10 Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Having a basic website and good products is not enough to succeed in the competitive online market. To truly succeed, you need the right tools. Shopify is a top e-commerce platform. It gives you access to many must have Shopify apps made for electronics stores. These tools can improve your operations, enhance customer experience, and boost sales. This guide prepares you for the world of must have Shopify apps for electronics stores. It covers essential things like inventory management, marketing automation, and great customer support.

Introduction: The Growing Market for Electronics Online

We are in the digital era, and the electronics industry is growing. Many people now buy gadgets, appliances, and tech online. Statista predicts that by 2024, global e-commerce sales for electronics and appliances will reach over $500 billion. But shop owners face big challenges. There is fierce competition, changing consumer preferences, and rapid technology changes.

To grow your Electronics Store, you must be smart. Shopify is a popular platform. It is easy to use and has many apps. Electronics Store owners who use these Shopify apps will have smoother store operations, better engage customers, and earn more money.

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETA

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

If you have an electronics store, this app can help your whole business run more smoothly. This is especially true during the busy holiday seasons. The app is called Estimated Delivery Date (EDD), and it’s a must have for Shopify stores.

Improve Show Hard Customers want to know when they’ll get their orders. The EDD app shows easy-to-understand shipping estimates on product pages, cart, and checkout. It also sends emails to your customers. The estimates have no hidden fees or order limits.

You can show the delivery date exactly. This is based on the product, collection, country, location, zip code, vendor, tag, or warehouse. You can customize these messages in any language for international customers. The delivery dates are shown in the visitor’s local time. This makes the process more transparent and builds trust.

The app is very useful. It doesn’t slow down your website. This gives you a smooth experience when browsing and buying.


  • how animated ETA message on product, cart, checkout, success page & order email.
  • Set specific EDD message for Product/Collection/country/stock status/Tag/Vendor.
  • 30+ templates, real-time preview, personalization options & translation support.
  • Dashboard including engagement with ETA, impressions & total saved minutes.
  • Configure lead days, cut-off time, countdown timer, Holidays.
Launched DateAugust 4, 2020
Developed BySetuBridge Technolabs
Shopify Store Rating4.7 Star (244 Reviews)
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Pricing – From $2.99/month

GemPages Landing Page Builder

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Use a Must Have Shopify App like the Gem Pages Landing Page Builder to simplify your Electronics Store’s design and watch sales conversions sky-rocket.

This app is fully free of constraints and you can build any kind of page you want with it: store page, home page, landing page in no time at all! Choose from more than 80 CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) templates tailored for Electronics Stores which follow intelligent AI guidance to generate editable layout diagrams based on reference images or URLs. There’s no need for any coding knowledge or design experience when using this software just start directly from the targeted website design template.

Utilize the app’s many customizable yet easy-to-use settings to create your very own branded Electronics Store and standout product. With this app, things are different. You can take advantage of design elements that drive conversion rates, easily convert shop visits into purchasing buyers, and confidently launch solid-performing landing pages to support marketing campaigns on mall.

And built with quick page loading speeds in mind, good performance is guaranteed across all devices from smartphones to laptops.


  • All page types: Home, Product, Collection, FAQ, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages.
  • Stunning mobile-friendly templates that work with the latest Shopify themes.
  • Built-in sales boosters: Countdown, Stock Counter, Bundles, Compare-at-price.
  • Minimalized building effort: Turn images/URLs into layouts in seconds with AI.
  • Enhanced productivity: Global Style, Product Assignment, and more.
Launched DateMarch 13, 2017
Developed ByGemPages
Shopify Store Rating4.8 Star (4091 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available

Vitals: Reviews, Upsells & 40+

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

This app turns your Electronics Store into a lead machine. Vitals, a one stop Must Have App for Shopify sales marketing. Almost an incredible 40 conversion enhanced tools, Vitals has been seamlessly integrated into your store (so it doesn’t reduce the speed of your page).

Product reviews, upsells, and the chance to buy several related products all at once. Also, features increasing customer confidence and sales: Grow your email list, Capture customers Engage pop-ups, wish lists, urgency notifications and sales, Real time email & push marketing.

As many more such features as the distance from the earth to mars in millimeters is Vitals! It also provides essential functions designed to enhance the shopping experience in the Electronics Store, including real-time Instagram feed (just like Facebook’s from a business), currency conversion (updated 4 times a day), size chart and back in stock notices.


