color, capitalizing words, and many more options. 

There are also many features that you can highlight the widget using an icon, text, font, styling, etc you can also you can add a country flag & name. Having templates that are ready to use and non-working, you can set a cut-off time.

Selecting starting & ending details from the order delivery message can be changed from the admin panel. Targeting all specific products’ estimated range and customizing position from the arrival message bar. Messages can be displayed on single or various pages.

Additional requirements or queries related to the application can also be customized for the user. Fill out the form to know more…


Writing aims to show how delivery date enhances the user experience in Shopify eCommerce to help your customer that places an order but expects that product won’t take much time to deliver it safely. So for these reasons, they would get annoyed and frustrated, and in the worst-case scenario, they can return from your website with plain hands.