Top 10 Age Verification App for Shopify Stores 2023

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We know you’re a very busy merchant working tirelessly on your eCommerce business and seeking the age verification app to optimize your Shopify store in the best possible way. You can leverage this application’s age checker functionality to verify the age of users.

Most online sellers use this Shopify age verification popup to adhere to the minimum requirements of the law in all their respective countries. They need to consider that this approach is not a deterrent for most children from using the site. 

What is Age Verification?

Protecting individuals and their audiences from viewing material that is inappropriate for their age is the prime objective of age verification systems. You can also say that it’s a process to onboard your visitors when they arrive on your website. The first step is to check the user’s birth year to ensure they were born before the year by the administrator for access to content or services that are only for people of a certain age.

So, let’s dive deep into and understand the top 10 Age Verification Applications for Shopify stores which will help you properly understand this.

10 Shopify Age Verification Apps in 2023

01. Age Verification Popup

Our app is designed in such a way that minors are unable to enter your store. This would add a mechanism for verifying the customers’ ages on the screen, and it would appear as soon as the consumers entered the store. Your consumers will have a seamless experience, thanks to the excellent optimization for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. This is the most excellent aspect of the application.

  • Customers would see and verify themselves with a simple yes/no button.
  • The merchant from the backend can easily define the max timeframe for the verification pop-up.
  • Button text labels, captions, logos, and titles can be customized for your content.
  • Customization options are available for styles such as color options and font sizes
  • Merchants can display a warning or redirect it to a specific URL if the user is underage. 



02. Onlyage: Age Verification 18+ 

As the name suggests, the main goal of the Age Verification app is to check the user’s age and stop people under a certain age from using a website that is either illegal for them to use or has content that is not appropriate for them. This includes sites that ask for personal data or sell alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc.

  • The age checker functionality will check for underage users and show them a warning.
  • Customize the pop-ups as you wish, as they come with features that can be integrated easily.
  • Simple to set up.


Free to Install

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03. NA Age Verification

Age verification is easy to add to your online store! You don’t have to mess with code or wait for a developer to help you install the app in your store. and adds a professional age verification screen that can show up when a customer visits your site and before they check out. The app works well with your online store, and the age verification screen works well on all devices, like phones, tablets, and computers.

  • Add the status of age verification to the order details to keep track.
  • Before checkout, disable the checkout button or show a popup to ask for proof of age.
  • Edit text and photos add a disclaimer, connect Klaviyo, and change developer API
  • Verify the age using simple yes/no buttons, birthday entries, or a checkbox.
  • Display the age check screen where you need it with custom page rules.


7-day free trial 

Plus: $3.95/Month

Pro: $8.95/Month

04. Age Check + Age Verification

You can add your logo to the age verification popup. Use any sort of background color or image. Apart from that, you can use 02 types of date formats available in the application. 

Date of Birth verification or simple text verification method available. The exit button can link to any URL. There is no need to learn to code while installing the application. 

  • Users can submit their birth date or select Yes/No to confirm their age.
  • The age verification popup is fully customizable, and you can also add your terms.
  • Restrict selling products to underage buyers, and let the buyers self-certify.


$3.99/month with a 07-day free trial.

05. Age Check 

Display an age verification popup on the screen when a user visits your store. In case you’re selling some products such as alcohol, tobacco, vaping, or some other stuff that requires age verification. It is also critical to ensure that it can’t access the restricted content of your website. 

  • Designed specifically for use on a mobile device.
  • Adjustable to match your company’s specification
  • Seems artistically appropriate and refined.
  • Birthdate and yes/no buttons are two of the many available verification methods.
  • Specify which websites you should visit before the age verification screen appears.


$4.95/month; 07-day free trial

06. Smart Age Verification

The app’s installation and first configuration are both relatively straightforward. Only a few variables need to be configured at the retailer’s end, such as the picture of the website’s logo, the format of the verifier, which is the question that needs to be answered, or the date of birth entry. Access to the website will be refused by anyone who fails to meet the age verification process.

  • App installation and configuration are simple.
  • Homepages, product pages, and category pages can feature age verification popup
  • The pop-up can be completely customized to meet your needs.


Free to Install.

07. Age Verification | Age Checker

The Age Verification app allows you to increase the legal compliance of your business by limiting access to just those who are underage. A convenient popup that appears on the webpage will provide your users with the opportunity to verify their ages more thoroughly. 

  • Setting up age control is easy and fast.
  • Facilitate the visitor verification system.
  • Modify the appearance of the user interface.


$5.99/month – 7-day free trial.

08. Hulk Age Verify 18+ Popup

Implementation of legal requirements for selling products to minors is crucial. You can restrict access to specific pages or the entire site with the Hulk Age Verify 18+ Popup. Merchant has complete control and can customize the Hulk Age Verify 18+ Popup however they like by using one of the available themes or by uploading their own brand’s logo. Additionally, this software monitors sellers to ensure they comply with regulations to prevent the unlawful sale of controlled substances.

  • The Age Verify Popup fits all screens and works on all platforms.
  • You can adjust the preloaded age group theme to match your company’s style.
  • Restrict the sensitive products to underage purchases by country.
  • The age popup warning message can be shown to all or on specific pages. 
  • With the App make sure users follow the legal age law of 18+


$10/Month – 07-day free trial

Protect your website from minors by requiring proof of age. By restricting access to the app to just those who can legally use it, an Age Verification app can help ensure a company’s compliance with applicable laws. With a simple website popup, you can submit proof of age to your consumers.

  • The collections and countries involved impose the restrictions.
  • Depending on the country, the merchants can apply restrictions on their collections.
  • Facilitate user authentication.
  • Controlling your device’s age is simple and quick to set.
  • Adapt the look of the user interface.


Basic: Free Plan Available

Pro: $2.99/month

10. Age Verification Pro 

The primary goal of an age verification app is to restrict the underage from accessing websites that are not permitted to view by regulation, including those that violate customers’ privacy or sell things intended for adults, such as alcoholic beverages, firearms, or other goods.

  • Age verification helps identify visitors who are under the legal drinking age and issues a warning to them.
  • Simple to set up and no need to learn to code.
  • You can configure the pop-up however you like. It can configure it 

Price: $0.99/month. 14-day free trial.


In conclusion, having an age verification app is a great way to keep your store safe and compliant with regulations. If you’re looking for an age-verification app that offers a robust feature set and an easy-to-use interface, then checkout the Age Verification App might be a perfect fit for you. With a significant number of integrations and a strong support system, you can be sure that your customers will be able to use this app without any problems. If you’re planning to stay ahead of the curve in terms of compliance and security then Age Verification Shopify popup is the one for you.

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