  • Product Reviews: import from AliExpress, CSV and other apps, collect via email.
  • Upsell Builder: Create unlimited Bundles, Volume Discounts, BOGOs, Gifts, Goals.
  • Visitor Replays: Record & replay visitor actions as they click, scroll, type.
  • And more: Wishlist, Sticky Add To Cart, Trust Badges, Back-in-Stock, etc.
Launched DateMarch 16, 2018
Developed ByVitals
Shopify Store Rating5 Star (7748 Reviews)
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Pricing – From $29.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Geolocation ‑ Orbe

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Take your gadgets store global and open up new sales opportunities with Orbe, a must have Shopify app for international markets. Thanks to geolocation technology, Orbe tailors the shopping experience automatically for every visitor. This involves displaying the products, pricing, language and currency – all according to which country they’re actually in.

Whether you’re running multiple stores or a single one, Orbe is able to seamlessly integrate with Shopify Markets or Global-e. Through use of simplified shop names and icons representing different countries, the app prompts people to select which store version is actually meant for them. It appears as these well-designed welcome popups. For any customers who wish to take control, Orbe’s intuitive Market Selector lets them easily reset this information at any time.


  • Customize your Geolocation Popup and Market Selector from the App Embeds.
  • Translate popup, use dynamic variables and set up advanced geolocation settings.
  • Save user preferences and automatically redirect in future visits.
  • Redirect while maintaining attribution parameters of your marketing campaigns.
  • Switch Markets. Add a country selector: currency selector and language switcher.
Launched DateApril 18, 2022
Developed ByMushdesk
Shopify Store Rating5 Star (146 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available. 7-day free trial.

AfterShip Order Tracking

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

If you run an Electronics Store, you should streamline your fulfilment process and make life better for your customers. AfterShip, the essential Shopify App on any device: it has over 1,100 WISMO built-in ship delivery notifications to keep up with every step of the project. AfterShip can help you to make your own branded order tracking page, but this is just the beginning.

The entire delivery operation is transparent and controllable through AfterShip’s uniform interface. You can check delivery schedules, monitor current distribution status, analyze where and why it came late from top to bottom as well as what finally lead eventually being called “Where is My Order?” But there is even more on AfterShip; an intelligent estimated delivery duration (EDD) widget based on AI technology that customers can place in both the product detail pages (PDP) and checkout process. This is for informed purchasing, and if you ever have a question our 24/7 support staff is ready to help through live chat or email.

Complete control over your order fulfilment can now be achieved. You are no longer subject to the whims of any number of parcel delivery services, and it is you who benefits.


  • Branded tracking pages with personalized product recommendations to boost sales.
  • Automated email and SMS notifications to reduce complaints and WISMO calls.
  • Centralized shipment dashboard to track shipment status and identify exceptions.
  • AI-powered estimated delivery dates(AI EDD) to reassure anxious customers.
  • Built-in analytics to get insights into shipment status and on-time performance.
Launched DateMay 9, 2012
Developed ByAfterShip & Automizely
Shopify Store Rating4.8 Star (4477 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available. 7-day free trial.

S: Call For Price & Hide Price

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

This app is helpful for starting conversations and grabbing attention provocatively, all in one. It could attract customers to your electronics store. An essential must have Shopify app for managing hidden product pricing the app is called ‘Call for Price’.

This groundbreaking app lets you strategically hide prices on select electronics, cultivating customer curiosity and enticing the reader to get in touch. Today it is up to them to request that number through their favored channel 🙂 (WhatsApp, phone call, simple web ).

A Call for Price allows you to make the shopping experience even more personal. Modify the request form and button design, and create templates for email which correspond wholly in with your corporate colors all at a stroke of the brush. This app enables you to hide prices at product level, on specific products, in a collection or across the board. It’s up to you!

Using A Call for Price, you can turn window shoppers into interested leads for Electronics Store free and make communication easier.


  • Request price via form / Whatsapp / Call (Variants wise).
  • Configure to display product specific & collection wise.
  • Receive customer inquiries and reply to them from app backend.
  • Customise form fields, style & email template.
  • Ready integration with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, SendinBlue, Omnisend.
Launched DateJanuary 23, 2020
Developed BySetuBridge Technolabs
Shopify Store Rating4.7 Star (91 Reviews)
View demo storeStore

Pricing – From $7.99/month. 7-day free trial.

DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Elevate your Electronics Store with DSers, the essential Must Have Shopify App for flawless AliExpress dropshipping integration!

With DSers you can work faster and better by helping you handle orders in bulk – even thousands at once if the need arises. Never see that hot-selling product you could have sold out again! DSers lets you tap into a vast network of AliExpress suppliers to catch the hottest deals , automate tiring tasks and import products from multiple sources easily. This combination of factors means a more profitable venture and a better experience all round when running a drop-shipping business for electronics.


  • Optimize your suppliers-Find cheaper & better supplier selling the same products.
  • Product management-Find, import & edit products. Auto update stock & prices.
  • Bulk orders-Place 100s of orders with one click in a few seconds.
  • Automation-Automatically track order & package status.
  • Manage multiple Shopify stores in one account.
Launched DateOctober 26, 2018
Developed ByDSers
Shopify Store Rating5 Star (24568 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

Trustoo.io Product Reviews App

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Trustoo is a Must Have Shopify App that allows your Electronics Store to take customer reviews effortlessly, including photos and videos. This social proof of real people using and loving your product alone makes it easier to sell.

The app Trustoo provides an opportunity for customers to leave content reviews in atypical formats such as pictures or video clips. This will make potential buyers feel closer to you experientially and provide them with more credible evidence in their buying decisions.

Trustoo not only offers tools for viewing but also makes beautiful and customizable review widgets in line with your brand style. Moreover, you can encourage customer participation through referrals and entice users who have seen reference footage to promote your product and profit from organic search traffic from internet searches.

Trustoo offers 24/7 multilingual service that smooths the path for both your store and its international customer base.


  • Display reviews in beautiful widgets, visual editing page for quick use.
  • Auto-translate reviews in multi-language and unlimited translation.
  • Import from AliExpress, 50 items at a time. Unlimited product reviews.
  • Send automatic review request emails, show discounts for adding a photo.
  • Get organic traffic by sharing reviews to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Launched DateJanuary 13, 2022
Developed ByChannelwill
Shopify Store Rating5 Star (4366 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available. 3-day free trial.

CM Commerce: Email Marketing

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

CM Commerce Email Marketing as an integrated Shopify App for your Electronics Store and see your brand excelling with automated email campaigns. This Must Have Shopify App sets up a benchmark email marketing plan with our perfect integration that comes with user-generated content tools available in strategically combined packages to keep customers engaged and create trust in your brand.

Even if you ‘re technically challenged, you can effortlessly sync all customer and order information with the successful integration of Shopify. This enables you to create dynamic customer profiles that are not only up-to-date but also on target, and mailing lists specifically aimed at your customers. So with such tools in hand why your product should not automatically generate devoted Electronics Store customers who recommend it to friends?


  • Reduce cart abandonment and grow revenue with abandoned cart emails.
  • Optimize your most opened and clicked email marketing campaigns.
  • Build your subscriber lists and start sending personalized branded campaigns.
Launched DateJanuary 15, 2015
Developed ByCMC Campaign Monitor
Shopify Store Rating4.6 Star (1146 Reviews)
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Pricing – Free plan available. 3-day free trial.

Referral Candy & Affiliate

Must Have Shopify Apps for Electronics Store

Your damn good customer acquisition in your Electronics Store. Referral Candy, the MVP among Shopify apps for rewarding and affiliated marketing. Referral Candy gives you the ability to harness word-of-mouth marketing in order to attract more fresh customers, increase traffic from existing ones, and drive retail forward. This is a simple powerful direction: Technology can only help leave footprints, people achieve what is realized.

With a referral program in place, you can encourage your current customers to serve as ambassadors for your brand. They’ll receive a unique referral link which they can share with friends and family; if those referrals result in sales, they’ll get rewards. The beauty of Referral Candy is its adaptability: working seamlessly across Electronics Stores with many other industries fashion, natural health products, home furnishing and pets all over the globe.


  • Set up a referral or affiliate program and get the first sales within 30 minutes.
  • Enable post-purchase popups, emails and pages to enrol customers in the program.
  • Automate customer rewards: Cash and coupons for one-off and subscription sales.
  • Customize your referral program with your logo, images and brand colours.
  • Integrate with Klaviyo, ReCharge, Skio, Automic, Bold, Loop, Apostle, Stay, Seal.
Launched DateSeptember 28, 2010
Developed ByReferralCandy
Shopify Store Rating4.9 Star (2131 Reviews)
View demo storeStore

Pricing – From $59/month. 14-day free trial.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Electronics Store with Shopify Apps

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve for your electronics store relies on innovation and optimization. Integrating the right Must Have Shopify Apps can change the game. These apps can do more than just the essentials, they bring added features that improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales indirectly.

This guide examines a variety of Must Have Shopify Apps across inventory tracking and marketing, as well dedicated customer care and effective running statistics. With these tools at your disposal, you will be ready to create a successful online Electronics Store that can take the long-term view.

But it’s not enough to stop there: keeping up with trends in the industry and customer taste itself is key. Such knowledge, combined with these Must Have Shopify Apps in this section, allows you to confront challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the rip-roaring world of e-commerce. Embracing technology and innovation are what will unlock your Electronics Store’s full potential on Shopify.

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